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The Truth About #Brexit

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What they're NOT telling you about Britain's vote to leave the EU.

Clips taken from Brexit: The Movie – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTMxfAkxfQ0

Statistics from Dan Hannan's book – Why Vote Leave

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  1. Space Person says

    Isn’t the EU just another one of Germany’s World Domination strategies?

    1. Roman Pollmeier says

      +Chris Germany have to leave as well

    2. Mousetorturer says

      ?? Germany can’t leave. We are occupied by the criminals from US/UN/EU.

    3. Dan 007 says

      It’s a globalist project.

    4. Lignum says

      Germany never had world domination plans wtf

    5. Alksandra Pawluczuk says

      germans are dying you moron but british are hipocrites

  2. peanut gallery says

    From USA, please save your wonderful country and vote out! Praying for the
    UK to vote out.

    1. Pheno says


    2. Sean Cook says

      you think very short term. i voted out so my children could live in a free
      democratic country

    3. Sean Cook says

      either re-voted or completely ignored the votes a dozen countries in fact

    4. Sean Cook says

      actually a lower pound makes it easier to export goods as they will be

    5. funkmasterjee says

      ……and it makes imported goods and imported raw materials more
      expensive. It makes imported groceries more expensive. It also makes oil
      and petrol more expensive which has a knock on effect for road haulage and
      shop prices.

  3. realvipul says

    so why is it young people 17-25 years are more pro EU? brainwashing the new
    generation by EU funded money may be?

    1. xxDeath99Starxx says

      +Jock Duff “Keeping in mind i’m the only one who’s sourced their claims
      thus far, you’re not the one to be calling bullshit here.”

      how did you work that out? you stated many facts and backed maybe 3 up with
      very biased websites.

      “That “little more time” is years in many cases, and thousands of pounds.
      That’s not a small difference.

      And you’re going to have to prove the whole “terrorist, rapist” ect thing
      is an issue (and by that I mean more than the odd case) and not something
      you got scared about by reading the Daily Mail.”

      Right it may take longer but if you’re planning to retire you probably have
      alot of time on your hands anyway.
      Not that anybody would want to move to these EU countries in their current

      Also are you denying that these people can move to the UK? seriously?

      “Even the article using the numbers you used said the cost would be many
      multiples of that 4.5 billion.”

      can you please quote where the article that has the same numbers as me
      stated it would cost “multiples of that 4.5 billion”

      “You know what we import a lot of? Food. Want to know where we import most
      of it from? The EU.”

      EU as a whole sells more to us than we sell to it. Also most of worlds food
      is produce outside of the EU.

      “Until you provide a credible source disputing the claim, you saying
      they’ve made many mistakes doesn’t dismiss their findings. You’ll also need
      to prove how these costs would be magically eliminated.”

      Just research this yourself.

      “Collective bargaining. We don’t negotiate as the worlds 5th,6th, or 7th
      economy and a market of 65 million people, but as the worlds biggest
      economy of 500 million people.

      Realistically, which one are you going to give more to get into? The

      You forgetting china? Also we don’t negotiate anything that is why Mrs may
      is scrambling to find negotiators.

      “You cannot expect a single economy the size of ours to stand on equal
      footing with economies like the US, China and increasingly the emerging
      economies of India, Brazil, Russia and Indonesia. The rest of East Asia is
      looking for form an EU type bloc for exactly that reason.

      That means the deals we forge won’t be in our favour, in fact they’re
      likely to be in the other nations favour as we become desperate to gain
      access to the markets. The EU was a way for us to level the playing field
      and meet these kinds of economies on equal terms.”

      We’re the 5th biggest economy don’t even tell me we’re not big enough to
      get good trade deals Lol.

      “We only get to trade more if our products and services remain competitive.
      Tariffs decrease our competitiveness substantially. We already have to
      compete with nations that have far lower employment, energy and
      environmental costs than we do. When we were in the EU many of our
      competitors largely operated on the same standards we did.

      That means if we can’t get rid of the tariffs, employment and the
      environment will suffer. That means lower wages and less safeguards on top
      of increased prices that are already squeezing our middle class.”

      how does tariffs decrease our competitiveness? we don’t have to put tariffs
      on our good atall if we choose not to.

    2. louisewhomackable says

      realvipul because they don’t k ow anything about the EU and it looks good
      on Facebook if they support the EU

    3. Jock Duff says

      +louisewhomackable Given the conversations I’ve had to have so far you’re
      very, very wrong.

  4. Liberty AboveAllElse says

    Well done. Europeans will have to save themselves. There is an elite and
    they have contempt for the average citizen of Europe and America. They wish
    to rule us. Counter them whenever you can but they are a tricky bunch.
    Often, your vote is meaningless and they carry on irrespective of the
    wishes of the citizenry.

    1. gloin10 says

      You just keep wittering on, repeating your endless stream of right wing
      cliches, some of which might be true in the USA(I doubt it…), but none of
      which make any real sense outside it.

      The EU is simply NOT “…fast becoming an Islamic republic”. Nor is the
      Muslim proportion of the population ever likely to exceed 12%.

      “…taxes are through the roof”?

      You simply cannot generalise about an entire continent like that. “…taxes
      are through the roof” in which European country, please?

      Before Obamacare, more than 36,000,000 Americans had ZERO health coverage.
      Another 40,000,000 could afford a broken limb, or measles, but any long
      term illness, and they were going into bankruptcy…

      Your childish libertarian nonsense has very few, if any, attraction to

    2. Liberty AboveAllElse says

      +gloin10 Generally European countries have higher personal taxes than
      America. It’s true. Look it up. Your corporate taxes are lower and much of
      your taxation is V.A.T so in fact you are better to your wealthy and worse
      to your poor than America is. The E.U has a higher Muslim population per
      Capita than the U.S. and those immigrants and children of immigrants commit
      a higher proportion of crime than the native people of those
      European/Nordic states.

      As for American Health Care, Much of the Uninsured are purposely uninsured.
      The uninsured population largely consists of young people who choose not to
      purchase health insurance because they are young, don’t foresee medical
      problems and would rather spend their money elsewhere. It’s not for lack of
      ability to pay, it’s a choice. Even with Obamacare, most young people
      choose the fine over insurance because the fine is so much less than
      insurance (and mostly the fine is not enforced so often they don’t even pay
      that). Many working class WITH obamacare can’t afford to use it because of
      the high deductibles. Obamacare was simply a give-away to the insurance
      companies. Your bleeding heart nonsense doesn’t change the facts.

    3. Str1000ac says

      +Liberty AboveAllElse you bomb them and they come to us !!!

    4. Liberty AboveAllElse says

      +Str1000ac Well, to be honest, Russia and their own leaders are bombing
      them but I digress.

    5. Str1000ac says

      +Liberty AboveAllElse right, US and UK are only helping The Free Syrian
      Army and moderate muslims in bringing the democracy and freedom to Syria

  5. HereComestheJOKES! says

    Im American. I would vote to leave too. Fk the EU

    1. françoise Robert says

      A great day for all patriots. Champagne for everybody. U.K. will be
      successfull. And welcome in France if you want to visit us !

    2. Gar says

      +françoise Robert Thank you my friend and if you need to escape the eu you
      are welcome here, but really hope you get your country back.

    3. Noobbot Studios says

      I agree.

    4. Mikayla Barber says

      Same. At least they left

    5. Mikayla Barber says

      At least their prime minister now says no 2nd referendum

  6. Christopher Granz says

    I’m a US citizen, but wish I could cast a vote to help you guys over there
    make the exit. The English people did not fight and die for freedom only to
    lose it again to such a tyrannical organization as the EU.

    1. funkmasterjee says

      Do you actually know anything about the EU ??

    2. gloin10 says

      Of course he doesn’t….

    3. Lance Anderson says

      Christopher Granz pls vote for Trump

  7. Ale H says

    Funny how both the UK and USA are going through life-changing scenarios.
    What the UK needs is a leader like Trump.

    1. riemjann1 says

      +Reeve Mason Yeah, sure. Or maybe it’s just that those who are gifted with
      intelligence don’t fall for stupid right wing “solutions”.

    2. Jack Drewitt says

      +Reeve Mason or maybe because they have to deal with and understand people
      more, they are more compassionate?

    3. Char Len says


    4. Lance Anderson says


    5. Rachid Sefrou says

      im rachid i live in sefrou my adress is n 270 bloc 2 lot biranzaran s
      bensaffar sefrou maroc . i will be get i have 32 yaer i very serious and i
      like the person happy nice and futheffyl i will be com at to u is my draem
      now to house

  8. Fellwinter says

    I remember when the Left was opposed to the EU. I also remember when the
    Left was not full of identity politics and other SJW bullshit. Hard to be a
    social democrat nowadays.

    1. Wesly Stanton says

      Well, that’s because instead of winning the argument and having patience,
      democrats started importing third world idiots to vote for them…now, with
      multiculturalism, diversity, etc etc…we have SJWs….our environment is
      going to get fucked now, our quality of life is going to be fucked now, our
      welfare systems will go bankrupt, and we will turn into a third world
      shithole. LOL, the people who call themselves progressive are vehemently
      trying to destroy the most progressive race and culture to exist on
      earth, all while replacing it will failed cultures….wow. TRUMP 2016

    2. louisewhomackable says

      Fellwinter I’m left and am massively opposed to the EU. Voted leave and

    3. realbadbav says

      I love when people say they are Proud of their vote… like it’s something
      to be proud of lol.

  9. Sledcat says

    When Britain leaves the EU, it marks the death sentence. The EU has less
    than a decade.

    1. gloin10 says

      I am sorry, but your comment has nothing to do with anything I wrote.

      It is also strong evidence that you could not find reality with a map and

    2. President of Mars says

      You’re right. lol since britain has left other countries are question EU

    3. Sledcat says

      Yo mr. President. I know your dialect of Martian is a complicated …
      You could possibly phrase your sentence a little better ; }

    4. President of Mars says

      +Sledcat​ ah. Thanks buddy

  10. Stephanie Edwards says

    My husband and I are Muslim and couldn’t agree more. We’re from the U.S.
    All of these immigrants are young able bodied Arab men, they should be able
    to go home, take up arms, fight the terroist, and rebuild their homelands.
    Mind you they are not being sent to richer Middle East countries
    (Azjer-Bajan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Jordan, etc) that are closer to
    their beliefs. I guess those countries know this is all B.S.! I hope you
    all get your Brexit. Good luck and God bless!

    1. Muslim Lover of Peace Man says

      ask yourself why Assad its true he protects all walks of life. the Syrian
      Arab Army is made up of mostly Sunni Muslims , why not a civil war in all
      those Arab countries, they have dictators that have been ruling longer than
      the Assad family ? its becuz they are client puppet states of the US , who
      have signed peace treaties with Israel , notice the only countries being
      attack or were are countries who has not surrender to the US and Israel ,
      for Allah’s Sake look who comes to the aid of the Palestinians ? Hezbollah
      , Syria , Iran all Shia Muslims , and im a Sunni Muslims , can you name me
      any Sunni Muslim country that helps them , anyone ? the EU does more for
      them than all of them ,Gaza has Israel on one side and Egypt on the other
      side , locking them in the biggest open air prison in the world. this is
      what its about.. “Images for plan for greater Israel”.. google it and
      you’ll see in the 80″s Zionist planned this and look how its playing out to
      a tee.

    2. Stephanie Edwards says

      America is Israel’s attack dog I get that. Keep in mind However Syria is
      majority Sunni country, hence OTHER SUNNI COUNTRIES should be even MORE
      open to take them in, not have European countries forced to absorb the
      brunt of all those people. Regardless of being Shi’a or Sunni, MUSLIMS
      should put EACH OTHER FIRST and not force Europe to do it, and it’s not
      even on their own terms. Infighting between Sunni and Shi’a is not an
      excuse to overburden Europe’s physical and economic capacity. You say ” the
      EU does more for them” but what you don’t understand is that it comes at a
      great cost for those who ARE IN THE EU. It’s not just Israel brother, it’s
      the global elite, which transends across religion, race etc. THOSE are the
      people the EU represent. Keep in mind America firmly backs the E.U. so you
      know no good is coming from that, yet you say the E.U. is great. The U.K.
      bucked the system and now affords itself the opportunity to gain their
      soverignty back. Those ARAB MEN should be doing the same, with the help of
      their brothers in the faith.

    3. Muslim Lover of Peace Man says

      i 1000% AGREE what i meant by the Arab countries not helping is becuz they
      are the source of the funding, weapons and are pushing hard for Assad”s
      over throw what meant by the EU doing more is like Germany taking about 1
      mil. refuges and Angela Merkal took a whole lot of flak ,just becuz of
      taking them in, i think her political career is done ,she wont get
      reelected back into office , but i also know the EU and Nato ( both created
      by the US ) are also to blame for the mass migration ,Nato bombed Libya and
      almost every western country is bombing in Syria , now the Sunni and Shia
      fighting is at its all time high , before Saddam’s invasion of Iran that 9
      year war that costs the lives of 1mil. muslims dead on each side was again
      started financed and support by the US. even when he used chemical gas on
      Iranian solders and the Iraqi kurds thats when the UN wanted to sanction
      him the US blocked it ,later on after the gulf war when Saddam bite the
      hand that feed him the US thru the UN applied sanctions which lead to
      500’000 Iraqi children died ,then the Sunni and Shia conflict was dead
      until after the 2003 criminal invasion of Iraq and its destruction ,the
      country is fragmented now with ongoing sectarian strife , its a power
      struggle between S.Arabia and Iran. divid and rule is the US policy , u see
      it in Ukraine ,Iraq if we can still call it that , Syria , Sudan , Egypt ,
      etc. Muslims must put aside our cultural petty difference and unite. we
      must free ourselves from these US puppets , kings, dictators and become
      independent. As-salaamun Alaykum

    4. dydhydy says

      Hang on, what you refeer to “God bless” ? Your god, or mine ? ?

    5. KILLER171865 says

      Dubai is not a country but I agree

  11. Brismo says

    Switzerland, low taxes, low regulation. one of the least unemployed

    1. Brismo says

      +edwardsinger banker state. off shore accounts brings in the money

    2. Thomas Stewart says

      How come all the pro-EU people are always saying how great mass immigration
      is then? If a lower population and better sharing of resources is good then
      how can reducing immigration be a bad thing?

    3. Jorge Gonzales says

      Switzerland is also racially homogeneous and they don’t take in dirty
      immigrants, which is something no one wants to address.

      Diversity is death, multiculturalism is white genocide.

    4. gloin10 says

      You started your post with the sentence; “Switzerland is also racially
      homogeneous and they don’t take in dirty immigrants”

      Both claims display your complete ignorance of Swiss demography.

      Switzerland is NOT “…racially homogeneous…” It is a multicultural,
      multilingual, society.

      Your claim that the Swiss “…don’t take in dirty immigrants” is utter
      nonsense. The resident population of Switzerland is more than 23% resident
      alien. Including naturalised Swiss citizens, and the foreign born/migrant
      backround comes to 37% of the total Swiss population(as of 2011)

      Swiss naturalisation rates, around 0.6%/annum, are about three times higher
      than the UK….

      Your last sentence displays genetic ignorance, and a complete disconnect
      from reality….

    5. bademoxy says

      swiss are EUROPEAN multiculture-german, french and italian.
      they don’t allow “anchor babies” or other bullshit citizenship

  12. Declan Jeffrey says

    Britain is the Texas of the European Union. Which is not an insult

    1. Ana Ivanić says

      And Slavs

    2. Logan Pockrus says

      +Ana Ivanic

      Slavery has been banned in the US for quite a while. You simply will not
      find a single human slave in Texas.

    3. Ana Ivanić says

      +Logan Pockrus Ofcourse Macedonia and Slovenia are not in EU lol

    4. Logan Pockrus says

      +Ana Ivanić
      Oh, I’m sorry, I thought that was a typo for slaves! My bad.

  13. Sém says

    2 hours until the polls open.
    *Good luck everyone.*

    1. MSF soldier Alligator says

      +Sylveon Venus Sovereignty.

    2. Pavel Re says

      +Winston Churchill
      They organized so called “karusel” in many many villages far from cities.
      The group of people come to vote and goes one by one. Each next one brings
      his bulletin out, his boss, he fill in for Putin, and next person take it,
      goes in and insert it in the cabin, bring out his own and etc etc. Simple))

    3. Retief Groves says

      VICTORY!!! I know I’m quite late, but what a victory,

    4. Lance Anderson says

      Sém TRUMP 2016

    5. Rachid Sefrou says

      on over

  14. Ravelord Nito says

    Good luck tomorrow. We believe in you.

    1. gloin10 says

      English farmers may hope that future English government will continue their
      subsidies at the current level.

      NI farmers know that 90% of their income comes from EU subsidies, and they
      voted their wallet…

    2. polonose 00 says

      +gloin10 it doesn’t change the actual nway they voted

    3. gloin10 says


      You asked me to explain why Unionist farmers in Northern Ireland voted to

      I then explained….

      ANd you come back with a complete non sequitor….

    4. Lance Anderson says

      A Rare Trump TRUMP 2016

    5. Rachid Sefrou says

      ok of course to be yes

  15. ferret says

    now into frexit, dexit, swexit, and the nexit!

    1. Celephinn says

      And FIXIT! 😀 (Finland)

    2. A Voice Crying Out says

      Germany already left when We americans, the British, and the Russians
      forced them to decades ago. They just decided to enter back for some stupid

    3. Lolopopolo says

      Germany is the egg-milk-wool-hotdog of europe. Without them they have none
      who finances all them inferiors.

    4. Haruhi Suzumiya says

      and the orange kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands to be the only ones
      left standing…

    5. Haruhi Suzumiya says

      and the orange kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands to be the only ones
      left standing…

  16. Paul Joseph Watson says


    1. Clair Duffy says

      prepare to meet your DESTINY You compltetely missed the point. I suggested
      bad spelling to deflect from the glaring error within the song. Britannia
      was huge in the 18th cetury and we had a German king We are so much smaller
      and insignificant now.. Bow heads ♡ Berlin.

    2. prepare to meet your DESTINY says

      +Clair Duffy well make your point clearer next time. Well UK is
      insignificant because EU is preventing them from achieving their ambitions.
      Hopefully UK will be greater outside of EU

    3. Clair Duffy says

      prepare to meet your DESTINY I hope so too. But it will take a long time
      and alot of hell for some people. Back to 1970.

  17. JaxWash says

    Had to look back at this. Big step for Brits followed by a big step for

    1. Stevo Baggio says

      JaxWash hopefully the rest of Europe can now have the confidence to follow
      ours and America’s example. These piss taking establishment figures
      hopefully are shitting but because they are so arrogant I don’t expect them
      to change their attitude!

  18. CritiCold says

    “hyperbowl” lol. It’s pronounced HI-PURR-BULLY

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