The roles that got away


The 1990 mobster crack wouldn’t have been a same but Ray Liotta in a lead as Henry Hill. But if writer Irwin Winkler got his way, Tom Cruise would have starred instead. 

“Tom Cruise was discussed. Marty [Scorsese, a director] wanted Ray [Liotta],” he explains.  “Frankly we suspicion we could do a lot better.”

That was until Ray won him over. “My mother [and I] were carrying cooking one night in a grill and lo and behold, Ray Liotta came over to me. He said, ‘Look, we know we don’t unequivocally wish me for it, but…’ And he sole me on a purpose right that evening.”

Let’s check out some other flicks that roughly starred someone else.

(AP/Warner Home Video)

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