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The Truth About Hillary’s ‘Alt-Right’ Speech

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Hillary Clinton interrupted her coughing fits, her seizures and her 3 day naps to slam the Alt-Right.

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  1. Melissa LuvsPlease says

    As I sit here watching Paul’s awesome video, what I notice that is even
    more epic, is this; There are more and more YouTube Channels popping up,
    trying to get this very news out to the world!
    It is incredible to see Americans and great people from other countries,
    actually doing something to stop this woman from becoming president! To
    tell the truth about feminazis! To tell the truth about blm! To out the
    People are really doing something and have gotten her attention and that of
    her minions!!!

    1. JAGGEDcut says

      Melissa, I’m so glad. That was the play in mind! Blessings!

    2. The ZombieGameman says

      Melissa LuvsPlease I thought all these YouTube channels were putin’s fault

    3. Graeme Rodgers says

      Opinionated conspiratorial rants is not news honey, it is propaganda for
      knuckle draggers lol

  2. Pumpkin says

    Why are they trying so hard to make Putin the boogyman?

    1. Anthony Ferrara says

      Because she is running out of talking points. She’s got nothing left in the

    2. Skipperino Kripperino says

      cause putin supports trump

    3. zyphoid666 says

      I doubt it’s very genuine though. Why would Putin think highly of any world
      leader when he knows he could kick any one of their asses in a fight. The
      schoolyard heavy doesn’t beat everyone up but he doesn’t regard anyone as
      his equal, either.

    4. Chuck Earnest says

      The Clintons, Bushes, and the rest of the cuckservatives are instigating
      war with them because Russia is working to sell oil in Rubles. A country
      started selling oil for Euros in 2000. It only lasted a short time.

    5. Puella Magi Homura Akemi says

      Russia is a shithole with no rights anyway so yeah, too bad they got nukes

  3. RichySKing says

    Julian Assange’s lawyer dies in train-related “suicide.” But I guess that’s
    just a crazy conspiracy theory.

    1. David Couke says

      And there’s no better way to disguise a real cause of death, than getting
      destroyed by a train…

  4. Highland Fleet Lute says

    Hillary Clinton is repugnant enough to make Marx, Engels and Lenin turn
    alt. right.

    1. servalans hotpants says

      billy bragg? don’t make me laugh ,his favourite doctor who episode is turn

    2. Highland Fleet Lute says

      Billy Bragg spent several decades utterly fixated with the “working class”
      meme, but in all that time never once sat down and asked himself why no
      working class person ever bought one of his records. LOL.

    3. Greg Stewart says

      You throw these names about yet you have obviously never read their works.
      Time to stop being a pseudo intellectual. Read these men and then tell me
      if you REALLY think they would have any reason in this lifetime or the next
      to even consider the alt.right worthy of their attention.

    4. Highland Fleet Lute says

      You actually think a money-guzzling, money-laundering, thieving, lying,
      mass-murdering globalist like Killary is a socialist? There’s no socialism
      in America. “Socialism” in America is just a license to steal votes from
      the poor and let them fester in sweet words. KILLARY FOR PRISON 2016.

  5. Veritas Mastix says

    If the democrats lose this year, they are destroyed forever. That means
    both the repubs and democrats fall from grace


    1. JAE, There's nothing like a NA'VI* says

      +DaKermitFrog One, Be very careful of what you say or a motorcade of
      Republicans may squash you on your road to self indulgence to slam anyone
      who doesn’t agree? with you!!

    2. Jack White says

      @zyphoid666 how was the tea party batshit for saying the bank bailouts were
      a bad idea? which is the only platform they ran on?

    3. zyphoid666 says

      +Jack White
      There was more to the Tea Party than simple bailout opposition. Their
      initial rise in U.S. politics predates the bailout. It wasn’t necessarily
      ALL bad, but representation by various political hopefuls did little to
      elevate their status (Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Marco Rubio, Herman
      Cain etc. in no sane universe would anyone consider this anything remotely
      akin to a “roll of honor” let’s be honest here) and was basically their
      downfall via the individual positions of these members. Rand Paul’s
      involvement simply wasn’t enough to really save it. It still kind of
      exists in the background to a small extent but it never had much chance,
      its positions, for the most part, being a bit too radical for the general
      public like their stances on climate change, Planned Parenthood, foreign
      aid etc. (not that those topics can’t be challenged in some ways, but they
      went a bit too far and challenged the wrong parts in not very well-reasoned
      TL;DR bad representatives and many positions on various topics not rooted
      in reality though opposition to the bailout I don’t count among them.

  6. TheRaokenx says

    I’d say Westerners have a good case for being anti Muslim

    1. John Simcox says

      Dral Dral. I don’t mind Mooselimbs coming to the USA as long as I have my
      football and beer. They can have their way with my wife and 2 month old son
      and do as they please. Just whatever you do Please don’t call me a Rayciss.

    2. Dral Dral says

      +John Simcox Now, I have never encounter a mooselimb myself but I do hope
      for their sake, football dont get cancelled.

      And dont worry, I dont even knoow what rayciss is so we cool.

    3. Deliverygirl says

      Tell us about it, they invaded us for 700 years until we pushed them back.

    4. NorthernGamer says

      EyePostComments radical islam is non-existent in Canada.

    5. NorthernGamer says

      +TheRaokenx the problem is people wanting to keep people out who are
      running from danger, and painting every follower of the religion as
      somebody from a disgusting culture. It’s not the religon that should get
      all the blame. These right-wing ancaps bigots like Paul Joseph Watson don’t
      pay attention to the fact that the laws in europe are different for
      refugees and they don’t screen them very well, a lot of the time not at all.

  7. CodyTheKingOfYoutube says

    Trump is basically the reincarnation of George Washington. He is this
    nation’s last hope. We must stop globalization and mass unchecked
    immigration. We must stop the rising anti-white sentiment in this nation.
    There are large factions of people who will willingly persecute whites when
    their groups gain enough prominence in government. —CodyTheKingOfYoutube

    1. zyphoid666 says

      Trump’s no genius nor is he a fit leader, really but he’s the one standing
      up to all these “kill all the straight, white men” types and it’s working.

    2. John Simcox says

      Andrew Jackson said his greatest accomplishment was shutting down the
      Central Jew owned Bank. Good man.

  8. Rachael Lefler says

    Hey I enjoy seizures and three-day naps, I don’t want to be compared to
    Hitlary though.

    1. Rachael Lefler says

      Oh I get it, she can’t enjoy video games or hookers because they are haram
      in feminism, the religion of “equality”.

    2. americanmanx says

      Hitler all ready has a bad rap. don’t drag him down further.

    3. John Simcox says

      Hitler cared about his people. Hillary wants the citizens to be replaced
      with low IQ savages who vote Democratic for free stuff.

    4. Traditionalist Renaissance says

      Hitler tried to save Western civilization. Don’t compare the Furher to

    5. americanmanx says

      Hillary wants to destroy it

  9. deus ex says

    Hillary is a psychopath that will lead us to WW3. I will be voting for
    Trump in the election, and this is coming from a Sanders supporter.

    1. Konswizzle says

      Sandy hook was a hoaxe…do your research before you blab.

    2. Brendon Macnee says

      Your a fool if you don’t vote for him more like Hillary Clinton WILL SEND

    3. I hate Youtube says

      +Puella Magi Homura Akemi Vote literally ANYONE but Hillary. If not Trump,
      vote Jill stein, or Gary. Just DONT vote for WW3 with Russia…
      Seriously, this isn’t a joke. Even if you hate Trump, think about how
      royally fucked America will be with her in office. Hillary is all talk. She
      lies constantly about everything. She IS the corporate elite! She IS the
      top .1%! She receives millions of dollars from “donors” of the Clinton
      Foundation for special favors. CLINTON will make the rich richer and the
      poor dependent on welfare. Fact? Hillary doesn’t care about anyone but
      herself. She threatened Bill Clinton rape victims and ruined the life of a
      12 year old RAPE victim as a lawyer, then LAUGHED when her RAPIST got away
      with it.

    4. I hate Youtube says

      +Puella Magi Homura Akemi The DNC emails revealed that the mainstream media
      helped in RIGGING the vote AGAINST Bernie Sanders, so HILLARY would win. If
      you watch O’Keefe’s videos, his crew infiltrated the DNC, college campuses,
      and EXPOSED voter fraud, where Hillary campaign strategists encouraged
      RIPPING UP Trump votes, on VIDEO. So much for fair elections.

  10. Propane Salesman says

    I bet Hillary killed Harambe

    1. Clay Ronso says

      Harambe was the keeper of her medical records.

    2. Propane Salesman says

      +Clay Ronso

    3. Patrick M says


    4. zyphoid666 says

      Harambe was an inside job!!

    5. Eric Savage says

      …and did 9/11.

  11. MsCordially says

    I was visiting a Democrat friend when Hillary was speaking these things on
    cnn , on his big flat bright TV. He totally eats it all up, the cnn
    watchers are completely brainwashed, truly just like zombies

    1. MsCordially says

      +EyePostComments , totally agree.
      I ALWAYS write ‘liberals” with quotation marks. Have to. And i always
      refer to TV ‘media’ not ”main stream media” .
      By calling it ”main stream media” we only give it proper weight – it’s
      total lying propaganda.
      The only true media we ALL have access to now is youtube and very few
      others where WE ALL can actually speak .

    2. 24yrukdesigner says

      If your friend is eating up Hillary notice, don’t forget truth is on your
      side. Take those things your friend eats, and dissect them 1 at a time,
      explaining precisely what he’s feeding his brain. It’s really not difficult
      to expose her words as the lies she proclaims to America. USA need’s
      everyone united together to keep her away.

    3. John Simcox says

      Bad goyim. You must vote Hillary. Leave your Talmudvision on day and night.
      We will show you the way. Hillary/Depends 2016!

    4. 24yrukdesigner says

      +John Simcox She won’t even be standing for president shortly, and they
      have a candidate already selected for you, whom the sheep will happily
      follow along. 🙂 Good luck

  12. Professor Monkeyface Ph.D. says

    Dank memes can’t melt steel beams.

    1. zyphoid666 says

      Pepe did 9/11.

    2. mike g says

      but my mixtape can

    3. Chuck Earnest says

      RIP Harambe, he was in over his head.

    4. Remaining Patriot says


  13. Preston Thomas says

    Man, Alex jones mentioned by name. Alex must be doing something right.
    Their running scared, keep up the good work.

    1. Morhy Soumahoro says

      Alex Jones is a sensationalist.

    2. neiio says

      +Morhy Soumahoro Indeed.

    3. The Ball says

      I suppose you think Alex would red pill more people by writing dull,
      non-sensationalist books

  14. GreenApple300 says

    That trump causes bullying thing is bullshit my brother said he liked trump
    one day at his school and now he’s home schooled because he got so bullied
    by other kids

    1. GreenApple300 says

      +DaMaster012 I know Im in college and seriously my campus is so liberal

    2. GreenApple300 says

      That’s hate speech sir and your invading my safe space ?

    3. Ikrani says

      Send your brother back and tell him to laugh at all the people who pick on
      him. Or just not talk to them. After all, what’s it worth his time to speak
      to morons who’d pick on him for his political views?

      Or better yet, teach him all about irony so he can blast them back for
      being a bunch of hypocrites. Bullies hate it when you make them realize
      they’re wrong.

  15. Tiny Tina says

    Can I go to New Vegas now? -__-

    1. MrJayra210 says

      +NerdXZ97 001
      Nope , Rad X myself until my human.

    2. NerdXZ97 001 says

      Eh….small price to pay for immortality and in the plus side without a
      nose you wouldnt need to smell all the dead body lying around in random

    3. NerdXZ97 001 says

      Unless the body magic evaporates out of thin air.

    4. MrJayra210 says

      +NerdXZ97 001
      Death is death.

    5. NerdXZ97 001 says

      Level up. On puns

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