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How I record my gameplays: http://e.lga.to/wroe

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  1. Fazingzz 4Far says

    Harry your FIFA card would be

    |83 CB
    |. Harry
    |. PAC 83. DRI 86
    |. SHO 85. DEF 84
    |. PAS 82. PHY 79

    There guys W2s new 2017 card tell me if it should be lower rated or higher
    rated or if I did a good job

    1. Jodi Du Preez says

      Hoiik Huub povo

    2. HBScorpio 04 says

      Fazingzz 4Far 99 Crossbar

    3. Cristiano Ronaldo 7 says

      Fazingzz 4Far u did a good job

    4. MaythDog Fifa HD says

      Fazingzz 4Far too much physical

    5. Kirstie wright says

      Fazingzz 4Far I’m,

  2. feg turd says

    i dont blame him. i thought it was the fastest time aswell.

    1. Declan Magee says

      feg turd same

    2. Rainbow Six siege Awesome says

      feg turd me too

    3. Blue Woopy says

      feg turd

    4. John Razna says

      feg turd same

  3. Mary Argjaboda says

    If you read AnEsonGib from the back without An, it says BigNose

    1. Finnley Thompson says

      Mary Argjaboda omg

    2. Hazza Hat says

      Mary Argjaboda


    3. Maisie and Alex Games says

      Finnley Thompson op

    4. Luka Cvetanovic says

      Mary Argjaboda lollllll

    5. DatGuy Vlogs says

      Mary Argjaboda it’s suppose to be

  4. AdamosesX Clemy says

    Who likes w2s subscribe to my channel

    1. M 123 says

      gabriel martinez alfonso

    2. Dennis Daw says


  5. Bobby Harold Gaming says

    If you like W2ssubscribe to the channel

    1. MofiGamer says

      If you hate when people beg for stuff breath

    2. Clorox Bleach says

      XBE17 a

    3. TerrificTatts says

      Cool kid Gaming U can’t tell people what 2 do

    4. Tanner Brimhall says

      Cool kid Gaming I did already

  6. Jelly Yt123 says

    If you pause they do the manquin challenge

  7. MoToRiC HD says

    7:58 Papa in Russian means “dad” but in Lithuanian it means “boob”

  8. UltimateG says

    Lol your record is sh*t

  9. Lionel Messi/Rodrigo Miranda says

    Harry won cuz he was on division 10

  10. Drummerboy135 says

    and that kids is why you play on ps4…….

  11. PenderPlayz says

    Great record harry

  12. Brawadis Brawadis says

    The keepers have a speed stat on the right side the third stat

  13. BertBooks23 says

    The ending to make it 10 mintes xD

  14. Tyler Nieli says

    5:39 their was a CM Barcelona Player…. Perfect Link To Messi…. Explain
    Why He Didn’t Pick Him.

    1. Tyler Nieli says

      Oh nvm! Messed up! Sorry i thought their was a link their. lol

  15. FireFist XXL says

    When harry got curdado he was 93 pace and when ani got curdrado he had 94

  16. Ahnaf Hasan says

    isnt robben the fastest player in the world with 37km/h?


      Ahnaf Hasan no he is nowhere near the likes of aubameyang bellerin and bale

  17. nichola codd says

    Suarez could of gone with 99 messi!!!!!

  18. hoh zhu ming says


    1. hoh zhu ming says


  19. David Cubillos says

    Who’s watching in 2017

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