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‘The pledge remains’ May confirms she WILL maintain Cameron’s foreign aid spending pledge

She, however, said there was an argument to be made to keep the spending pledge, adding: “It is under threat as you know because the UK is the second largest aid donor in the world. A lot of people feel that’s too much.

“I was an aid worker many years ago myself. You and I both know when you try and go into very, very poor countries to deal with sometimes very corrupt government, some of that money is wasted.

“That’s just a fact. There is a decision to be made whether we want to continue with this level or not.”

Lord Michael Howard, who first wrote the policy into the party’s 2005 general election manifesto, claimed he supported the spending because “we owe a duty to those who share a planet with us”.

He said: “I think it does a tremendous amount of good and I think it increases our influence and talking about migration if you want to limit migration then you have got to improve conditions of life in countries in which these people live.”

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