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The Truth About Alicia Machado

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Hillary intimidates female rape victims, but Trump is sexist because he called a woman fat 20 years ago.

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  1. Evan Faraday says

    Alicia is just bitter that he made her workout so now she wants to get back
    at him by voting for Clinton.

    1. crusader92 says

      It’s obvious that Alicia could not care less about this country. She
      admitted in an interview in Spanish in August that she’s been living here
      for 20 years, so her decision to become a citizen this year was made just
      because of personal hatred for Trump, and probably Hillary helped her. Now
      that the Miami-Dade county document surfaced, proving that the father of
      her daughter is indeed a drug lord (now in prison), I hope her efforts to
      help Hillary will backfire.

    2. Evan Faraday says

      +Nan Warrren Of course. You’re right!

    3. DT 2016 says

      She can vote for anyone, but lying in front of the audience is disgraceful
      and disgusting.

    4. PA JM (P M) says

      Uhhhh yeah!!! I’m mad because somebody made me work out and lose a lot of
      weight. Damn!!! I liked those unhealthy rolls of fat around my waist. Now
      that I look good, I’m really hating myself. Trump did this to me!!! Yeah…
      I’m sure that’s what she said to herself.

    5. Cheryl Dias says

      Evan Faraday maybe Hillary had her go through the express citizenship line
      and she is beholden. She would not have been vetted like others because of
      her criminal past.

  2. FrankieJ says

    Hillary probably dived on that muffin.

    1. Johnny Redux says

      Just go with “snacked”, it’s easier.

    2. insertpienow says

      while bill looked on and cracked one out……

    3. bombislamdotcom says

      +insertpienow Bill Clinton is not only a rapist, he also has AIDS.

    4. RockRiff888 says

      Her rug is in tatters.

  3. 313mandroid says

    she’s Yuge!

    1. Gingerbond007 says

      313mandroid lol tradio I love Howard Stern!

    2. 313mandroid says

      +Gingerbond007 jack and rod show is the best!

  4. Octavio P. says

    As a mexican who has known machado as a celebrity for quite some time (not
    that i like her, she was just popular here for sometime) i will click the
    like button before watching this video, and will remove it or confirm it
    after watching it. Ill let you know my thoughts in a reply.

    1. Octavio P. says

      Yep. everything is spot on. like remains.

    2. Aleainctaest says

      Thanks for the input and response.

    3. Neal Wilkins says

      +Octavio – honesty you gotta love it – ty

    4. Lord Draconia says


  5. travisbickelll says

    Hillary’s client didn’t just molest that child, he raped her so violently
    she needed surgery and can never have kids. And that witch just laughed.

    1. Alexandra Asbury says

      +travisbickelll Hillary should have been incarcerated years ago, especially
      because of this!! She has no heart and I doubt that she has much of a
      conscience, if any at all. What she did to that poor 12 year-old child
      tells us who she is. And what about the whole Benghazi scenario when she
      turned her back on our people? Remember her heartless words: “What
      difference does it make?” Just the way she lied to and mistreated the
      parents and loved ones of those killed shows her ineptitude and her
      callousness. I wonder if she isn’t the stupidest lamest person to ever run
      for office. The failures of the Arab Spring and the Russian Reset, just for
      starters, prove she is, no way, wise enough to lead this country. And trust
      HER? There’s the 33,000 missing emails, the Bleachbit she used to purge
      away any evidence, the 13 blackberries she had smashed to smithereens to
      further destroy evidence, and on top of that there’s the corrupt, shady
      Clinton Foundation. No F’ing way can a country that is in its right mind
      EVER trust her!! She’ll cause us all to reap the whirlwind if she wins.

    2. marine corps says

      Hilary is a crooked pig

    3. gart 97 says

      travisbickelll these women should come up, it is high time

  6. Maria Burns says

    Even if he called her “Miss Piggy”, he was being polite. There are many
    more derogatory words that describe this woman

    1. Julie J says

      I agree. The infamous Miss Piggy muppet is chubby but confident, adorable
      and loveable.

    2. Johnny Bombardak says

      the beauty of north america is that you can call me whatever you want
      without fear. in the parts not controlled by the cartels and gangs that is,
      mr. gomez.

    3. Bennett Tan says

      +Johnny Bombardak Free speech

  7. J Henn says

    Trump could have hit her so many times during the debate but he did not. A
    lot of lost opportunities

    1. K Lyall says

      He said he didn’t want to embarass the manipulative spoiled 30-something

    2. pietrm1 says

      I get the impression he went about this like a prize fighter.
      Round 1: don’t go for the knockout, feel out your opponent, let them take
      the desperate knockout chances
      Round 2 & 3: Counter and destroy your opponent.

    3. Ethoea says

      Think of this way J Henn you must remember trump is a business man viewing
      the debate closer you can see what he is doing he is binding his time
      making himself appear weak and defenceless to let her expose her self weak
      points its a trait observant people pick up on.

      Trump knows there is more then just one debate and I bet the next debate he
      will call her out on stuff she said in the first debate put her in a state
      of weakness and expose her for who she is because remember everyone will be
      watching and it only takes one slip up.

    4. Abc Abc says

      did the second debate satisfy you guys? 😀
      he attacked Hillary like a beast

  8. Palo Tino says

    its over for them #TRUMP2016

    1. AcidRim says


      Who hangs out on Facebook? Lel.

    2. Nin says

      Every sheep that walks the Earth really…

    3. Nin says

      Yeah but there isn’t one. That’s clearly not an option. You better vote for
      the safest one at the moment. Anyone with half a brain can see it’s Trump.
      There’s not much to it.

    4. Cheryl Dias says

      thisnameisnttaken how about you?

  9. Gentleman Nemesis says

    You mean Hillary LIED?! I NEVER would’ve guessed.

    1. BASSFZz says

      +Gentleman Nemesis Yo. Nice to meet ya on another channel. 😀

    2. Diego Goes says


    3. Double Ghod says

      Yea, Hillary The Twat doesn’t lie, only Bill does. He lies with Monica
      Jewinsky, Jennifer Flours, Paula Big Nose etc ad nauseum

  10. Gabe Millz says

    Paul Joseph Watson should read 50 Shades of Grey aloud.

    1. calihartley2010 says

      +f0rtuzer0 Maybe to a fool who has no idea of what true love is

    2. f0rtuzer0 says

      +calihartley2010 What on earth are you talking about?? Maybe what? I just
      mentioned a parody of 50 Shades of Grey…

    3. calihartley2010 says

      +f0rtuzer0 Oh ok. Cool, Hmmmm!

    4. FlowerTrollSan says

      Ikr, I laughed so hard at 4:32 XD

    5. Julia Virta says

      FlowerTrollSan Right omfg that was fucking brilliant! ?

  11. Andreas Sonne says

    @Paul Joseph Watson *Facebook doesn’t allow me to share this link on my
    wall! II’ve tried to post it 5 times and it doesn’t show up on my wall, so
    no one from my friend list can see it!!!*

    1. DeathStorm says

      Then go on Paul’s facebook page. He posts the videos and links from there
      too. You could share it like that ^^

    2. noobenstein says

      I dont even have any friends

    3. Youtube Kanal says

      Download the video, and try posting it on FB as yours, but don’t copy the

    4. Lord Draconia says

      Facebook has been censoring for years I used to think I was just a loser
      and no one liked my posts but they literally don’t show up on people’s
      walls if FB doesn’t like what your links say.

  12. Katrina Tecxidor says

    I know it’s immature but when he said the sex quote I died laughing ?

    1. elrolly says

      Please, porn is like fast food, it’s so prevalent everyone has seen it like
      it or not, it’s not like he’s an advertisement for brazzers.

    2. roamerw1972 says

      +Geneva W. So? Am I allowed to make a comment?

    3. roamerw1972 says

      +elrolly I agree, but do not come with this family values, christian
      horseshit all the time to tell other people how to live their lives.

    4. elrolly says

      +roamerw1972 Hmmm…I’m hard pressed to disagree that if he’s gonna tell
      them how to live then he shouldn’t go watch this…however I’ll disagree in
      general with you, since we ALL tell others how to live their lives, it’s
      all we do, being human is to judge, that’s how things get done, he tells
      you to not be a slut, you tell him to NOT tell you, dictating, judging, and
      moralizing is a default for humans even If they don’t realize it, and
      that’s good, without principles, AKA telling people how to live, you got
      nothing, not even a single family, it breaks down eventually,.
      Hell, it’s so consistent that even if you DO tell others how to live by
      telling them they can do whatever they want, they just get lost. If you
      tell a man to do whatever if he wants to learn how to paint, then he’s not
      gonna learn anything, or at least learn it after a bumpy road. What is
      functional and what isn’t, is eternal, not enough to tell people how to
      live, but how to live MORALLY.
      I agree with you on the slight hypocrisy, but I’ll tell people how to live
      because I’m not going to live my life tolerating BS.

    5. roamerw1972 says

      +elrolly Do you only see a tiny hypocrisy? And I do agree with you that
      people (especially with the not so educated) LOVE to be smarter than
      anybody else and put their nose where it does not belong, ie other people’s
      business. And many times they get their asses kicked because of that. Or
      get fired from their job. People live and learn, they become wiser as time
      goes by and learn not to judge others so fast and do not tell others how to
      live their lives. The real issue is not with people, but with the members
      of almost all churches, who they wants to impose their moral views of their
      church on others. For some people sexual promiscuity is OK, for some people
      doing drugs is OK, for some people listening to satanist music is OK and
      these people can still be good human beings who care for the weak and the
      poor and the neglected. For most ‘righteous’, religious church members the
      aforementioned people are ‘sinners’ who need to be ‘straightened out’. Says
      who? Says them. The real problem begins when this ‘straightening out’ shows
      up in official government policy. Morality should follow the real, true,
      unedited Jesus teachings (did you know that the official churches threw out
      about 80% of Jesus’ teachings because they wanted Christianity to conform
      with the ruling class?), but in fact can be defined very simply. The first
      principle is: Do not kill in its broadest term – meaning, do not kill your
      fellow human beings, animals, plants, do not pollute, do not do anything as
      a human or a corporation (corporations are NOT people) that kills living
      organisms around you, etc. The second principle is that always conduct
      yourself in a way as the way YOU expect treatment from others – again in
      its broadest term. Everything else is fluff is bullshit and I agree with
      you, I do not tolerate bullshit.

  13. Roger Lunn says

    Why the hell doesn’t fox show this. That would shut everyone up. Thanks for
    telling the truth.

    1. magentawave says

      Because Fox gives the status quo establishment perspective spoken from the
      right side of the phony right/left paradigm and always has been.

    2. Roger Lunn says

      I now only like Hannity

    3. Lord Draconia says

      +Monkey if anything Morning Joe on MSNBC is to the right of Bill O’Reilly
      these days the paradigm is shifting and my brain hurts from the MSM shills.

    4. Irishman checkin in says

      bro, your kidding right? I cant stand Hannity. His bias is just so blatant.
      He is exactly like a consevative version of Rachel Maddow. To them, thier
      side is never to blame for anything. The other thing that makes him
      unwatchable for me is the repetitiveness. OMG the same lines every show. “X
      million ppl out of the labor force, lowest labor participation rate since
      X, X ppl on food stamp, median income down blah blah” Or stuff like 9
      months ago he’s interviewing Trump asking complex tax related questions and
      like Trump does he has no real answers. So Hannity is putting the answers
      in Trumps mouth and since then, Hannity has said many times “I interviewed
      him and he told me health care savings accounts blah blah” but hannity
      fills in the answers to his own questions talking to Trump. Hes such a
      fanboy for Trump I cant watch him interview Trump. Im afraid hes going to
      start massaging Trump live on the air. To each their own though. I dont
      begrude anyone if they like him. I just say beware of bias. Does us
      conservatives no good to be as biased as these liberal brianwashed sheep’
      ya know?

  14. MORCOPOLO0817 says

    She is probably getting paid huge sums of money by the “Left” to spew
    disinfo. When you consider the character of someone that drives a getaway
    car for a murderer and who is ethically compromised in other ways, this is
    a no brainer for her.

    1. MORCOPOLO0817 says

      And personally, I don’t see what Trump saw in her. There are a lot of
      women, and especially Hispanic women, far more beautiful her.

    2. C B says

      she got citizenship

    3. yaahme says

      Bingo and after being implicated in a serious violent high crimes too
      mmmmmmm….you know Donald calls it right – ” CROOKED HILLERY”

    4. C B says

      +MORCOPOLO0817 He didnt select her. Judges did. He only owned the franchise.

    5. MORCOPOLO0817 says

      +C C.B I realize that. But his PR endorsement of her as being ” such as
      beautiful woman” is a little over grandiose based on what I see! Maybe
      he had to say that since she already won. And as a side issue, her
      selection may have been a politically correct one like the Oscars.

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