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The Establishment | Donald J. Trump For President

Your president Donald Trump

I want to win for the people of this great country. The only people I will owe are the voters. The media, special interests, and lobbyists are all trying to stop me. We won't let that happen!

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  1. President Donald J. Trump says


    1. Milo Shapiro says

      +Presley Sharp
      a person who advocates political independence for a country.
      “a Scottish nationalist”
      Unless you mean wanting to “make America great again”, he’s not a
      nationalist. And don’t even give the “white power” argument, nothing he has
      said is racist.

    2. Presley Sharp says

      +The Capitalist Knight what has he said that is racist?

    3. Dev S says

      +Adolf Hitler
      Nationalist Trump is awesome!

    4. Dev S says

      +Presley Sharp
      Angry liberals who want to have total open boarders, conservatives who are
      corrupt, and free trade Asian interests who want to keep absorbing American
      capital through bad deals.

    5. 911LookuptheLavonAffair says

      persuade them to vote for TRUMP. Find the issues that matter to them like
      the Iraq war and show them how TRUMP would be better than crooked Hillary.
      You might be able to win them over!

  2. bbq_sauce says

    the silent majority is no longer silent!!!

    1. OverworldTNTPig says


    2. M. M. says

      Also known as the little orange turd, who by the way is now signaling that
      he plans on chickening out of the debates with Hillary, pathetic little boy.

  3. Rusty Hill says

    Thanks Mr. Trump for renewing my faith in America. I gave up on America
    some time ago. I am closing in on my elderly years and after the 2008
    collapse I lost what I had left after my wife’s loosing battle with cancer
    a few years before. When I was young I learned how to live off of the land
    and I am returning to those roots because I have no confidence in the
    current economic system so I expect it to fail completely as we are
    watching right now.

    Because of your efforts I am considering what I can do to help and will be
    responding accordingly as soon as I am able to get a little better
    organized. I will be looking forward to seeing you become the president of
    our country but I have no envy for you because it is a rotten cesspool and
    it will be a very difficult mess to clean up…

    1. Steven King says

      You are a great American sir. TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP USA USA USA

  4. TheDeadmanRules says

    Cruz=Bought and paid for! Trump=Self funding! Hmmmmmm I think i’ll
    choose……Donald Trump! Because he owes nothing to the special interest
    groups, lobbyists and donors! That means we have a better chance of making
    America greater than ever before! You cannot do that when you are bought
    and paid for!

    You really think the special interest groups, lobbyists and donors want
    America to be great again? They don’t!

  5. DiamondsRMyBestFriend says

    Together We Will #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #TRUMP2016 ??

  6. kelly anciello says

    I hope that people will realize what is truly going on with Mr Trump, He
    has an ego and that is the force behind his success, he hates to loose and
    that extrapolated to the White House will be excellent for the country as
    he would not allow himself to do a bad job. I hope that people understand
    the state of our country and the dire need we have for Mr Trump in the
    White House.

    1. Captain Punch Boxing Talk says

      Trump Will Be President

    2. Steven King says

      +Captain Punch Boxing Talk it is in the history books already. SPEAK!!!

    3. M. M. says

      Try to be smarter.

  7. tommy lee says

    Trump will expose the corrupt establishment more than ever before.

    1. Titanfall222 jorge says

      No he will not. He is going to turn to another Puppet who will lick asses.
      Trump is nothing special. You will be disappointed when he breaks every
      single of his promises.

  8. IVAN BLOGS says

    #letstrolltrump tu programa es peor que tu no. Veo la diferencia. Atte.:

    1. Steven King says

      If that means go trump, then, GO TRUMP.

  9. ᗒ╬ᗕ1112223333111ᗒ╬ᗕ says

    *Mr Trump, is this conflict of interest?*
    *Microsoft that backs Rubio gets to count the votes*
    One of Marco Rubio’s Biggest Financial Backers to Tally Iowa Caucuses

    1. Steven King says

      TRUMP CARSON 2016

  10. benshivd says

    Corey Lewandowski , a registered lobbyist. Privately sought earmarks for a
    company while publicly leading the fight against taxpayer-funded
    green-energy projects.

  11. Denyse Phenix says

    Trump is finally putting America back on the road to it’s former high class
    country. I was one who was totally against any war but when we see what is
    happening in places like Paris or California and all these innocent people
    being killed. It’s about time that governments put their pants on and raise
    hell to stop these barbarians. They do not deserve any justice because they
    act without any justification. If you live by the sword , you will die by
    the sword. I feel so sad for everyone who lost a loved one because of
    terrorism. Trump may be tough but he is right , fight fire with fire or
    else you will be destroyed and this sort of thing will go on and on as it
    has .

    1. Titanfall222 jorge says

      Those barbarians born when Usa attacked Middle east. Trump will do nothing
      because he cannot do everything he wants…. Its just empty promises.

  12. Joseph Romano says

    You better :/

  13. Camiel Maseland says

    What a pathetic speech. I don’t get why people would support Trump, can
    somebody just explain to me why? and with accurate reasons that are of some
    value. I don’t wanna hear his money issues or opinions about how other
    people suck at stuff and he is great. Speech is nothing when you perform
    the wrong actions. Some people say he is a great candidate for president,
    but how can a great leader not support 1/4 of his population, because they
    have a certain cultural background?? Do supporters of trump even question
    themselves these moral human aspects of life?

    I don’t get why people would support Trump, can somebody just explain to me

  14. Shawndra Higgins (BubblyBibleGirl) says


  15. Natalia Roldan says

    hey whats the background music?

  16. Miguel Inga Benavides says

    The American people live in a fantasy world need to wake sr . Donald Trump

  17. Vincetagram says

    dont wory, obviously with current electionresults the people arent trying
    to stop you but teh media damn sure makes it look that way

  18. podasytalas1 says

    Quisiera decirle al sr. Trump (aunque dudo mucho que esto llegue a sus
    oídos o a los de alguien cercano a él), que a pesar de las salidas de tono
    y de su discurso a veces arrogante, propios de una campaña electoral
    agresiva, dice verdades como puños. A diferencia de los anteriores
    presidentes americanos, éste no ha tenido que someterse al chantaje
    mediante millonarias donaciones por parte de los grandes lobbys
    financieros. Los medios de comunicación nos hacen ver que es mejor
    cualquier otro candidato y por eso puede tener mala fama fuera de eeuu. Los
    Clinton, los Obama, los Bush y demas perlitas son simples monigotes del
    stablishment. Sus políticas han resultado en un mundo cada vez más
    empobrecido, más violento y radical y con más guerras y hambrunas a lo
    largo y ancho del planeta. Nadie le quiere y están en contra de él porque
    dice cosas que a la gente no le gusta escuchar y los medios antes
    mencionados ya se encargan de machacarlo y a nosotros hacernos cambiar la
    percepción de lo real, como pasa con todo. Somos fáciles de engañar.
    Pienso que se lo van a poner muy difícil pero si se sobrepone a todo ello,
    podemos ver un cambio sustancial, espero que para bien. Debería centrar su
    política en echar fuera a todos los corruptos e inmorales estafadores que
    gobiernan su país y que repercute enormemente en el resto del mundo.
    También debería hacer todo lo posible para proteger el medio ambiente. La
    manera en la que se está gestionando este tema es ridículo e insostenible.
    En su mano está hacer este mundo un poco mejor. Conozco sus discursos mucho
    antes de que se metiera en política y las ideas de este hombre son grandes.
    Un saludo para todos. Es solamente mi opinión…….

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