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My Twitter: http://twitter.com/wroetoshaw
SDMN Clothing: http://www.sidemenclothing.com/

Ethan: https://www.youtube.com/Behzinga
Cal 1: https://www.youtube.com/Callux
Cal 2: https://www.youtube.com/Calfreezy
Tobi: https://www.youtube.com/TBJZL

How I record my gameplays: http://e.lga.to/wroe

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  1. AnonymousBanana says

    1:51 so fake. Kicks at top right corner and hits middle of crossbar…

    1. sotos 278 says

      is doing that for fun

    2. Ella The Gaming Nerd says

      I’m still listening to this convo.

    3. Riyan Navied says

      Dude they just kept on repeating a normal crossbar hit to just not get them
      embarrassed P.S. It was a joke

    4. Zatie Aakerlund says

      AnonymousBanana it was a joke ffs

  2. Stefan Ivkov says

    Tobi is clearly the best footballer out of all the sidemen

    1. Connor KenwayFan says

      Gamingwithpeter Agreed

    2. Just Sent says

      W2S с русской озвучкой –

    3. Ethan Gonalez says

      Stefan Ivkov Im one hundred percent sure its Simon he hit the crossbar
      while doing the robona

    4. Smacko Dog says

      Stefan Ivkov miniminter dickhead

    5. Jose Zamarripa says

      Stefan Ivkov i agree

  3. Jeune renois Sauvage says

    Music 3:07 please

    1. Giotube HD says


    2. KiliGHG 323 says

      i’d like to know this too

    3. Geoffrey Noveneo says

      Jeune renois Sauvage Oliver Heldens – Koala

  4. Luca Solazzo says

    tobis blind folded one was fake look at direction of ball right than hits

    1. Mujtaba Bashir says

      It is supposed to be a joke

    2. Dirty Mirrors says

      Luca Solazzo it’s a joke bud

  5. NUMSKI 21 says


    1. team solar inc says

      NUMSKI 21 o

    2. yasmine s says

      That was acc my brother no lie ??

  6. Moha Hdya says

    0:14 If it was the First try Who are there other balls behind the goal

    1. Moha Hdya says


    2. alexandre clodial says

      Moha Hdya his friends tried before him ?

    3. Moha Hdya says

      uh no he is alone with the camera man

  7. Alpha Trooper says

    2:38 song pls

    1. Trickshot Guy says

      Jetta – I’d Love to Change the World (Mastubs Remix)

    2. Denis the Soccer gamer says

      This video is awesome like the others

  8. Lionel Messi says

    1:00 song?? plz

    1. silvis grockis says

      Sedat Aytar

    2. Padwan Roche says

      Sedat Aytar Daraude Dankstorm

    3. Cesar Roman says

      Sedat Aytar love me again by wide awake

    4. Benjamin Morris says

      love me again

  9. miss cake gamer says

    do you know W2S oliver heldens I do I love his music

  10. The Tango Masters says

    Love the intro with cal

  11. SSNexus 7 says

    3:13 song?

    1. Prestige Chimp says

      SStrickshot S It’s called got the love

    2. GameZ 4 Life2002 says

      SStrickshot S don diablo & krebhto – got the love

  12. Swag Ranger says

    Did Harry Realize After He Hit The Crossbar At 2:34 The Ball Almost Went
    Entirely Out Of The Park.

    1. Larzz Z says

      I didn’t even realise XD

    2. jUrO cOLLinS says

      Swag Ranger song 2:34?

  13. Ebinisti7 says

    0:18 First try!! There is like 4 balls behind the goal :D

  14. Hd_ crafterr says

    The impossible but I did it first try challenge

  15. Aine Kearins says

    What is the song at 1:03

    1. Daniel Barna says

      WiDE Awake – Love Me

    2. awesometised says

      Aine Kearins it’s at the top comment

  16. Aine Kearins says

    what is the song at 3:08

  17. مهدي نجاح says

    W2S love

  18. Kshema P says

    can this comment get 100 likes

  19. TheBlazingParadox GamingandVlogs says

    Harry is actually the best!!! Everybody says he’s the best

  20. Семе4ка says

    What music 3:08

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