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The Truth About Islamophobia

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Islamophobia is not a thing.

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  1. spector969 says

    “I will come on your house and kill you”

    No, please man, don’t come on my house, I just painted it :(

    1. ClausMystery says

      القرآن الكريم | Quran Karim LOL

    2. ClausMystery says

      EL Che Oh look. A snowflake

    3. Rastus Watermelon says

      + spector969″I will come on your house and kill you”
      Most semen gives life, Islamic semen kills people.

    4. Funky Munky says

      Not sure what the punishment is for jackin it in the Islamic world. I’m
      sure it involves someone dying or limbs hacked off. I know they are not

  2. Papy says

    How the hell do I get a pro Hillary Clinton ad before the video starts

    1. Suhkma Dheek says

      it’s okay buddy you can whitelist youtube channels to view ads only on
      people you want to support. I’d link you but I don’t know what adblock
      addon or browser you’re using so just google “ADDONNAME whitelist youtube
      channels BROWSERNAME” and have a perusal through the various options

    2. Anthony Yohman says

      Reyaz Mohideen Your spelling is horrible.

    3. Supreme General Altec Helghast Marksman says

      +Reyaz Mohideen [Citation Needed]

    4. Grant Huddleston says


  3. ITD2O2 says

    Islam is disgrace to human race..end of story

    1. crashpal says

      @Rastus Watermelon the bible, torah, and quran were both written and edited
      by mortal humans. Just like Wikipedia.

    2. Sanaulla Mohammed Nazrulla says

      +crashpal That is your belief man! Learn Arabic, then try to reason out why
      Muslims believe It is God’s word!
      Without scholarship you show extreme ignorance, part hate and part ridicule!

      Pause and think!

    3. Flowey the Flower says

      1.) You misinterpreted that literally. It’s saying that a woman who was
      muslim was being tortured by her husband, possibly because of her belief.
      She is a friend of Aisha so Aisha is informing the prophet about it.
      2.)“Why don’t you go out with our herdsman to the camels and get some of
      their milk and urine?” They said: Yes. So they went out and drank some of
      their milk and urine, and they got better. Then they killed the herdsman
      and drove away the camels. News of that reached the Messenger of Allah
      (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him), and he sent men after them.
      They were caught and brought, and he ordered that their hands and feet be
      cut off and their eyes put out

      Abu Qilaabah said: “These people had stolen and killed and disbelieved
      after having believed, and they waged war against Allah and His Messenger.
      Narrated by al-Bukhaari” (226).

      These people were basically muslims, then in that name killed animals
      people and tortured a lot of people, they were blackmailing Islam and
      wanted people to be astray, and then they cursed and wanted war against the
      prophet’s people and as well as God. Because of their actions, their hands
      and feet were cut(not off). This is what I mean by a mistranslated, in
      arabic it just means to severely cut their hand, but not cut it off. The
      same goes with the eyes, to burn it, with scalding water, but not to
      literally burn it with fire. Of course their lives were spared, but they
      were then sent away from the land. If you put people in prison, what will
      they learn? They will come back and torture and kill more innocent animals
      and people. Justice must be served, and at the same time with mercy. Like

      3.)Saffiya was a man who stood guard at the prophet’s doorway while he
      slept. That text is missing a word and punctuation making it seem like a

  4. Brandon James Guetersloh says

    Islam is not a religion of peace, and Muslims prove it everyday.

    1. Arin Gokdemir says

      +john papple Dude, you’re so wrong about Muslims.

    2. Zacky Azhari says


    3. Alberto M says

      Zacky, and like Joseph said, you prove that islam is a religion of peace,
      saying ” we all hates you”? Do you know the mean of “logic”???

    4. Zacky Azhari says


    5. Brandon James Guetersloh says

      +Zacky Azhari You proved my point.

  5. Dragon Lady says

    I’m islammaphobic

    1. Harry Paul says

      Dragon Lady I am islamaphobic,also

    2. iavideo3000 says

      Dragon Lady *islamophobic, come on man, the word is written on the title
      hahahahahaha… at least be smart in your hate

    3. Laurits Kennet says

      it’s not islamophobia the correct term is common sense

    4. Zacky Azhari says

      LOL! such a coward!! You’re not important anyway..they wont bombing you

  6. Österreich Ungarn says

    I give you a hint:
    Leave stupid europe!
    I am happy to die one day…
    Go to an asian country where arabs do not get a visa!
    Europe is lost!

    1. Österreich Ungarn says

      +Eslam Ashraf
      I am no troll!
      Everyone can talk very normal and nice with me!

    2. Mr Cyprus says

      Österreich Ungarn Austria are planning to leave EU and bye bye migrants

    3. Österreich Ungarn says

      +Mr Cyprus
      I agree! Out of the EU-prison!
      Everything lost to have more money?
      But we do not have more money!

      The people must realize that everything came from the financial system we
      have based on “interest”! And it will destroy the world once again!

  7. WTF4441 says

    I can’t tell those Muslim hate comments are just trolls or not.

    1. 7thSmurf says

      come to europe and find out. ..DEUS VULT ! #deathtoallmuslims

    2. WTF4441 says

      +7thSmurf England, HERE I GO!

    3. Leviathan says

      WTF4441 still alive?

    4. WTF4441 says

      +Leviathan Yes, Just Lazy.

  8. Ixeeyl Prieml says

    Im tired of being called a terrorist because im muslim. Im tierd of other
    kids asking me if Im hiding any bombs before I walk into school. Im tired
    of kids asking me if im related to Osama bin ladin. Even though they are
    aware of the fact im a White/mexican american. I love my country but the
    youth here are just so hateful towards me and my religion.

    1. Orange Is The New Black says

      Christianity is just as bad.

    2. Laurent Franssen says

      No it s not.
      Some christians are bad but it s opposed to all Jesus ‘ teaching while in
      islam, violence and bad stuff as child sex and misogyny are systemic.

    3. anshuman singh says

      you should be able to understand by now why people hate your religion

  9. Zach Zwerneman says


    1. Mathieu Wang says

      Calls for the 8th Crusades…
      **Loses again** :’D

    2. Kerstin Lardner says

      is america the holy land that we need to defend?

    3. William Turner II says

      Yes, yes it is

    4. David Webb says

      DEUS VULT!

    5. Argyris B. says

      Yes. And this time do it right. Purge then all from the face of the earth
      and ban islam

  10. Overly Excited Vegan says

    Islam either needs to be reformed or disappear.

    1. Amy Lorenzo says

      +The Heroic Pig not killing animals needs to disappear? Lol

    2. Amy Lorenzo says

      +Prime 012 you can unfollow… Who on earth do you think you are?

    3. Amy Lorenzo says

      +Prime 012 in notifications, there’s 3 dots. Press that, then one option
      will say turn off replies.

    4. Reyaz Mohideen says

      Overly Excited Vegan kill all muslims! I dare you to!

  11. Geekman11 says

    Kill all Muslims.

    1. SRILLEX says

      Geekman11 lol

    2. Flowey the Flower says

      Kill yourself

    3. Banunu Hawawa says

      Absolutely. I could not agree more, you do not fight swords with words, you
      fight swords with machine guns and ballistic missiles.

    4. Zacky Azhari says

      What’s up TERRORIST?

  12. Amudhan K says

    No one could give a better Explanation about these Muslim assholes and
    their religion of peace. well done brother.

    1. Ihopeforpeace says

      Are you indians still raping girls and killing people over beef eating lol?

      Peace you said lol

    2. shash wolf says


      lol indians are one of the most disgusting people in this planet

    3. Kerstin Lardner says

      Amudhan K you mean “peace”

    4. Zacky Azhari says

      Go eat your HOLY COW POOP!

  13. L Drago says

    we should just bring back the spanish inquisition

    1. Josh Harmening says

      Dacus Decebalus

      Nice to see some recognition for Eastern Christianity! You know–the ones
      actually dying for their faith without retribution. This is real
      Christianity. Nuking the Middle East would remove the original Christians
      and every Christian holy site and relic.

      To go full circle, the first crusaders (who were Papists) killed many
      Eastern Christians by mistake. Let’s not repeat history.

      If you don’t know about Eastern Orthodoxy, please look into it. There is a
      reason the evil mohammedan want us dead.

      God bless.

    2. Dacus Decebalus says

      Josh Harmening hello brother,i myself am orthodox,and i will fight for my
      faith if i have to but i prefer not to,just to love one and other.

    3. Josh Harmening says

      Dacus Decebalus amen to that.

    4. acrobatsutr says

      aye bring back the torture devices as well. i may be psychopathic but i
      would love to see those pedophiles and rapists sit on a judas cradle

    5. Jithin Joseph says

      that would make them more and more intense in hunting Europe

  14. Rashmi Prakash says

    I applaud you for calling it out when it’s likely for radical Muslims to
    attack you.

    1. salamander man Nyes says

      Rashmi Prakash a-a-a nonono Muslims not radical Islam

  15. JDizzle Manizz says

    All religion is disgraceful, however at this moment in time Islam poses the
    biggest threat to humanity.

    1. Zacky Azhari says

      LOL you just don’t have a belief, so I don’t believe you’re exist!

    2. Flowey the Flower says

      +I Am The Spoon Just because you think something doesn’t make it a fact.
      Open your mindless head and stop trying to be humble. Your usage of
      profanity just proves your disability to argue. Now leave

    3. I Am The Spoon says

      +Flowey the Flower

      1) Funny how ironic that sounded

      2) K dude

      3) Since when? I wasn’t cursing you out. It was just part of the comment,
      you are making it seem like I just insulted you.

      4) This argument has been dead for quite awhile now, you are the only one
      who is insulted.

    4. AmiWhiteWolf says

      JDizzle Manizz The best comment I’ve seen in a very long time. ?

  16. joe banana says

    islam is a genetic defect.

    1. Flowey the Flower says

      I think your brain and thinking is a defect

    2. Bane says

      +crashpal Are you a troll?
      You have to be a troll.

    3. joe banana says

      +Flowey the Flower

  17. Be happy says

    Islam = cancers

    1. rita bonita says

      ISRAEL + USA= Real Cancers

    2. Reyaz Mohideen says

      Be happy being too happy (hi) = cancet

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