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The Shocking Truth About Hillary’s October Surprise

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Hillary will contrive or exploit a violent incident or a provocation with Russia that will be blamed on Trump.

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  1. Mattthecatrobinson says

    Down with clinton

    1. GTO 1966 says

      Bizarre Monkey
      Your smart person; you get it, I wish there were more of you….

    2. Judy Anderson says

      GTO 1966 ft

    3. Norman RosenKether says

      +firetheho​ I’ve found that religious fanatics are sad pathetic people with
      no credibility. I feel sorry for you.

    4. GTO 1966 says

      Norman RosenKether
      Go to Hell Norman…

    5. firetheho says

      Normal RoseyKiller Same here. I follow no religion, and can’t even be
      seen by the blind. Feel sorry for yourself. Goodbye, loser.

  2. Based Vader says

    Come on now Paul Hillary Clinton Dindu Nuffin

    1. Necron 99 says

      Paul Joseph Watson has a hard on for the Trump cause Trump is gay for

  3. Glen Phenix says

    I don’t know why, but that moment at the DNC where Hillary looks up at the
    balloons always cracks me up.

    1. Simple Xpressions says

      +2cents Agreed

    2. Richard Booth says

      That gets me too. I get much amusement watching that clip. Her expression
      is a bit like how Alice must have looked when she went down the rabbit hole
      and found herself in wonderland or at the Mad Hatter’s tea party !

    3. Richard Booth says

      a loon agog amongst balloons.

    4. Lynn Barnes says

      +Richard Booth Rofl. Exactly.

  4. Maximillianrex Carpediem says

    Wouldn’t it be funny if that happened and Trump STILL wins?

    1. DEMON GOT ME says

      *transgender deaf blind homeless paralyzed gay elderly black lady

    2. Merk Man says

      and muslim

    3. Propane Salesman says

      how haram

    4. Payne Trayne says

      Maximillianrex Carpediem well a major escalation did happen…
      and trump still won

  5. ianbenjiman says

    What an abomination the Emmys were… the awards show was a Hillary
    endorsement, Trump protest, and feminist celebration all in one.

    1. Alexander Hnz says

      +ianbenjiman I thought I was the only one who found the award shows cringe
      to watch…happy to find this channel today, it has mature people

    2. Grady Marsh says


    3. Kacey Cruz says

      ianbenjiman I don’t watch award shows anymore. They’re freaking ridiculous
      with their political or environmental preaching rather than mindless

    4. Antisocial_mudblood Maizie says

      ianbenjiman so what? Feminism is just giving people equal rights. And
      without Hillary who are you gonna vote for? Trump? 3rd party? No one? Not
      trying to be a butt hurt but don’t comment that stuff if you don’t want
      replies like this. ?????????

  6. JCD says

    If they steal this election from Trump, there will be a grass roots civil
    unrest (unlike the current one funded by D*ck face Soros). If Trump wins
    the Election there will be civil unrest funded completely by the Global
    elites. Either way, get your s*it in order cause its going to get ugly!

    1. TheBestYoutubeChannelEverTimesInfinity says

      JCD black people are just down to go riot or protest for $15 an hour and
      it’s like their getting slavery reparations to American blacks and they
      don’t care about the politics so Trump should just offer to give black
      people all the jobs of the illegal aliens once we use attrition to force
      them back to Mexico and yes they will find out that they won’t be allowed
      to stay and won’t be allowed to work it won’t be like before Trump will
      make it so hard to live and do anything as an illegal alien AS IT SHOULD BE
      and all those jobs will be freed up for black people and then CRIME rates
      can finally go down

    2. Ian Brandon Anderson says

      +TheBestYoutubeChannelEverTimesInfinity Such socialist nonsense will never

  7. Luke123 says


    1. Jiserex says

      Hopefully she’ll drop dead halfway through her term if she wins.

    2. GTO 1966 says

      I’m with you Jiserex, I totally agree; my comment was for stupid Muller…..

  8. Vince Eager says

    I still think the murder of Jo Cox was a staged event to try and swing the
    EU vote to what the establishment wanted. So glad they failed

    1. Pauly says

      Agreed… totally weird event, minor politician with baggage killed by an
      unlikely candidate. Nothing like it before or since in UK. As out voters we
      are still being vilified by biased tv (BBC) and newspapers. We won and have
      a far greater handle on current affairs than the sad remainers who even now
      cannot see the wood for the trees. We’ve at least tried to save them from
      themselves and even if we succeed they will never thank us for it.

    2. Jack Sparrow says

      But Sweden has NOT adapted teh Euro.

    3. Robert Berding says

      I am Dutch and living in Panamá. Here nobody knows what a Kronor is. Yes
      Dollar, Euro, British Pound and Swiss Franc. Panamá has no central bank
      that can print money out of thin air. Sweden can print money out of thin
      air. Success with the immigrants, that want free Kronor and to lazy to
      work. I have met a lot of Swedish tourist here and they love Panamá. We
      have a very mixed population, but 99% have a Christian mentality.

    4. ras144 says

      I honestly think some of the police shootings are staged.

  9. IcantSeeReplies says

    Btw. Mexican activist who protested Trumps ‘Illegal immigrant rapists’
    comment was just arrested for rape.

    1. Gene Smith says

      Why not give us the name and incident so we can prove it to the shills of
      Hil Liar Y! VOTE TRUMP!

    2. GTO 1966 says

      Plantagenet Plantagenet
      I feel sorry for the way you’re pitiful brain works…. It’s people like
      you that’s wrong with this country…

    3. Pradeep Balakrishnan says

      Serious? Link to the article pls.

    4. Kacey Cruz says

      Excalibur not surprise at all

  10. TheArenaUncensored says

    wiki leaks is about to drop

    1. Zach Lang says

      stubhead I very much agree. However, I don’t think anyone can adequately
      defend against all of the evidence that WikiLeaks releases. The releases
      will be her downfall. WikiLeaks also has her 33,000 deleted emails which
      will be released by November 1st. WikiLeaks understands that timing is
      everything in this election and is saving the biggest bombshells for last.
      WikiLeaks may very well give final victory to Trump.

    2. My Name Is Legion says

      +stubhead I have a different take than you on what God’s perspective on all
      this probably is.

      Otherwise I kinda agree with you at times, when I feel down. I just don’t
      think we can afford the attitude right now, though. After the election,
      knock yourself out. We’re betting on a wild card and it just might work…
      based on the whole world’s reactions. Or start something more powerful than
      blase comments.

  11. alex cracan says

    if i had a penny for each time hillary shouted at a frog id be so rich i
    could buy the rarest pepe

    1. Andrew .Y says

      But the rarest Pepe is a Pepe which has not been conceived of and therefore
      its acquisition completely dilutes its value, I’m a pepeologist I’d know.

    2. Calamaistr says

      You cant buy the rarest pepe, the rarest pepe seeks you out when its time.

  12. Evan T says

    If she makes just one mistake in the upcoming debate, she and her campaign
    are toast. Count on it.

    1. DEMON GOT ME says

      I feel like people are gonna jinx this debate. I can see the people asking
      questions trying to screw over Trump and the media sticking to their false
      portrait they made the public think of him.

    2. Lil Zeemo says

      They are already fucked. Trump is set to win so they will stage something

    3. Stevie Towns says

      her only chance is the Hitler jibe

    4. Camil Turcotte says


  13. Kevin Lunt says

    what ever happened with the DNC discussing removing Hilary because of her
    health? Nothing came of that?

    1. Eey Ore says

      They invested to much fixing the Primary against the democrats to stop now.

    2. Richard Booth says

      Yep – I agree. Even a phone call from Obama on the red phone won’t stop
      this one now.

  14. Nunya Bidness says

    It’s going to happen around the beginning of November. There will be an
    attack on a Black neighborhood to try and make Trump look bad. The only
    question is where.

    1. Eey Ore says

      the establishment kept whining “If we dont ban guns, the teabaggers will
      rise up in insurrection”. But since that didn’t happen, they have to get
      black Democrats to riot, burn and loot so Martial Law can be achieved.

    2. Lon says

      I completely agree. The ironic thing is that Trump is actually on the side
      of blacks/Hispanics and wants to improve their lives. He stated this many
      times during his debate with Clinton but only people who haven’t been
      brainwashed to think Trump is the next Hilter saw that!

    3. Kacey Cruz says

      Nunya Bidness yup, smear campaign already with the sexual assault claims
      against trump, so only a matter of time until they have a trump supporters
      attacking a Muslim or black group is bound to happen before the election

  15. Maka Sucks says

    I will not go quietly into the night….I am ready to stand my ground.

    1. Christopher Regalado says

      get rekt

    2. Space Time says

      Hello Boys I’m Back!

    3. Billy Blaster says

      I’m with you bro

    4. RazorGryphon7x7 says

      Maka Sucks Count me in, too.

  16. Houston Randolph says

    liberalism is mental illness. the Clinton are evil people. one day it will
    be a Reckoning.

    1. Red Leninist says

      Please do not consider us with degenerate Liberals and college “socialists”
      who like weed and free stuff, we hate them just as much as you do.

    2. DEMON GOT ME says

      Idk Bill seems like a cool guy

    3. GTO 1966 says

      I can’t wait until November 8 when Hillary finds out she’s not going to be
      the president for the second time, it will crush her; well deserved.

  17. Dylan Langer says

    If she loses, her backers won’t let her survive more than 3 months.

    1. Eey Ore says

      George Soros wont care. He’ll just put her into the UN or the Supreme Court.

    2. Daniel Simmers says

      It could go the same way if she wins.

    3. cnccarving says

      they wont give her so much time
      don’t forget people who give you hundreds of millions they might have
      some expectations

    4. Arline Taylor says

      How long before she is impeached? She sold Arms to ISIS.

    5. Eey Ore says

      Chewbakka defense… If shes a treasonous liar, you got to acquit.

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