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The SURE WAY Of Attracting Prosperity! (Law Of Attraction)

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We (YouAreCreators) created this channel to share one of the greatest secrets of the universe, and the secret is, we literally create our reality! (Quantum Physics now proves this) We are all governed by a set of Universal Laws, and these laws were created by GOD, to aid us in creating the life we desire. One of these laws is known as the "Law Of Attraction", or the law of "Reaping and Sowing". This law simply states, whatever you give out in Thought, Word, Feeling, and Action is returned to us. Whether the return is negative, or positive, failure or success, is all up to what you give out. Many authors and celebrities such as, Wayne Dyer, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Steve Harvey, Rhonda Byrne, and many others have testified to this amazing Law Of Attraction. Its time you learn this wonderful secret…

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  1. Charles Ross Smith says

    thankyou guys for posting we appreciate it!

  2. Janet Gathers says

    ? lovely
    GatHouse Fitness on YouTube Facebook and InstaGram

  3. Kryz Matic says

    The wordplay on this video is terrible…

  4. JMillz512 says

    Good Word, Thank You

  5. Angel Croley (Comedian Angel) says

    Best message I’ve heard today. It’s going in my #favorites & on my
    #SpiritualTraining #playlist

  6. Angel Croley (Comedian Angel) says

    Best message I’ve heard today. It’s going in my #favorites & on my
    #SpiritualTraining #playlist

  7. Nick Ackerman says

    Amazing Content Thank you

  8. Jeremy Wales says

    Powerful, and practical principles here. I thank you for this. Love, Light,
    acceptance, and gratitude

  9. J.C Teresa says

    i wish we would all litsen to this before u come from the middle east.

  10. James Hoy says

    I’ve been listening to the “Law of Attraction” talks for many many months.
    I get put off kinda when I hear Abraham Hicks (for example) talk about when
    things get messed up, and when we are not benefitting from the fruits of
    prosperity, we are at the same time sending up “rockets” of beneficial
    desires that are instantly granted by “source” or “higher self” which are
    always available in our “vortex” — IF ONLY we would align with the correct
    frequency vibration that allows us to reap all of the stored up benefits
    awaiting us. Wow! Ever believe for a million bucks? Seems that we always
    get what we don’t want so that, according to the LOA, we are to know what
    we do want. Here is my spin on that … I’m going to desire to NOT want a
    million dollars … that way I’ll get just the opposite — a million
    dollars; and this will show me that what I really desire is poverty. Get
    it? When my million shows up I will have a fun time giving it away in some
    very imaginative ways. Stay tuned.

    1. Deb B says

      tell us if that works

    2. NMJustice says

      James Hoy lol I have tried that approach. It didn’t necessarily work for me
      so hope that way works for you. Good luck

    3. High Vibe FreQz Show says

      James Hoy I’d be interested in hearing your results. From my understanding
      the universe doesn’t recognize negation. The universe only says Yes and
      never says no. The universe only knows abundance there iz no lack. Poverty
      and wealth are merely mindsets of our own creation and with that said maybe
      within your mindset and experimenting you may be able to uncover some
      useful results. Best of luck to you.

    4. Micah Smith says

      James Hoy, interesting, I have never thought of it like that. I always like
      to learn many different perspectives, thanks!!!

  11. Rio Brasil Samba Shows sambistabeauty says

    so many people listen to this, but they won’t get a job. step 1: get a good
    job. step 2 : enjoy your life w a good income. easy

    1. High Vibe FreQz Show says

      I don’t know where you get this idea that I am resistant to people being
      wage earners. I merely pointed out that not all people must be workers.
      Some are job creators, entrepreneurs. You are taking my comments completely
      out of context, it’s not me who said all of that about “fear” of work or
      within walls and what not, that iz entirely YOU saying all of that and
      psychologically projecting upon me having said it which iz not even
      remotely true to what iz all occurring here.

    2. High Vibe FreQz Show says

      And I am fairly certain I’ve already mentioned this but once again our
      “working” iz not what provides for us. Working iz not a necessity for life.
      Working iz not even necessary to become wealthy.

      Money iz simply a representation of energy. The way that the so called
      world “economy” works today iz anything but a true economy but it iz
      becoming one in the very near future. Where people will serve one another,
      the planet, and the universe as a true economy serving as one. We already
      serve one another but we think of it as “work” and many do this work and
      are unhappy doing their work instead of doing what they love to do. When we
      do what we love to do, we have found our passion and a purpose within it to
      serve others from a place of love, not necessity. We are not surviving on
      instinct. We are creators creating the world in which we live and we are
      awakening to who we truly are and that the universe was made for us and
      serves us and we serve it because we are the YOUniverse.

    3. Rio Brasil Samba Shows sambistabeauty says

      ok I think u r fixated on the semantics of the vocabulary word. let’s just
      call it ‘hobbying’ for money. we are on the same page,.. but u seem a
      little rigid and set on your way of thinking.. see
      http://www.instagram.com/riobrasilentertainment to see me “working” or hobbying
      for income. it’s a blast. and l also love my job that is also inside 4
      walls, but don’t have a way to share it.

    4. High Vibe FreQz Show says

      LoL! Wow iz there ever a whole lot of projecting coming from you. You don’t
      know me from just reading text, trust me, you’re not even in the ballpark.

      When you say that you think I’m fixated on semantics do you mean that I’m
      intent on having a meaningful conversation and want to understand you as
      much as I want you to understand me? If so, then I guess I’m fixated…lol.
      Why bother having a discussion if it lacks meaning and understanding?

      To say I’m a little rigid in my thinking…that’s a bit of a reach when you
      all you have to go on are some comments you’ve read here. You’re even
      saying that much I could say the same of you but I won’t. Do you end up in
      a lot of arguments on YouTube with others with all that labeling them
      instead of them allowing them to be who they want to be or even who they
      want to portray themselves to be?

      Again, I’m not attacking people who work within 4 walls. YOU are the one
      who keeps bringing that up. My “hobbying” doesn’t create the money and
      attract to me. I create the money. Money iz attracted to me. Money iz
      energy, it must circulate or it isn’t worth anything at all and isn’t
      fulfilling it’s purpose. My clients don’t provide energy for me. The
      Infinite Source of all that iz iz my supplier. It’s your supplier too and
      the same supplier of abundance to every other living thing on the planet
      and in the entire universe. All this “physical” matter isn’t even solid,
      even Quantum Physicists have discovered this truth for themselves. It’s an
      illusion. We create “reality” with our imaginations. Your working or
      hobbying isn’t your money supply as you seem to think it iz.

  12. Anthony Deluise says

    but what does it all mean? what do i do?

    1. Gabriel Gregg Schmidt says

      Run the other direction…

    2. ramir borja says

      it means, never doubt yourself keep positive and try stray away from the
      negative thoughts that come into the mind! prosperity is within us, we
      attract whatever we put in our minds! its a miracle that we are actually
      living atm so just be you cause we are all “marvellous beings”

    3. High Vibe FreQz Show says

      Smh, bad advice. I hope that’s not what you do.

  13. Gabriel Gregg Schmidt says

    This is a dangerous misinterpretation of Universal Law, reducing it to the
    materialistic dreams of an ego-saturated 3-D buy in that produces great
    prosperity magnets like Donald Trump and the associated multinational
    corporate leaders who have created a world of a small percentage of “haves”
    and a huge one of “wanna-have” worker bees.
    The other name of “law of attraction” is “law of love” and whatever is done
    in its name for the “well-being of all” not self-centered so called “birth
    right” (entitlement?) of being human.
    Human have been given the free will to ‘be like gods’ who would create a
    planetary prosperity, not bend the use of will, try to manipulate cause and
    effect for personal gain.
    The final atrocity here is that of “selling” the Law of Attraction! … In
    the immortal words of Charlie Brown: “Oh good grief” :-)

    1. High Vibe FreQz Show says

      Gabriel Gregg Schmidt You sound like a victim, very suspicious, hardly much
      love at all iz heard in your comment but a whole lot of judgment. You must
      be dealing with a lot of grief right now.

    2. Gabriel Gregg Schmidt says

      Curious interpretation! No grief on my end, but for many others yes, as the
      sense of victimization is fundamental to the human experience, and what we
      are ascending out of. … I reread my inspired comment of a week ago and
      don’t find the judgement, beyond that of discernment.

    3. High Vibe FreQz Show says

      Gabriel Gregg Schmidt You think YOU are in danger. Why else would you imply
      that this iz a “dangerous” interpretation of the Law of Attraction? Who can
      victimize you? Those are your projections. Do you know from who and what
      you are an extension of? Why would you want to ascend out of the contrast?
      The contrast plays a very vital and divine role in this experience. I don’t
      think you really understand the law due to your judging yourself to be in
      danger and projecting that belief into others as well.

    4. Gabriel Gregg Schmidt says

      I’m gonna have to start charging for all these questions. If you’d like to
      contract my services let me know. But to continue entertaining you in this
      is of no interest to me, I’m quite busy with things of greater signficance
      to me. Be well, and I hope to find somebody equal to your arguments…

    5. High Vibe FreQz Show says

      LoL! That’s ok, no excuses are needed Gabe, you can hold on to those fears
      if you want to, there iz nothing wrong with that. They will limit you but
      that iz entirely your choice and you have to live with them, I don’t. I was
      never arguing with you to begin with either.

      Was that comment about being “quite busy with things of greater
      significance” supposed to be a verbal jab of sorts? If so, that too was
      unnecessary, my value does not hang upon your acceptance of me in any
      capacity. I definitely will not be contracting any services from you but
      best of luck with all of that. Just know that when you grow tired of being
      in that little space you constructed for yourself that you are capable of
      doing away with the box altogether along with the victim mentality and live
      a limitless very rewarding life. I believe that you have it in you.

  14. ProjectDo says

    How is the 100 day challenge working out for you? do you still recommend

  15. Truly Blessed says

    I am grateful to receive these videos and messages. Thank You!

  16. Brandon Salomon says

    I love these videos, they have helped me retrain my brain in a huge way
    after being “away”

  17. Patricia Glover says

    This is a great video you must believe in yourself and others. It is real
    you must love and want this health, wisdom, happiness, debt free, income
    over flowing, love and kindness in your heart, a big debt free home,
    abundance, great friend and family , able to help and give and show people
    what you have learned. A better world, Money over flowing, protection from
    your enemies , every thing you touch turns to gold. blessings and
    prosperity chasing you down. wealth magnet, doors open, people want to
    listen to you. Your enemies at your feet, no weapon form against you will
    prosper, long life for you and your love ones. Faith never ending. The
    BiBle does not lie.

    1. High Vibe FreQz Show says

      Patricia Glover Not me, but you. You are talking to yourself, not me. I do
      not create obstacles to my wellbeing, middlemen to achieving abundance as
      abundance cannot be achieved when it just iz. God iz not saying no to any
      of my desires or requiring that I must learn for the benefit of others. I
      don’t know where you got such ideas and why you feel the need to project
      them on others instead of accepting them for yourself but those are your
      limited beliefs and if you want to have then by all means you shall have
      them but I will not be accepting that as my reality nor do you have to
      accept them either and that’s what I wanted to make clear to you.

  18. High Vibe FreQz Show says

    Everyone and everything prospers me in every way everyday.

  19. Vida Wendt says

    Awesome! Thank you. God bless you always!

  20. Peter says

    Believe you already have what you want. See it, smell it, hear it use all
    your senses and be grateful for having it and it will find its way to you
    if you open yourself to the universe.

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