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New Tech Evo

This is the fastest BUILD to ever exist period.

Welcome to DIVERGENCE 1.1 By Schism.

Follow the steps in the video.

To get the code for the build go to:


To get the Wizard:


That is all your really need to run this super fast BUILD! for KODI Jarvis 16.1

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  1. darryl walker says

    is this better than pulse

    1. The Tech Zone says

      Pulse is OK but to be honest I like this one!

  2. Bobby says

    Thanks NewTech…I’ve been using Pulse for the last 4 months. I have
    another TV on Wookie & changed it to Kodimaster; so far so good. And I’m
    running 5gb firestick. I appreciate all your tutorials Fam, no doubt…



    1. newtechevolution says

      thanks bobby cheers brother!!

  3. Mark Hinton says

    Cheers new tech

    1. newtechevolution says

      +Mark Hinton thanks mark

  4. wendy stewart says

    Won’t let me install says I need default confluence skin

    1. TROJAN4EVR says

      Wizard should install no problem. Once the wizard installs click on fresh
      start and then go back into the wizard and istall the build.

    2. Erika Rockenbach says

      I got the same error but then it automatically took me to my skin settings
      so I could change it to the confluence it asked for. After that it
      installed fine.

  5. Hi Please help says

    Please Help me
    What exactly is a build on Kodi and what does it do and how does it change
    or affect Kodi

    1. TROJAN4EVR says

      A Build is a “builders”(in this case, Schism’s) version of Kodi customized
      with the skin,addons,sources, & repos he likes. You can install kodi and
      then customize it yourself and that will be “your” build. Problem with
      installing someones build is that when addons/repos/sources change or are
      no longer you are dependent on the builder to “update” the build. So
      ideally as a user of kodi and of someone’s “build”, its imperative to
      familiarize yourself with the builds skin/addons/repos/sources so that if
      anything goes down you yourself can fix it.

    2. Hi Please help says

      +TROJAN4EVR thank you

  6. Marvin Samaroo says

    Would this work well on the regular Fire TV?

    1. TROJAN4EVR says


  7. ohger1 says

    What is the difference between “divergence” and the other options such as
    All In One, Alaska, etc.?

  8. Luis Rivera says

    I got to where you click install from zip I click on schism but I don’t get
    an option to install from zip it’s just blank

  9. gordon hill says

    Hi, I install everything on the video but I have a message say error device
    or resource busy ??? Please help

  10. MrTeamTactical says

    This looks sick! Getting my fire stick in a few days, looks easier than I
    thought to get a nice setup

  11. srvctek1 says

    I’m running divergence on a $30 box…runs pretty good I like it a little
    more than wookie lite, seems faster, more responsive.

  12. Jeanette Ibarra says

    why is it asking me to create accounts to watch live tv? ustvNow

  13. Aimee Vidal says

    Great video,. Clear and concise description as well as a very plain
    demonstration. Most videos give only one of these. Thank you for a great
    video. Oh, and the build is just as good or better than described?

  14. Juan Parga says

    How much is too much Mb for a Firestick. I installed a build and it showed
    500mb and now it’s at 800mb I deleted all thumbnails,cache already

  15. 229ricroc says

    I did everything when I closed kodi and tried to open it back up it would
    not work

  16. Carlos Trejo says

    What the difference between fire stick if there’s any? Anyone

    1. newtechevolution says

      +Carlos Trejo no difference friend

  17. PxP Vision says

    it says please switch to the default confluence skin before proceeding,
    please help!

  18. BRIAN BAKER says

    looking and type in install kodi etc boom check out ur channel good

  19. Ijaz H says

    looks very limited for my needs. Does look fast. I’m using Pulse Lite which
    imo is much better.

  20. Victoria Tatton says

    hay i followed the instructions in the clip but i had no option to do a
    fresh start, i relaunched it from fire stick home and its opened without
    the build ??

    1. Victoria Tatton says

      ohh the addons are there but no art work or layout

    2. Jose Zamora says

      Victoria Tatton go to settings then to appearance then to skin and select
      the divergence skin

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