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  1. Itz “ItzAdam” Adam says

    The reason it was behind the informs is because it’s the gold aguero just

    1. DMN !!! says


    2. Calum Davidson says

      Itz Adamai

    3. Send Memes says

      It just attributes

    4. Michael Paulsen says

      Itz Adam and

    5. Callum Simpson says

      Itz Adam I agree

  2. nigahiga says

    It’s photoshop. Look at the outline of the card at 2:42. It’s actually just
    a regular card.

    1. Seth Taylor says

      Wow look at you copying a youtuber

    2. Fabien Loughrey says


  3. o Sheehy says

    W2S I fucking love you

    1. Tekkerz Kid says

      o Sheehy hi

    2. Nicola Krejci says

      o Sheehy

    3. Game Fc says

      Tekkerz Kid n

    4. gamer 10.0 OP says

      o Sheehy me too

  4. Danny Johnson says

    It was upgraded Aguero with a full gold attribute card.

    1. Succo Del succo says

      Danny Johnson aqkz,kzmzkksksak

    2. The Cooked Meatloaf says

      Danny Johnson no how did it have 99 defending

  5. TheRestlessChicken says

    It discards for 704 coins

    1. Ronaldo Titla says

      Gamer 360NoScope doesn’t mean nothing

    2. Fazingzz 4Far says

      tanuj h lol you saw it when you played FIFA 16 I’m lmao??? Look at the
      ending and Aguero is a 95 TOTS dumbass


    The club in the end of the video is 197 rated!!!! WTF

    1. Shad0w says

      +Cain Dyhrberg Yes. you can look at it.

    2. Pauline Keane says

      THE Z WEAPON GAMING the bench to get a full ,99 squad everyone has to be 99

  7. SKP_ ARCH TRICKS says

    Is it just me but know the Fifa 16/15 cards look weird now

    1. Florian Jasarevic says

      Lukmaa faek

    2. Ben Stobart says

      SKP_ ARCH TRICKS me to

  8. Thethistle gunner says

    “He is behind the informs for some reason I don’t know why” em maybe cos
    it’s actually a 87 overall normal Aguero gold card that you have

    1. raphgamer 9 says

      Thethistle gunner and he quick sell for 702$

    2. The Lego Guy 16 says


    3. Mario Orta says

      it’s a mod, not photoshopped. It’s a regular aguero with boosted stats and
      made to look like a blue card

  9. Kyle Ireland says

    you see 99 dribbeling and the star from skills are 4 stars its not real

    1. Nekopixelz says

      ZSS xD

    2. TheVaperFilms says

      Kyle Ireland KYS

    3. Ricky Schiano says

      explain all of messi’s toty cards…..

  10. Tanner Jay/TJ says

    Wait at 2:35 it says it has 2 owners probably cos he photoshopped

    1. The Cooked Meatloaf says

      Tanner Jay the person who packed him then bought it

    2. Starkystuff Gaming says

      Tanner Jay I saw it to.

    3. Mario Orta says

      it’s modded, photoshop will be way harder to do

  11. Jakob Zein says

    how can I ST have 99 deffending

    1. SkyEye says


  12. Ullteppesokk - Norsk Underholdning says

    Who’s watshing this in 2017 ??

    1. Mycah Gutierrez says


    2. autistic spaceship says


    3. head soccer pro says

      Ullteppesokk – Norsk Underholdning me

    4. jk cj says

      Ullteppesokk – Norsk Underholdning me

  13. Simon Henry says

    Ya Ya, Ya Ta Tourè! 442oons

    1. Norges Kjente says

      Simon Henry its bot from 442oons, it is a chant on Touré (both of them).

    2. Myles cunno says

      Simon Henry cc

  14. Eya Jonas says

    Hu else can’t wait for fifa 17

    1. The superb Sisters says

      Eya Jonas but FIFA 17 is already out…

    2. Memmo Games says

      The superb Sisters he is still playing fifa 14

    3. LeonardoYTB says

      Memmo Games haha

    4. D3nchi3 G4m1ng says

      Eya Jonas r u dumb

  15. mrgameris ltu says

    whats the son 4:03

    1. mrgameris ltu says


    2. EZ Arzee says

      mrgameris ltu search skrillex and Justin bieber marshmello remix. it’s by
      trap city

  16. Cr7 RO and TDM Ass says

    Wow the best card Harry has ever used is the gold aguero card

  17. Barca Fan man says

    All the shots Are in side the box lol

  18. Jevon gaming says

    Harry u said that black bale is rarest card

  19. Eliecer Olivera says

    The last part were all players are 99 is insane

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