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The KODI Crack Down Has Started!!!

Protect yourself and use a VPN!!!

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  1. andyg9137 says

    The sooner we leave the Corrupt EU the better ?

    1. andyg9137 says

      Explain to me how it’s not?

    2. Weanu Haske says

      Are u EU citizen? I am not that’s why I am asking.

    3. andyg9137 says

      I’m a British citizen mate, being ruled by unelected politicians isn’t what democracy was meant to be. Like Europe but not the EU, as every other bunch of politicians all in it for themselves and the rest of us pay the price ??

    4. Weanu Haske says

      The queen you mean

      ..are british politician corrupt? Ate for independent of Scotland and north Ireland. .perhaps one day united ireland

    5. andyg9137 says

      All corrupt but at least we can vote them out

  2. Anthony Haynes says

    they turned off my Internet for watching in the us

    1. newtechevolution says

      Anthony Haynes you mean booted you off?

    2. Anthony Haynes says

      +newtechevolution no turned it off and told me not to get back on kodi showbox or koko time

    3. Edward Calad says

      Anthony Haynes i heard showbox uses torrents.

    4. Anthony Haynes says

      +Edward Calad yeah i think some of the add ons on kodi do too dont they

    5. Edward Calad says

      Anthony Haynes yeah just dont use acestream

  3. Louise Crisp says

    I use Buffered VPN on my laptop but I’ve no idea how to install this onto my firestick. Any ideas, is I.P Vanish better for firesticks?

    1. Toysif says

      Louise Crisp you can use es file explorer to install it

    2. Louise Crisp says

      IP Vanish you mean? Buffered doesn’t support Android yet so think I may have to switch. Thank you for your great videos btw. I’m a streaming virgin so I’m definitely lost what’s legal & illegal here now.

    3. Toysif says

      Louise Crisp yep IPVanish. I got it today and it’s actually quite good. Installed it on my firestick and my android box too

    4. Louise Crisp says

      +Toysif Thank you, I’ll look into it. ?

  4. stephen barton says

    Europe has just turned into north Korea ???

    1. stephen barton says

      That’s you opinion brother ?

    2. Hunwunsrun Srajwaj says

      stephen barton piss off

    3. stephen barton says

      Hunwunsrun Srajwaj. everyone is entitled to their opinion

    4. MrBrymstond says

      Not in N. Korea

    5. stephen barton says

      Me neither

  5. Casey Alan says

    nah you’re wrong about the 10 years penalty. that’s more for the people supplying the streams and content.

    1. newtechevolution says

      If you are downloading torrent and seeding it you are essentially restreaming.

    2. Casey Alan says

      which is totally understandable but that’s always been that way lol. the only way you will receive a penalty I imagine would be if you were someone like an IPTV provider or something. i don’t even see how third party add-on developers could face penalties Cuz all they’re doing is making it easy and not providing any content.

    3. Casey Alan says

      newtechevolution love your videos though bro. always great vids.

    4. newtechevolution says

      Will see what happends right now it’s just scare tactics. Thanks for the support !:)

  6. Sandmane213 says

    A VPN encrypts the traffic that is sent through your ISP to the VPN server that you are connected to. … Your ISPcan see your IP address and therefore knows who you are. The VPNconnection will hide your IP so that the only IP they can see is the VPN serverIP. VPNs create private tunnels that are encrypted.

    1. Buster Bollocks says

      Sandmane213 so then they will make it illegal to use a VPN they are bastards.

    2. kevin brown says

      Sandmane213 VPN was created for business use and military uses streaming is a side benefit so get a vpn and your golden. The gov will never restrict a vpn with laws because there use them themselves… Mad mad world!!!

  7. Wrath Of Bod says

    looks like a new law passed today in the UK, watching streams is now not illegal
    The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has confirmed that watching pirated video streams online does not break any copyright laws.

    The ruling comes via a legal battle between rights holders and European media service company Meltwater. Copyright holders including the Associated Press charged Meltwater with copyright infringement when the company extracted headlines from various news sources and sent these via email to users.

    In an interesting twist, the media groups suing Meltwater, led by the U.K. based Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA), also argued that users receiving these emails should be liable for licensing fees, an argument which led to this week’s ruling.

    Early court rulings initially favored the NLA, but the Supreme Court of The United Kingdom eventually ruled against the NLA, confirming that viewing copyrighted content online is not copyright infringement. The court cited existing EU copyright law which that temporary copies are given a specific exemption from copyright law. The court did refer the matter for further comment to the CJEU.

    This week, the CJEU confirmed that the existing EU copyright exemptions for temporary copies applies to viewing and streaming online. Viewing or streaming, the court says, is different to making a copy and would be exempt from copyright laws, but the copies “must be temporary, that they must be transient or incidental in nature and that they must constitute an integral and essential part of a technological process.”

    While this ruling provides clarification on this issue, the ruling may anger rights holders who have in recent times devoted more resources in tackling the piracy problem caused by the increasing use of streaming services. It’s worth noting that this ruling does not exempt operators of these streaming services from legal responsibility, only the viewers and users of these services.

    1. Waking up To the truth. says

      Wrath Of Bod can you add the link where you saw this article about the new law that has been passed etc, cheers.

  8. John Chiarello says

    I still don’t understand how to use a VPN. Do I have to enter it in Kodi?

    1. Earlene Hicks says

      John Chiarello on firestick I would download from playstore on your phone & use the Amazon Apps to fire to transfer ipvanish app to firestick. Or download ES file explorer from app store to your phone and also to firestick from apps on stick, then transfer app from phone to firestick. Your one login will work on all devices including your laptop. Complete privacy.

    2. Earlene Hicks says

      John Chiarello No just add to devices laptops firesticks ps4 android boxes phones smart tvs it is standalone app. You login and change server when using Kodi or browsing internet.

    3. John Chiarello says

      Earlene Hicks thank you so so much for your responses, I appreciate them

    4. kevin brown says

      John Chiarello or look into a dedicated vpn router put the vpn on the router DD-WRT then all traffic using the same router will be private for a 40mbs under £50 one off payment for the router from Amazon then your vpn subscription or look into if your current router can be flash DD-WRT software but most IPS supplied routers can’t be modified.

    5. John Chiarello says

      Thanks so much, Kevin! I will look into this way

  9. Augusto Rosa says

    I have a question about IPVanish. Can I inbox you?

  10. Michael Morley says

    They say they are going to prosecute the you tuber’s like you for promoting the 3rd party addons

    1. Not Todd says

      This is the whole reason behind the “Kodi crackdown”

  11. Ijaz H says

    How will they know what you’re watching in Kodi? If you used something like Terrarium or an APK like solid streams would that be better. Who is keeping logs and how could they prove it?

    1. Not Todd says

      They aren’t going after the end users. They are going after the people who put up the links/torrents.

  12. Rob B says

    So…If I will be a couple weeks in my birth country Hungary (Eastern Europe) I could be jailed watching movies on KODI. (The “free” Live Tv options still have lots of hiccups). But I will keep my IPVanish whenever I turn on KODI while overseas. How can I get any smarter, my European brothers? Cheers to everyone.

    1. Jamie Duerden says

      Rob B o

  13. Fucknuts says

    i’d hate to get raped in prison for 10 years by some big black guy named Bubba just because I watched a little fucking tv. use a vpn now or a condom later, your choice.

  14. Muhammad Mustafiz says

    this law is being pushed by people like sky and bt cos the scumbags paid over £5billion for the rights to show football compared to the previous year where it was a lot less. these big companies are dictating the law so they continue to be able to rip off the public.

    this man made an excellent point that the 10 years max for offenders is similar or more than people get for rape in many cases. how disgusting is that. ruin a womans life is deemed less important than criminal multinationals potentially losing some money they were theiving in the first place and creating more greed.

  15. Linda Flaherty says

    a rapist in UK gets top whack 7 years?!?

  16. matt k says

    american here, no worries. moving along

  17. Jeremiah Johnson says

    Yep, that sounds like Europe, turn your eyes away from all the Muslims pouring in, its time to crack down on streamers!

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