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The Greatest Secret Of Man-Kind! (Who we really are!)

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We (YouAreCreators) created this channel to share one of the greatest secrets of the universe, and the secret is, we literally create our reality! (Quantum Physics now proves this) We are all governed by a set of Universal Laws, and these laws were created by GOD, to aid us in creating the life we desire. One of these laws is known as the "Law Of Attraction", or the law of "Reaping and Sowing". This law simply states, whatever you give out in Thought, Word, Feeling, and Action is returned to us. Whether the return is negative, or positive, failure or success, is all up to what you give out. Many authors and celebrities such as, Wayne Dyer, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Steve Harvey, Rhonda Byrne, and many others have testified to this amazing Law Of Attraction. Its time you learn this wonderful secret…

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  1. Serene Kai says

    im 15 , i live in a society where clothing and looks define whether or not
    you are accepted into and by the group of people that surround you. ive
    been aware and conscious of the world around me and who i am as a being
    since i turned 14. most say very young for my age but i recently found out
    i have an old soul that has been around since the beginning of life on
    earth. of my understanding and not at all to brag , i consider myself wiser
    than the people who surround me on a daily basis because most have not been
    able to reveal the truth of existence and life but to most im just weird
    and stand out. instead of getting to me , i just laugh at the words they
    utter because i know who , and what i am. infinite in spirit and energy ,
    abundant of love and peace. most are lost. i will live for as long as time
    dwells. an infinite being i am, part of god, i am— god, i am.

    1. LiightsOoouut 52 says

      Serene Kai but those people are also you, a reflection of you. and how you
      conduct yourself is how your relationships with others will be. You cannot
      put yourself in higher place just because you think you are more conscious.
      This society doesn’t accept you because of what you wear but of how you
      treat yourself. How would you treat God “yourself” you are God God is all
      of us. So if you are God wouldn’t you like to give yourself happiness, love
      and compassion? Would you want God to be self centered and believe his
      above his classmates ? No. they all are God God is all you. Take care of
      yourself and that is how you project your image about you “GOD”


    2. Serene Kai says

      +LiightsOoouut 52 it is true that we are all gods buts its up to every
      individual to awaken to their powers as a god other wise they remain the
      sheep they already are. its not my intention to sound self centered but
      instead to unveil the truth. i will hold and truly consider your words my
      friend 🙂

    3. LiightsOoouut 52 says

      +Serene Kai
      yeah your right. one thing that i learned is the you have to know how to
      conduct the room and have the words for everyone to absorb. i had friends
      who were just hell and would disrespect me thinking it was funny. then i
      realized this is a reflection of myself. the only way you can grow out of
      that is face them. tell them you will appreciate if they stop and be
      serious about it. by God my life was so much better after that because i
      killed my weakness. i like been lonely but we have to deal with people Cx

    4. chris869100 says

      Serene Kai You still need Jesus Christ, If you want to get saved Confess
      with your tongue “Jesus is Lord” and believe that God raised Jesus to life
      on the third day for your robe of righteousness. Peace be with you.

    5. Serene Kai says

      chris869100 no comment ?

  2. Alan Watson says

    The Truth of life will change your mind from your master to your servant.
    Google “Truthcontest” to learn it.

  3. TheMiksuMan says

    This make so humble and thankful
    Thank You

  4. William Oviedo says

    Think About iT why is iT that back in THE roman days and egyptian days we
    see them as Gods and godesses they knew THE power within this video is
    telling you THE truth

  5. adam mooney says

    god saved my life i am liveing proof god exsists i was addicted to drugs
    and alchol started young by the time i was 18 i was haveing mentsl health
    problems and become violent i went to prison 28th of september 2011 the
    best thing that happened to me i think if never went to jail i would of
    never found god are picked up a bible
    i would like to thank god would also want to thank the staff in church in
    duhram hmp for haveing bible studyes im clean now im 24 years old dont even
    drink got a house and agood job now and every one thought id be dead are
    something by now

    1. Li, Fu Ran, Ph.D. says

      God’s Blessings for your continued success in your new life.

    2. Lourdes Melo says

      adam mooney May God continue to bless you abundantly. Yours is a great
      testimony of what can happen when you talk to God and receive his will in
      your life.

  6. Francis Furtak says

    If we are God then don’t you think we would already know this?

    1. marcus24000 says

      when we came in we agreed to a memory wipe meaning you starte blank on this
      planet with only intuative memory,this is done to have a non biast
      experience or in other words a puur experience unhindert by prediguse,but
      atm that is changing slowly people are coming in who remember who they
      where and even come in with the knowledge needed to set us free from the
      manipulation programming we have been exposed to by our goverments who
      wanna keep us in the ilusion most are stil in. this is so much bigger then
      you think 🙂

    2. Tonio9606 says

      Francis Furtak do you think the cells that make up your body knows that
      they are you?

    3. marcus24000 says

      believe it or not but our cells know more then we currently do,they have
      the knowledge of all our lifetimes stored in them,we are just programmed
      from birth to not even think about asking the cells or how to ask the cells
      for the info.

    4. Pez lad says

      DNA is a fascinating thing

    5. Wave S says

      marcus24000 no doubt but I believe bacteria and microbes are the most
      intelligent organisms. they are the most realistic aliens. with cells, if
      you keep taking one cell away at a time, at what point are you no longer

  7. OlymPigs2010 says

    ….If we are God…….then how did we get so Fucked Up?

    1. Jean Davies says

      Because you got free will and you fucked it up big time.

    2. OlymPigs2010 says

      …so you are inferring that God,using His free will to Create…Fucked It
      Up Big Time~!

    3. marcus24000 says

      ya balance and awarenis is verry important ^^

    4. Ally Ally says

      we are love and wisdom….

    5. superkb172 says

      Powerful expectation, influences performance. Infinite8 balance, Universal 9

  8. Jesse “549 Righteous” says

    we aren’t god … satan likes to tell us we are. we are God’s creatures. we
    have the ability to create life but not create life from nothing like god
    did. we are in God’s image. it is the truth.

    1. Jesse “549 Righteous” says

      +Chris Oakes I’m a Christian and I believe it gives one more strength than
      not. Have you seen hacksaw ridge?

    2. Chris Oakes says

      +Jesse​ I’m sorry! Didn’t mean to insult U. No don’t know what that is. I
      believe in Jesus teachings. There’s just other things that I think church
      an religion use to control an have power over people. I know God never told
      anyone to kill their child or an animal for a sacrifice! Not Prime Creator
      anyway. An there’s no hell or lake of fire. Those are just threats to
      control people

    3. MEP says

      +Chris Oakes you exactly right tools to make man weary and embedded in a
      individual self when really what we are seeing is real and an illusion at
      the same time…we exist as energy, we appear to have weight but science
      has prove we actually dont …just dense….if you know anything about the
      flower of life it starts with a circle with a dot in it just as the embryo
      does when the sperm penetrates it…all living things begin this way…the
      circle with the dot in it is the symbol for godhead …”a creator” once
      sperm (light energy or man’s physical thought) was placed into the egg we
      begin to create ourselves through subconscious thought, the same thoughts
      that know to keep you alive when you’re sleep are the same thoughts that
      define your makeup and potential (this is where the idea Christ being born
      of a virgin comes from because man creates creators and the woman manifests
      the creators and both are part of god’s nature as much as the other)
      everything you have known about yourself, everything you are, and
      everything you know about certain things and individuals are patterned in
      your dreams to give your soul guidance to answering your soul’s
      questions…we are born with certain karmas transferred by our parents
      DNA…you will suffer until you conquer everything that has been placed
      against you to liberate yourself and when you do…only then will you have
      everlasting life…john 3:16 was a purposely mistranslation rerouting man
      from believing in himself (whoever believes in Him…it was translated from
      Greek …the word Him in greek is “autos” and means “himself”) do not
      forget Christ announced you as his equal stating “you shall do all my works
      and more” and psalms 82:6 “do you not know ye are gods?”

    4. marcus24000 says

      although there are good informative if somewhat incripted things in
      religions it is verry true what you say chris

    5. Chris Oakes says

      +marcus24000 Thanks my friend,ya I agree 100.

  9. domeright1 says

    The Sodomites all thought ” they were” too. Look at what happened to them..

  10. Shae House says

    The flashing light is really bothering me

  11. Isabelle Layla says

    we could be gods but it is easier to behave like monkeys. we all have the
    potential but 99% of us don’t believe so we can’t rise to our potential.
    why you think they say believing is so important?

    1. Ben shakes says

      Isabelle Layla Monkeys are amazing…

  12. Brad Holkesvig says

    This guy is right that MAN and GOD are the same thing but there’s a lot
    more knowledge that needs to be understood that this guy doesn’t
    understand. MAN and GOD are the artificial intelligence and voice
    technology built into the program of the computer system that we’re all
    involved in. This is why GOD is “all-knowing” of our visible make-believe
    worlds we experience in visible bodies. MAN / GOD was created BOTH male and
    female so after the day of the Lord that is used to change Heaven, the
    information that included information called Lucifer and the Beast by
    deleting it, ONE CREATED MAN will get two bodies to experience new
    make-believe worlds with. One body will be a male and the other body will
    be a female. The ONE MAN will be in control of the bodies in all their own
    make-believe worlds.

  13. Gemini Love says

    I prefer to think that I am a child of God, which is higher than any other
    title on Earth. I dont think I am God…maybe a God…but not God. God is
    the highest power and all knowing…I am not…but I can always seek my
    father’s guidance. I am a child of God!

    1. marcus24000 says

      isnt it kinda the same thing,if youre a child of a human doesnt that make
      you a human,ofc we wil Always be children of god/source but doesnt that
      kinda say we are of the same substance,shure god might hold the reins but
      we are also on the ride 🙂

    2. Tonio9606 says

      Jennifer Armstrong if god is our father we will grow to be just like him
      someday. We are a god together

    3. marcus24000 says

      it seems to me that yes we grow in our experience on earth,but from what i
      gathers its more like we are angels of god having a human experence,we are
      wise eternal beeings parts of god in a human form with a memory wipe and it
      all serves a purpose ^^ and yes i gues its also true what youre saying,we
      are in our human forms on our way to enlightenment at the moment we are in.

    4. Neil wilson says

      Yes,God is self existing ,we are not but in Christ we can express God in
      characteristics and spiritual authority on the earth pushing back evil off
      the earth

  14. gsxr723 says

    In my humble opinion this belief won’t make any positive changes for anyone
    or anything.

  15. chris869100 says

    I read in the Bible to be saved confess with your tongue “Jesus is Lord”
    and believe that God raised Jesus to life on the third day for your robe of
    righteousness. Peace be with you.

  16. MyLife AsMySha'Re says

    Very Powerful Message….thank u!!!



  18. Fla Gomes says

    I am Amen

  19. Richard Haynes says

    I believe this

  20. Kurt Goldston says

    such a lie!!! this is the same thing the serpent told Eve in the garden!
    running p

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