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The Clintons are the real predators | Donald J. Trump For President

Your president Donald Trump

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  1. Sardine says


  2. Kyler Noe says


  3. Dog The Bounty Hunter says

    Clintons a racist, Trump is not. Proof is right here.

    1. Team TGG 2 says

      Dog The Bounty Hunter Are you on drugs

  4. that crazy guy says

    hahahah trump can call hillary racist now

    1. Took the Red Pill says

      MFW muppets throw the word racist around, not understanding its origins.
      Leon Trotsky invented the word while he was genociding the Russians under
      communism, and it meant, anti-heritage. Also, all of the races are
      different genetically. There’s a reason why the democrats turned to
      importing 3rd worlders once everyone saw what communism and socialism were

  5. Paul Wignall says

    let the people of the U.S.A decide on who they want to be their next
    president. …… regardless

  6. Ex Effectum says

    Hillary is a “super predator”.

    1. Samuel Jakub says


  7. Pepe Trump says

    Donald, you clearly showed how presidential you can be by going to Mexico
    today. I’m looking forward to your immigration speech tonight. They gave
    you a 1% chance of winning the primaries and you proved the naysayers
    wrong. Just like Ronald Reagan, the polls showed Carter winning in a
    landslide. They discount the silent majority always. I never would have
    thought I would be so excited about an election. Godspeed Mr. Trump we are
    with you!!! #TrumpPence2016

  8. The Big F U says

    She is a closet racist that uses black people, RACIST Clinton

  9. James c says

    Now this video needs to go viral

  10. Guss Manning says

    Hillary Clinton ((((RACIST))))!!!!!!

  11. daisyroots says

    Thank You Donald Trump….for everything that you are doing…..

  12. Mtz Master says

    So it’s 50% each
    Hillary hates blacks and Donald hates Mexicans. Problem solved

    1. Samuel Jakub says

      But with Killery it’s much worse. If she becomes president, nobody survives
      on this Earth. She is psychopath, real evil.

  13. Emily _animal_lover says

    What happened to her voice? She talked so clear back when she was young.
    When she had that coughing fit, I noticed her voice was hoarse, but it’s
    always hoarse anytime she speaks!

  14. Hans Blitz says


  15. Blu Allred says


  16. Samaritans Mercy says

    I want to feel sorry for Hillary but then again she hates America my
    beautiful country, she hates Christianity my beautiful faith, she hates
    free enterprise and freedom

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