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The Smartest Free Kicks ● Tricks ● HD

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The Smartest Free Kicks and Free Kick Tricks by Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and other

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  1. supersaiyanXenoverse says


    1. Lucien Lvr says


    2. Vicke Viking says


    3. Mihajlo Kralj says

      Zdravo (Serbian)

    4. Joni Nurmela says

      CYKA (russian)

  2. Abobaker Naseri says

    Can you put the Man U highlights

    1. BG HawkzZ says

      No point in making a 3 second video

    2. dAndriasta says


    3. Everything Gamer says


  3. Asish Gandrothu says

    name of the song please

    1. FELKER TV says

      aleks skrindo-jumbo

    2. Jason Jiang says


    3. Prof. Pancake says

      +Jason Jiang kys

    4. Emanuel Sjödin says

      jack it up* no problem

  4. Oliver Hyde says

    I haven’t started the vid but is the thumbnail click bait

    1. Oliver Hyde says

      +GinValid ok thx

    2. Oliver Hyde says

      +GinValid how long into the vid

    3. Tide Bleach says

      You need to understand clickbait. Clickbait is bait to click. It doesn’t
      mean the video is misleading. better question is the video misleading

    4. boabl1690 says

      It doesn’t even look like clickbait .. You need to learn your clickbaits lol

  5. Endi says

    5:50 you know its old, when there is advertising of ps2 :D

    1. Leonardo Pavón says

      Lol, ha ha.

  6. Blue Chief says

    too bad no team has guts to do it these days.

    1. DANIEL KD says


    2. Danielazio says

      you’ve got the Lazio one, from 2014

    3. xMerkzx347x says

      The one against Birmingham on

    4. HR V says


    5. abra clouds says

      dumbass… barca did the offside not too long ago

  7. Hot Shotzz says

    How did the one at 2:43 work?

    1. dAndriasta says

      Just the best XD

    2. Chelsea Castillo says

      inwas thinking the same thing so came to the comments looking for an

    3. Kamal Kapoor says

      +Batman Return to Arkham exactly

    4. Isaiah halsmer says


  8. TomoCooking says

    is how when cr7 stopped everyone thought he was gonna cross it still,
    especially teh first one, that was complete skill!

    1. Skillful Gamer says

      U make no sense

    2. Oliver Houltoñ says

      those free kicks wernt so smart some players scored!

    3. MAtty NG says

      +Oliver Houltoñ it because they were clever either in devence or attack
      they don’t need to score to make it smart

  9. cheapthrillpandas says

    why are they taking freekicks inside the box?

    1. Santa Claus says

      No it’s because the goalkeeper picked up a back pass not because he fouled

    2. Mohammed Rangoonwala says

      indicat free kick. its no more there i think in morden football correct me
      if i am wrong

    3. Mohammed Rangoonwala says

      +Mohammed Rangoonwala indirect*

    4. khushal jagota says

      +Mohammed Rangoonwala yep, you are wrong. Liverpool conceded a indirect
      free kick in the box in the Europe league last year

    5. Everything Gamer says

      It’s because the goalie picked up a back pass with his hand so it becomes
      an indirect free kick but I think with an indirect free kick u can’t shoot
      the ball like its a normal free kick u have to pass please correct me if
      I’m wrong.

  10. ChipTehMoose says

    Damn the Japanese are good

    1. BulgariaAboveAll says

      Yes, they are smart.
      And of course he is a south korean, the north korean don’t have Internet…

    2. Joseph Teare says

      +ChipTehMoose cool South Korea .is simply awsome

    3. Bale Othman says

      North Korea is a joke

    4. struś Micho says

      +Bale Othman like your life?

    5. Bale Othman says

      +struś Micho and u too

  11. too busy says

    too many Ronaldo cocksuckers out here. it’s a team game for the love of
    Lord. he is a total tool when he plays for Portugal. cuz then he got no
    Alonso, bale, modric and so on. I respect messi for the same reason. he
    carries Argentina all by himself.

    1. too busy says

      Few weeks back he was in copa finals, and 10 days back they faced a league
      exit in Olympics and messi wasn’t there. He is coming back from the
      retirement for the same. Higuain and all were good, but now he misses open
      nets. They need messi. They always needed him.

    2. Everything Gamer says

      +Everything Gamer like*

    3. Jack Yu says

      Well, I’d say Messi would still carry the team until someone breaks his
      legs. Jokes aside, football is a team sport, but every single on field
      player matters.

    4. too busy says

      +Everything Gamer messi makes a gameplay. He assists brilliantly. Not
      Ronaldo. Ronaldo runs with the ball.he will run to the end and shoot inside
      the D. This is no gameplay. Messi is always aware of his surroundings. He
      knows what’s happening at every single moment.

  12. Tomy Lim says

    LOL are those legally done for nowadays? or there are rules for it now?

    1. Raiden Pasco says

      still legal

  13. Bladed Umar says

    I creamed over the one at 0:54

    1. Icydsting says

      +Ewan Bain I creamed over you

    2. Ewan Bain says

      +Icydsting no you didn’t

    3. Conor McSpooderDoge says

      +Ewan Bain I creamed over your name and pp ?

    4. Selinor578 says

      I creamed over the one at 2:59. I just KNEW there could not be 4 Emmanuel
      Petit’s on the pitch at the same time.

    5. Adrian ASD says

      Hahhaha, I loved that one

  14. Wave da Breaker says

    Is it even allowed to lob the ball like several players did?

    1. Wave da Breaker says

      Well according to the rules the freekick has to be executed with the ball
      layin on the ground. That means that you are not allowed to lob the ball
      like several players did in here.

    2. Harrie Yusuf says

      but they are lob the ball, when the ball is in the ground..
      the rule is first kicker only can have one touch of ball.. but its not
      explain how long you can touch it.. so lob is lobviously allowed

    3. Wave da Breaker says

      The thing is that they are still touching the ball when the ball is in the
      air, they are still having contact with it, therefore it should not be

    4. Cody Jayes says

      i play soccer u can lob it it just can be more then one touch and u cant
      take it while it is moving unless ur teamate touches it u can

    5. Conor McSpooderDoge says

      +Cody Jayes football*

  15. ollie byrne says

    of course the “smartest” free kicks has half the people in it asian

    1. WelcomeToThePremierLeague says

      of course half the population is asian u …..

    2. Hayden Kaka says


    3. Matthew Smith says


    4. Tom Harvey says

      So….weren’t the dumb guys who got fooled by them also Asian?

  16. Connor Bryant-Adams says

    I dunno about anyone else, but there was a bit more Asian football in there
    than one would expect.

    1. Diamond Terrifier says

      There are more Asians in the world than any other basic race, so it
      shouldn’t be surprising.

    2. Chelsea Castillo says

      +Diamond Terrifier lol??

    3. Dick Powers says

      Yeah but I didn’t know they played football

    4. Brian Keith Jones says

      it’s the world game, everyone, everywhere plays it

  17. TomyDuckPlayz says


    1. Liam Chapman says

      pass back

    2. Joe Reynolds says

      its given when the keeper picks up a passback

    3. fionn ennis says

      its indirect so you cant shoot but the player before him touched it with
      his heel

    4. fionn ennis says

      +fionn ennis so he could shoot then

    5. PynsR says


  18. Maxi Rupp says

    Müller WM 2014 ???

  19. Celtic FC says

    How do you get free kicks in side the box

    1. Dallas Brow says

      soccer technicality

    2. Rocky Rodriguez says

      If a teammate passes the ball back to the keeper and he picks it up it’s an
      indirect freekick

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