The True Message of Jesus! (What religion doesn’t want you to know!)


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We (YouAreCreators) created this channel to share one of the greatest secrets of the universe, and the secret is, we literally create our reality! (Quantum Physics now proves this) We are all governed by a set of Universal Laws, and these laws were created by GOD, to aid us in creating the life we desire. One of these laws is known as the "Law Of Attraction", or the law of "Reaping and Sowing". This law simply states, whatever you give out in Thought, Word, Feeling, and Action is returned to us. Whether the return is negative, or positive, failure or success, is all up to what you give out. Many authors and celebrities such as, Wayne Dyer, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Steve Harvey, Rhonda Byrne, and many others have testified to this amazing Law Of Attraction. Its time you learn this wonderful secret…


    • YouAreCreators
      You didnt read his words correctly , i think your using Jesus as a Manikin
      pretending he is speaking although the words are yours . Project your words
      as they are The Lords but they are not His words hmmmm your a Saducee
      complaining against the Pharisees BUT your both hypocrits like each other
      one seeming nicer than the other but both Fakirs just like the Priests of
      India Magicians of Magick rather than Magi as The Lord was and is and will
      be as all His true followers converge into true . Your divergent view gets
      further and further away from the truth BUT the true convergent truth is
      the moderate truth which is the MIDDLE WAY between the extremes of Left and
      Right an unbalanced body cannot fly The Lord is balanced and His truths FLY
      but your fake lies DO NOT FLY its a Saducee so called Left leaning view
      rather than the Right leaning view that you decrie BUT The Lord IS BALANCE
      but your view is bias

    • Ronn Anderson … dnt forget that the bible says jesus is the only way into
      heaven… their can only be 1… i disagree that any religion can lead to
      god. although i do believe that god can manifest himself to anyone. But its
      not to say that everyone is right… B.S. Only one way and that is thru

    • +Chris Oakes +Daniel Burciaga​ Lets remember Cathlocism is a branch of
      Christianity which breaks away from the bible by having beliefs and rules
      not in the bible. I dont follow their doctrine. But being that the
      deifintion of sin is an immoral act then we are indeed are all sinners.
      Most religions teach that love is the way. Its the highest and most
      powerful form of energy. I dont knock anyones personal belief system, as we
      all have the freedom to believe what we wish. Its not my place to judge or
      vilify anyones belief…nor is it anyone elses. No one knows what happens
      to us when we die, we can only speculate. I dont believe we are beings of
      light per se, but i know that we are beings of energy operating on a
      frequency. The same as everything in the univerese. Its all energy. I have
      no problem with people praying in church or anywhere else bcuz when doing
      so that person is showing their faith, and having faith is a powerful way
      to manifest.

    • Ronn Anderson … catholisim is not but a false religion that actually gets
      away from true doctrine… it only mascarades as christianity. The bible is
      the word of God and his son Jesus says exactly that no one may enter the
      kingdome except through him.

  1. Can someone answer this: if I made my own reality and you made your own
    reality, is everyone else made by me? if not, how can my reality and
    everyone else reality coexist? Can someone else reality affect your

    • +Tim Hallas​ +Tim Hallas​ yes did
      ‘have got you (used to express satisfaction at having captured or defeated
      someone or uncovered their faults)’.

      Is this an unhealthy competitive behaviour you learned in early childhood?
      You can turn this around easily then you will be friendly too.

    • +Tim Hallas Thanks for your kind words. I am really following Jesus advice
      on that “How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take the speck
      out of your eye,’ when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye?”
      I really don’t want to give advice until enlightened happen. Anyone I am
      always open to give my opinion to others, but with a warning : “I may be
      wrong, experience that yourself”. Blessings!

    • +justaskmamma what science books do you read from? Please post a link so
      that I can see what person you’re learning from. Go through the process of
      how organic material was formed and tell me that we were not formed from
      organic materials formed off of Rocks…

    • +John Dude, where does it say people formed from rocks? You got rock on the
      mind? haha, JK. Seriously, its not about literal interpretation. Everybody
      is trying to identify themselves by what they are against. I say; stop
      trying to identify and be you, definitely do not identify with negativity,
      that looks like a fairly obvious set-up and people are so nieve these days.

    • Phillip Adams hahaha I didn’t say we were formed from rocks, I said the
      science books and evolutionists are the ones that believe this since they
      don’t believe in our Creator, God.

    • The rock-head and clay brains won’t understand ” THE CREATOR OF THIS
      UNIVERSE IS only can be called GOD. All PRAISE and thanks goes to HIM alone.

  2. Jesus Christ came to earth on assignment from Heaven, as an ambassador to
    represent His Father. He came to speak to the people on earth to tell them
    of the love of God and ask them to stop their wickedness

  3. Here is the basic truth, no one knows the damn truth. This is fact, this is
    a reality that any rational person without a bias can agree on. Many within
    the human race are egotistical windbags; we would like to think we know the
    answers to everything. We would like to think that we know what God knows,
    but as long as we are in this existence, there is no way we could ever have
    the knowledge of the universal creator. To claim otherwise is self
    deception. Some of u can say whatever u want about reaching awareness, how
    can u be so certain this so called self awareness isn’t a delusion created
    by your own mind? How can u be so sure this so called “coming into
    awareness” isn’t a deception of the devil? U see what I’m saying? Unless
    you are God or the creator of all things, there is noway u can know the
    answers to the laws of the universe or anything relating to creation or
    evolution or consciousness or anything having to do with the existence of
    anything. If u knew the answers to life, then I would think u would know
    the answers to everything that exists. The truth is nobody in this world
    has all the answers, therefore how can u trust your mortal mind (with all
    its limitations) when u think it tells u that this is how it really works?
    None of us can prove factually what is truth, therefore how can any one
    person claim that what they believe is what they know and then try to
    convince others that their truth should be taken as gospel? This religion
    swears to this, this religion swears to that. People who practice Buddhism
    swears this is truth, people who practice Christianity, atheism, it don’t
    matter; they all swear their truth is truth. Notice the common theme, there
    are billions of people in the world and probably trillions of people who
    had ever existed, yet no one can agree on what the hell is truth. Even if u
    agree on certain aspects of life, there will be other aspects those same
    people will not agree on. Why is that, because in reality we are not
    supposed to know or remember what truth really is. Why is that? I believe
    because the very essence of truth belongs to God and is only for God to
    know, and the only way we will acquire or reacquire this knowledge is after
    we are removed from the physical realm and return to the spiritual. As we
    transcend from the material to the immaterial. As I say this, it’s only my
    opinion, doesn’t mean I am right because just like the rest of the world, I
    don’t know sh*t, because in reality, none of us can prove anything that we
    believe or want to believe is the naked truth.

    • Mariya; “Faith can be belief in any fictional character, even the devil.”??
      I think that expresses more of a regressive mind seeking a fantasy, in
      which to hide from reality. The “faith” that I speak of, is the belief that
      events and people depicted in “history” are real, and not fictional. That
      faith is what keeps people trapped in a repetition of denial of facts and
      closing off of reality, because to accept reality is to lose the faith.
      Christians, in particular, have a lifelong commitment to a story, and when
      it appears to be wrong, the defense of it requires a bigger commitment to
      remain outside of mainstream knowledge. In this case, it is the faith
      itself that becomes the focus of the belief. Some have actually said to me,
      : it does not matter if god is real or not, it is the faith that makes it
      so. That’s psychology 101, and it’s known as “hanging on in quiet
      desperation.” …hoping for a miracle….

    • You don’t realize how your contradicting your own claim, you are asserting
      a truth that truth can’t be known, so you negated your own basis.

    • MyITRcom
      You are exactly right…let me translate what you are saying.
      Mark has said and I quote, “Here is the BASIC TRUTH, no one knows the
      Thus meaning that what Mark said is not truth because he also does not know
      TRUTH is simply an enlightened realization of awakened and tuned awareness
      to what is, the balance of the universe, which is good and evil, love and
      hate, life death…ext.. and knowing to distinguish the two and deciding to
      choose the truly righteous of the two paths. Tell me that all of you (who
      commented) are speaking from your personal preference based on the paths
      you have chosen and if you pay attention to each other you will see where
      you are coming from, truth. The one true path that Jesus has showed us to
      take. If you are a believer you can see the difference between what is a
      lie and what is truth, on a common and basic verbal manner, or even on a
      deeper level of thought and realization. From awareness to insight then
      wisdom by asking, receiving and understanding. It is that same wisdom Jesus
      preached from that is TRUTH. When one sought out to find wisdom they
      experience truth. This truth is in all of us, it has always been there you
      just have to have faith, find it and let it transform you. “Believe and you
      shall have everlasting life”.
      -Jesus Christ

    • Mariya
      The ancient Jews had believed that no man can speak and say the name Yahweh
      because it is so sacred, so instead of putting Yahweh in the Bible, Jesus
      was written. He has many names. “An angel came to Mary and said, “you shall
      give birth to a child and you shall name him Jesus”. When you say that
      “Jesus”, name, was invented only erases the message in the name of the
      messiah you are only deceiving yourself, “For the Lord hath many names”.



    • Jay Calente
      Jesus. the word of God made flesh.
      in the beginning was the word and the word was with God. and the word was
      all things were made by him.
      I and my father are one.
      when he asked peter who he thought he was.
      he replied. you are the Christ.
      that word Christ is catholic Christos. which actually waters down the true
      you are the annointed messiah.
      the promised one. the one spoken of in the garden of Eden. and through the
      books of the prophets.
      the promises fullfilled. Emanuel, God with us.

    • Yeah and we were made in his image come on people, open your mind to the
      truth. You prob all think 911 was terrorists from Iraq too.Stop believing
      the corrupt governments that choose what we learn.Start doing your own
      research and figure it out for yourself.

    • +niecers the Christ is the state of the child self, born again in oneness,
      no different than other cultures that mention transcendence.

    • +jonny plat​
      It is the mind of Christ.
      The whole world travails for the (adult) sons of God.
      Be ye renewed in the spirit of your mind.

    • +niecers​ yes the only true adults, (virtually all people live in self
      conscious fear, dualistic survival victim/perpetrator) that have collected
      and realised themselves as spirit, born again as the realised infant
      selfess Christed self in oneness.
      The process, as Jesus (mystical union) can be painfull to transcendence but
      doesn’t need to be, it’s not the only way as Jesus taught after
      realisation, practicing being egoless, becoming unconditionally loving
      through forgiveness etc.

  5. It is kind of strange that tge Old Testament elohim says that we all came
    from dust and return to dust (DIE), but tge Messiah says that if we believe
    in him we NEVER DIE. Isn’t that what the snake also said? “You shall not
    die”? What a twisted story of tge bible. So OT elohim condemns us and NT
    (His Son saves us)? How do we put this all together?

    • Mariya New testament is basically like a new law. The old Testament
      everything was done through God but then I suppose they had a meeting in
      heaven and realized that its not going to work this way. thats why God send
      his only send and put him in charge and changes everything.

    • Martin Rivera Why did you cared what God did? he’s the king of all, the
      greatest, if he want to he could kill us all right now, he’s a God, we need
      to stop thinking of him like a mortal king or like a president in a
      country. He is the mightiest, he do whatever he wants, human beings are
      like an ant probably worth less than that to him if he could just turn
      against us. But God love us so much thats why he changed the way he do
      things, send his only son to die for us so that we could live in heaven
      when we die too. even when we do the most sinful things in this world,
      through the blood of his son, he always give us a second chance instead of
      just killing us like in the old testament.

    • Lie Devil , I don’t think Yahuah made mistake when He gave the LAW
      (instructions) how to live righteous life on earth. Where did you get the
      idea that Son makes better law than the FATHER, when even the SON said
      “YOUR WILL BE DONE”. The WILL of the FATHER! So, no, the law is good but
      people are ignorant of it, that’s why those who accepted the SON who ALSO
      taught the law also will be Saved. The rest of the crowd who continue
      living in sin…. their will will not be done!

    • You are so naive,judgmental and scared! Keep reading your book written by
      man and rewritten by several others, people in power want there people to
      be a certain way, Plus words got jumbled with the translating from
      Hebrew.The Bible is for simple minded folks who are unable to see God for
      what it really is.You guys should look into Jesus’ lost years. My God is
      nothing but love.Think about your children and how you feel about
      them!Would you ever send them to Hell for not obeying everything you
      say?Pretty sure that story was to keep us in line. We are all living here
      learning every step of the way everyone makes so called mistakes. Let the
      one without sin cast the first stone!

    • Are you talking to me? Where do you see me scared? And since when Hebrew
      man has a greek or american name “jesus”? Lots of things have been lost and
      perverted and HELL is here on earth and all those who sin will be returning
      and reborn here for as long as they realize the truth. So, hell is real and
      we all experience it right here. The scripture said that this place is
      where Elohim’s enemy lives. And rightly so, this place is full of His

    • Jesus quoted Psalm 82:6 {“ I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are
      children of the most High”}to the Pharisees (legalists) when they tried to
      trap and stone him in John 10, “…33“We are not stoning You for any good
      work,” said the Jews, “but for blasphemy, because You, who are a man,
      declare Yourself to be God.” 34Jesus replied, “Is it not writtenin your
      Law: ‘I have said you are gods’? 35If he called them gods to whom the word
      of God came—and the Scripture cannot be broken—

    • +Chris Romero that is why we can’t think things into existence, or create
      our own rwality. If we could we would be able to raise the dead.

    • +StratMatt777 i am being cynical. I am saying YOU CAN NOT CREATE YOUR OWN
      (which we can not!) EVEN RAISE THE DEAD. There might be a higher being that
      can do this for us

  6. Reading the intolerance of all whom write antagonistic crap, only prove
    that their religion is not worth considering.

    • Morales study Sumerian’s clay tablets & ancient Egyptians history. That’s
      were many religions copy from. Que el mas Altisimo te

    • Love was Jesus religion and most missed it…too blind to see. Ghandi said
      your Jesus I love. It’s those who call themselves Christian I can’t stand.”
      I tend to agree. They are not real Christians and they give Love a bad name.

    • Chris Romero tell me about it …I am awake but no fully wide awake..still
      coping with some of the stuff that I need to catch up with and it’s

  7. This is Satan Talking just as he did when Tempting Jesus . Humans are not
    Gods and will die in the flesh but Will have Everlasting Life only through
    Jesus Christ “I AM The way and the Truth and the Life No one comes to the
    father but through Me” . This video is trying to Tempt You in a very Sly
    Way so don`t be Fooled by it

  8. He is right there is only one GOD. There are not many paths just the one