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The Greatest Proof The Law Of Attraction Works! (Woman Wins 5000+ Contests!)

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We (YouAreCreators) created this channel to share one of the greatest secrets of the universe, and the secret is, we literally create our reality! (Quantum Physics now proves this) We are all governed by a set of Universal Laws, and these laws were created by GOD, to aid us in creating the life we desire. One of these laws is known as the "Law Of Attraction", or the law of "Reaping and Sowing". This law simply states, whatever you give out in Thought, Word, Feeling, and Action is returned to us. Whether the return is negative, or positive, failure or success, is all up to what you give out. Many authors and celebrities such as, Wayne Dyer, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Steve Harvey, Rhonda Byrne, and many others have testified to this amazing Law Of Attraction. Its time you learn this wonderful secret…

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  1. smoky glory says

    these videos will change your thoughts which will you change your life if
    you allow them to

    1. buyanbileg buyanbileg says

      that’s so great!

  2. Renee I. Petranovich says

    omg…I want to be this woman!!!

    1. Nick Polymer says

      we already are

    2. Nick Polymer says


    3. Mona Taylor says

      Renee I. Petranovich right! she’s a wonderful role model. such a peaceful
      sweet disposition

  3. Mai A says

    Norman Vincent Peale was President Trump’s pastor. Like him or not, look at
    what that man has achieved in spite of what everybody else said about him.

    Forbes top 150 wealthiest in America
    Owner of the Trump Brand including Trump Tower in Chicago, the tallest
    Hotel in the Americas
    Owner of Miss Universe
    Best Selling Author
    Host of his own TV show “The Apprentice”
    President of the United States of America

    Norman Vincent Peale obviously knew what he was talking about.

    1. Stephannie Senegal says

      Dionne please explain

    2. Sri George says

      thank you that book is powerful… unfortunately, plenty people know
      nothing much about me. president-elect trump except for the nonsense things
      the bias media talks about him. read some his book and follow is principles
      for success you will be amazed. check out my videos and subscribe.

    3. R LI says

      Report: Russia Has Trump Golden Showers Blackmail I know you hope to be
      just like Trump. Good Luck in your pursuit of your goals.

    4. Josephine Murphy says

      whats wrong with rich ???

  4. Lambda says

    I use to have luck / attraction like this as a kid but after my dog died
    extreme unluckiness set in.
    Love = the key?

    To provide an example the school had biweekly draws for prizes across all
    grades. (400+ kids) I think this was around grade 3. and managed to get
    drawn successfully 5 times in a row. The state of when they were announcing
    / drawing the name was almost like a trance like state of expectation that
    brought forth the result. Question is. After life has beaten you down and
    you become a pessimist, how do you either revert back to a lucky positive
    person or forge a new self? Things like PTSD are not easily beaten by
    “think positive thoughts, expect positive outcomes”.

    1. tiffany38126 says

      Aquarius Angel Of Light, I read your post, thank you! I AM Inspired

    2. Lambda says


      Fantastic advice Angel and congratulations on overcoming your hard times.
      Thank you.
      “Help out others”
      Due to health issues I’m unable to work but a have a wealth of knowledge to
      give on a variety of other topics. While i cannot go out and give a
      homeless man $10.00 for example i can give information online to help
      others however it feels artificial since it’s done through a screen and not
      in person. Or even if it is done in person it requires the person to think
      or do a just a little bit of research yet… many people today have a
      terrible attention span and drop it before anything could be understood.

      What is it that sparked you getting back up off of your feet. Were friends
      and family there to help?

    3. TheGuruUk2008 says

      This is similiar to my story!! I was damn lucky for 3/4 years of my life,
      travelled the world, beautiful women, etc. Then shiz went wrong….stemming
      from my attitude a bit I believe.

    4. niecers says

      also remember. your dog did not die.
      it also came from infinite love as an expression. your dog returned to
      infanite love like we all will.

    5. MindBat says

      Love, joy and exhuberance are the highest vibrational states to be in to
      attract our desires. Anything less on the emotional scale and they may not
      manifest at all.

  5. La-Nisha AC says

    Completely believe in the law of attraction:however, these videos

    1. La-Nisha AC says

      Really boost my faith…..what we can do is beyond our imaginations. Thanks
      for the post


    I’ve won millions from the lottery by thinking positive.

    1. Sabrina Sainte says


      Is this true?
      I’m trying to manifest the same thing.

      How long did it take you before you got to a place of feeling that you
      would win that money?

    2. Tee Fabre says

      What will you buy with all that money? Wow you are incredibly wealthy! Turn
      on some music and celebrate your wealth friend!! Woohoo!!

    3. Headohones Love says

      No its not true..there is absolutely no scientific proof behind any of
      this..there is also a guy who won the lottery 7 times and now sells books
      on the “systems” he used..the thing is that some people just get lucky if
      you look at how many people play and never win and how many win just once
      or twice statistically there have to be people who have won numerous
      times..the fact that there is only a handfull of them is simply statistics..

    4. mrpower328 says

      AQUARIUS ANGEL OF LIGHT. proof please

    5. Buranku says

      AQUARIUS ANGEL OF LIGHT. I believe you ?

  7. icic5 says

    her tunnel vision faith inspires me. I want to get to that place of
    unchallenged believe. this is amazing!!!

    1. TheGuruUk2008 says

      I agree it’s crazy faith.

    2. Vic H says

      icic5 to

    3. digital wayfarer says

      Blessed is the mind too small for doubt.

  8. Blademaster Ryutaro says

    I need to learn how to become a blind optimist.


      Blademaster Ryutaro you shall become an optimist…. you’re going to do it
      right now the secret way to become an optimist is……… just stop being
      a pessimist lol?

  9. Midlife Wild says

    I want to manifest an Old Town Key West cottage and go sailing every day!

    1. Tee Fabre says

      It’s already done!!

    2. Matt Ohs says

      Tee Fabre i saw this video today…and i was about to comment ITS ALREADY
      DONE until i read your comment..??

    3. chumgypsy says

      Matt Ohs you guys are all great

  10. The Aviator says

    the narrator sounds like he is talking from amongst the clouds

    1. Tee Fabre says

      He is… He is the creator.

    2. CJ P says

      Or he just smoked a bag of the devil’s lettuce

    3. Mona Taylor says

      CJ P hey, that’s God’s Greens!;)

  11. Snezana Jovicic says

    Ja sam ovde zbog SAFARI DUHA :D

  12. nancyxtay says

    I manifested this video into my life. I remember seeing it years ago but
    have been studying the teachings of neville Goddard this month and declared
    that I wanted to see this video again. And here it is now. Thank you for
    being a part of this synchronicity ?

  13. Ben Campbell says

    I want my family to be healthy and happy , to get back with the only person
    that ive had a small ( but big to me ),relationship with ,also to not be as
    lonely and to stop my bad habits surrounds drugs and alcohol
    ……………. I need to start thinking it going to happen

    1. Loraine Tomocik says

      Ben Campbell merry Christmas. of course you will stop alcohol and drugs if
      you want, or even if you get court ordered 3 times to stop, and go to rehab
      5 times in place of jail. like me! I have faith in you and the universe.
      Happy new year! 😉

    2. Neil Hood says

      Ben Campbell im trying to quitdrinkin n drugs n get back with ex
      Nikki…..im on a track too..i also write my goals down 25 times at a
      time…good luck Bro

    3. Buranku says

      Ben Campbell Good luck and hang in there man. I believe in you, LoA hwlped
      me with my problems too. Just be 100% positive and sooner or later the
      results will come. It only took me some months

    4. Loraine Tomocik says

      Thank you for taking your time to send me your thoughts and words of
      encouragement and courage and faith. I needed to hear that right now! God
      bless you! You made my day!

    5. Neil Hood says

      I wish life came with an instruction manual..instead of me mostly winging

  14. dax us says

    wowww aweeesoooome Whats the name oficial this women?

    1. Michelle Anderton says

      dax us woman*

    2. Kristine Frank65 says

      The Lazy Person’s Secret To Get Everything You’ve Ever Wished For….. (Law
      Of Attraction)
      Click Here >>> ManifestInLife.blogspot.com

  15. sgtjoe2008 says

    yes this really works, tried and tested before that i didn’t even realize i
    was applying the law of attraction.

    1. Alina Tate says

      sgtjoe2008 what did you do ?

  16. They Will Come So Build It says

    Originally, Trump came into money via his wealthy father. True, he lost it
    and regained it, so he does have the ability to manifest prosperity. Also I
    read Helen Hadsell’s book and her secret according to her book:
    “Contesting: The Name It and Claim it Game” was sheer belief! Never doubted
    for a millisecond that she would get what she wanted! She anticipated it,
    expected it and she got it!

    1. Sarah Benice says

      They Will Come So Build It I agree with you about Trump. I am not American
      and I doubt if I would have voted for him, but strongly believe that he is
      great at manifesting. I am inclined to believe that’s how he got into

    2. They Will Come So Build It says

      Yep! It is what it is… Lol!

    3. Charles Hines says

      They Will Come So Build It This is all throughout the Bible. This how God
      gets things to us. This is why he gave us Faith.

    4. They Will Come So Build It says

      Yes indeed!+Charles Hines.

  17. york c says

    who wants to co create with me and recreate the 1990s?

  18. MrSpadeofAce says

    i desire a million dollars

  19. Trix Malone says

    **Pulls out copy of Norman Vincent Peale’s “The Power of Positive Thinking”*

  20. PowersOnDrums says

    You forgot the word, HAVE in the statement at 1:22

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