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The Power Of I-AM (Chapter 8) – The 2 Most Powerful Words!

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We (YouAreCreators) created this channel to share one of the greatest secrets of the universe, and the secret is, we literally create our reality! (Quantum Physics now proves this) We are all governed by a set of Universal Laws, and these laws were created by GOD, to aid us in creating the life we desire. One of these laws is known as the "Law Of Attraction", or the law of "Reaping and Sowing". This law simply states, whatever you give out in Thought, Word, Feeling, and Action is returned to us. Whether the return is negative, or positive, failure or success, is all up to what you give out. Many authors and celebrities such as, Wayne Dyer, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Steve Harvey, Rhonda Byrne, and many others have testified to this amazing Law Of Attraction. Its time you learn this wonderful secret…

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  1. Lamana Chacha says

    God is Great he created us to believe in him.Every human being should
    believe in the One God the Iam.

  2. Chalo C. says

    That video just blew my mind

  3. am¡r javandel says


  4. C Two says

    Loved it, tks!

  5. Taariq M-Star 616 says

    Asking the question are we God is like asking the question is thunder
    lightning? The answer is of-course not but that does not mean they are not
    directly connected and are separated only by perception, it’s an expression
    of the relationship between cause and effect which most don’t recognize
    many refer to as karma, law of conservation of energy inertia,
    transmutation, thermodynamics, radiation etc. Humanity has a large
    inability to see beyond the 5 senses and beyond the boundaries of
    inter-spacial borderlines, i.e 3 dimensions of direction and 1 direction of
    space/time – There is way more to it than that.

    Truth of I AM THAT I AM:

    Through studying the unified field theory we can see the connection between
    quantum mechanics, general relativity and how consciousness is responsible
    for mediating between both of them, the big and the small, a rock and a
    hard place, we can now prove that we live in an ever evolving holographic
    multidimensional geometric hyperbowl that endlessly contracts and expands,
    constructed upon etheric spacial energy with no virtual boundaries, infused
    within multiple layers of duality, while all matter/energy is
    simultaneously being spat out at the speed of light by an infinite amount
    of miniaturized, massive and super-massive black holes that exist
    everywhere. “The Holy ONES” are present by infinity from every single atom
    (nucleus) to the center of every single galaxy, in and around it, that
    which exists both in time and no time nor space (blacks Sun/Swastika)

    So making a point or objective judgment in any ONE single subject is the
    cause for insanity and is ignorant because everything is multidimensional
    not just dual, but I think it would be safe to deduce that we could all
    both be “God” and not “God”. Simply put everything is both in process and
    complete (Ouroboros – Infinity 8) human perception of time as linear is
    vastly incorrect, i.e our cosmos construction might very well be completed
    already whilst the “creator” simultaneously experienced everything there
    was to experience, subsequently our perception could just be delayed (As
    with light and sound).

    The process of harmonic convergence (Star alignment) and holy decree (Black
    Hole X ray emissions) I think stands to renew his plan this is referred to
    as the “Ouroboros” or Infinity Snake (8) which consumes itself as a process
    of death and renewal/rebirth evolution/transmutation, and with the guidance
    of the violet mother/universal spirit and golden star actions of the
    Christ, new decrees are made therefore nothing is really set anything can
    happen, and quantum mechanics, general relativity and the study of how
    consciousness affects all, proves that our minds and souls have the ability
    to effect our environment, we are actively participating in this process as
    God needs us as we are him in real/unreal/semi-real/dual-real/anti-real
    time and no time at different locations for different purposes of
    interaction and radiation.

    “Our universe is constructed purely from X rays, once born we eXit our
    mothers Womb and enter the MatriX and start to eXist.” – “Do not let the
    Anti-X Christ harvest you from the eXistence from the Light of the real

    We are the lord as he created and experiences at the speed of light our
    reality is delayed we must not lose touch. Losing touch sends us into an
    abyss of darkness and is the eternal separation/harvest from light –
    Non-eXistent. You are apart of the blessed good seeds and have been
    anointed by the lord Christ as redeemed – “atONEd” Blessings, love and
    Gratitude is a currency you should now pay, not a big price to maintain the
    “All” the ONEness

    When I mean we are God I mean we are each echoes of his voice/breathe,
    humanities perception of time is vastly incorrect, there is no past nor
    future, only the now exists, this is eternity in the eye of God. When
    lightning strikes 7 seconds later thunder strikes as light is faster than
    sound and seeks to separate from it causing a loud bang, like the creation
    of the cosmos, each universe, galaxy, star and planet, big bangs of
    separation of light from sound – God from us.

    The separation is only one of perception, like a mirror, e.g. opposing two
    mirrors or cameras and what you see is an infinite oscillation in the
    mirrors or camera to TV set, this is our perception of reality again, like
    I said, we exist within the galaxy but everything only exists because we
    perceive it therefore, we are within the universe but the universe is
    within us (our mind’s) and it is an infinite oscillation, until we shed the
    veil of ego and see the connection in X.

    As for our destiny I think that will take some more inner workings, alchemy
    of thought and emotion to produce actions which can be turned rather from
    actions of lead into real great actions of gold. I feel we are doing this
    perfectly fine, searching for answers whilst remaining open to new ideas
    and thought patterns, continue on this path of discovery as we and the Lord
    are experiencing it one and the same at the same time our perception is
    just delayed and we must not lose touch or else we separate/harvest away
    into darkness from the light. Always seek answers to questions attaining
    knowledge and gaining wisdom this is Gods and our only true purpose.

    For how could God possibly ever become all knowing “omniscient” if he had
    not experienced and seen every inch of his own domain and how better to
    experience it through the windows of the souls of his own creation. This
    would be the very reason for creation, as consciousness by definition is
    seeing things from and outer perspective, we truly give God purpose and in
    existing he comes to better understand himself as all scientists do when
    studying any species, we learn from all things in life, as above so below
    know the one, know the other. Hence consciousness truly is an “outer
    perspective” getting to truly know oneself. This is the awakening of true
    consciousness, I AM!!!

  6. Searle April says

    Truly powerfull stuff!

  7. Julles Mills says

    May I ask what is your theology about what happens when you die?

  8. ricardo santeliz says

    I am that I am my heart is pounding and feeling lots of gratitude for all
    this videos , my hearth tells me this is the truth …thank you so much and
    good voice great job ?

  9. נגה Noga says

    i am will.

  10. What Wood U Do? says

    I Am ……buying that accu-brush advertised six out of the last eight
    videos i just watched

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