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The Power Of I-AM (Chapter 9) – The 2 Most Powerful Words!

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We (YouAreCreators) created this channel to share one of the greatest secrets of the universe, and the secret is, we literally create our reality! (Quantum Physics now proves this) We are all governed by a set of Universal Laws, and these laws were created by GOD, to aid us in creating the life we desire. One of these laws is known as the "Law Of Attraction", or the law of "Reaping and Sowing". This law simply states, whatever you give out in Thought, Word, Feeling, and Action is returned to us. Whether the return is negative, or positive, failure or success, is all up to what you give out. Many authors and celebrities such as, Wayne Dyer, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Steve Harvey, Rhonda Byrne, and many others have testified to this amazing Law Of Attraction. Its time you learn this wonderful secret…

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  1. AshNala Davis says

    This is powerful and Real! Thank you so much for these videos. They have
    helped to Change my life; and continue to do so

  2. jill roche says


    ((( ((( ( *I AM* ) ))) )))

    ~ Much Love and Gratitude ~ xox

  3. The Muscle Genie says

    thank you bro!! $$

  4. Ktaressa says

    “I am what/that I am” is consistent with karma, infinity and its symbol.
    What I am (do, think, become) returns to me. I am what I am.

  5. Stan Lindert says

    I AM !

  6. Eleven 22 says

    Thank you ! ?

  7. bob hobby says

    I’m confused about what he said around 8:50 saying that if u arent
    conscious being then u are vain ? so what I think he’s saying is that if
    you don’t feel what u want to be your being vain? correct me if im wrong
    please and show me the path

    1. Horsehockey105 says

      You are thinking of the word “vain” as in
      “vanity”, to be selfish and too proud of yourself. He’s using the
      word “vain” here in its other meaning ; unsuccessful or useless and
      failing to achieve a purpose. So he’s saying “… you must first be
      of ‘Being’, if you are not conscious of ‘Being’ then all that you seek, you
      seek in vain”. In other words you would be wasting your time dreaming
      of wealth and riches, etc., unless you are first conscious of ‘Being’.
      the important first step before the ‘good stuff’ arrives. ;0) Nothing to
      do with being vain.

  8. Brian Denham says

    I am enlightened I am happy I am abundantly full of money and I am finished
    writing this post

  9. Jose Rivera says

    he used being twice, once to describe the being what you want as in (human
    being) dont seek being as in going to be. secondly being as going to be.
    now not the future. like i will get well soon vs. saying I am well now.
    hope this helps, also try listening to it a few more times.

  10. Everist Lindsey ware says

    I Am! amen !

  11. Deb Deb says

    I love this . Thank You !!!!

  12. Austine George says

    Thank you so much, I am so grateful to you and I bless you.

  13. Juliana Kplorfia says

    Enlightening, I am happy, I am wealthy, I am an answer to someone’s prayer,
    I am a great mother, a successful leader. I AM!

  14. Fabrice Fonkwa says

    I love it, “I am very happy”

  15. Phoenix love says

    Its good but to much scripture quotings. Asif i am originated exclusively
    from the bible. Should use other example aswell and stop bombarding with

  16. Sharon Rennalls says

    I love it, love the scriptures, really refreshing

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