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The Truth About Hillary’s Bizarre Behavior

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Hillary's bizarre behavior and strange seizures: Is she having a breakdown or does she actually have brain damage?

I asked mental health experts about her strange outbursts that have been caught on camera.

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  1. m Camacho says

    this is what real journalism looks like.

    1. Renikka lane says

      m Camacho b

    2. Shawn Mulligan says

      m Camacho what now, CNN bitches?

    3. Derek Keegan says

      m Camacho amen

    4. Ke Lw says

      +PolskiProdigy No it´s just paul that´s credible, but what he says should
      really be treated as a possibility rather then fact

    5. Jeb Cockatoo says

      m Camacho but the Tv told me this is fake and clearly Russian mind control?

  2. TraitorKing EQ says

    Americans will have a demented person as their president. What has the
    world come to

    1. WHITE DEVIL says

      Bravo ! You hit the cpt.Cartoon on the head.Even tho what you said should
      have been helpful. YOU’RE NEVER going to teach these fish how to swim.

    2. Chris Saindon says

      It will be *REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT* of the United States Mr. Donald J. Trump
      very soon!!

    3. Sheila Cooper says

      Cpt. Planet *You think simple dictionary definitions are scientific? God
      help your simple mind, then, had Xhoven really said something truly
      scientific! ?

    4. GTA ONLINE says

      TraitorKing EQ Thank god, no

  3. marty shelton says

    hitlery clinton will be the most corrupt president ever.

    1. paettie444 says

      Now Trump got the spot as the most corrupt one.

    2. GTA ONLINE says

      paettie444 Trump is so corrupted because he doesn’t hate Russia and wants
      to destroy ISIS

    3. GTA ONLINE says

      paettie444 If Hillary isn’t corrupted, why was she the candidate and not

    4. paettie444 says

      Where did I say that? Sanders would have been great president.. But instead
      it was a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea..

  4. greentealatte says

    I think Hillary has bigger temperment issues than Trump!

    1. C Destaf says

      greentealatte temperament

    2. The Man says

      greentealatte she threw a plant at her husband

    3. M Marilyn says

      What a cute pic! lol?

  5. Pan x says

    only crazy ppl gonna vote on her

    1. Tin Man says

      Pan x
      So that means I’m crazy.

    2. Blade Holdin says

      Travel With Me well, if the shoe fits…

  6. Diāna Birkmane says

    good thing Trump is the president

    1. Judgment Proof says

      Diāna Birkmane and I just found out recently he wants to cut off all
      benefits to the needy! I think our country was in trouble either way

    2. Nehygienix says

      I am needy too, will i get a benefit?

  7. Johnny Dong says

    is she retarted??

    1. Connetucut Mapper (Youre favorite communist) says


    2. : D says

      ping pong

    3. Blaze Mancer says

      ding dong I laughed does this mean I’m going to hell?

  8. Becky Norris says

    That weird head shaking thing is creepy. She looks possessed if it were

    1. Martin Dee Wan says

      Possessed by mental illness for sure. Creepy as hell those seizures she
      has. They remind me of someone I knew who has some kind of epilepsy that
      make him act like a broken robot when he’s under pressure.

    2. Alaina says

      +Martin Dee Wan

    3. jappann says

      NoMoFoSo1000 OMG IKR! Its contageous autism now <--

  9. Kickin Wing says

    Off topic. Back when hillary’s supporters were sure she would win, they
    said “Trump needs to accept the outcome of the election” and now they can’t
    accept the outcome. SMH

    1. Jeffrey Warrener says

      Kickin Wing he made a video on that

    2. Kickin Wing says

      +Jeffrey Warrener I know he did. I just wanted to call them out on a
      different video lol

  10. taney stunai says

    OMG that face she has when she looks up at the balloons….she looks like a
    scary marionette

    1. Becky Norris says


    2. 4tizzim0s says

      give dat gud succ

    3. Bubbles says

      4tizzim0s lol

    4. NoMoFoSho1000 says

      taney stunai I can’t get over it, I’ve seen it so many times and every time
      it makes me laugh and frightens me that she came so close to power.

  11. xpto41 says

    THANK GOD she´s not going to be the president of the usa

    1. Jesus Christ says

      You welcome

    2. Hoodie Allen says

      Jesus Christ you da man fam

    3. Aaron Smith says

      Jesus Christ you are blessing

    4. Bubbles says

      Jesus Christ thanks bro.

  12. AmyMirandaMakeup says

    She is obviously sick.. good thing she did not win the presidency.

    1. Dougal McGuire says

      i think the rest of us certainly wouldnt be…

    2. marc80s says

      +JohnnyWishbone85 According to Trump’s doctor, he’s the healthiest human

  13. The Lenny Leggo Show says

    This is why Trump plays golf and Hillary doesn’t, she gets too many

    1. miro Mlinar says

      ^^^^ too good bro hahaha

  14. Justice Bernal says

    It’s Kuru

    1. Aikidobear129 says

      And here I thought I was the only one that thought that- she has all the
      symptoms and after researching PizzaGate- how can anyone deny the

  15. American Liberty says

    Her circuit chip must be malfunctioning.

    1. Mami Williams says

      good one????

    2. Mami Williams says

      good one????

    3. Bubbles says

      Mami Williams this isnt a joke.

    4. oldedude51 says

      + Creator’s Hub: That’s what I was thinking. Actually, what I was
      specifically thinking was “time to call the Blade Runner, this replicant is
      off the rails”…

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