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The Truth About Milo

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Twitter and the entire media are lying about why Milo was banned.

When future generations look back on this critical juncture in the fight for liberal western ideals of free expression, they'll see that Twitter and Jack Dorsey were on the wrong side of history.

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  1. 915TANK says

    Right wing death squads unite! Conservatives from every race need to unite
    against these commie bastards. Better dead than red!

    1. 915TANK says

      +Nikita Ivachtchenko wtf i hate Ukrainians now

    2. C t g s l a y e r says

      915TANK I was programmed for the liberation of Anchorage, Alaska! Better
      dead than red!

    3. 915TANK says

      +C t g s l a y e r I die… So that democracy…may…. live..

    4. C t g s l a y e r says

      +915TANK KABLOOOOM!!!!

    5. C t g s l a y e r says

      +915TANK lol

  2. Wank Demes says

    I can see us taking the route towards soviet communism, this is not a good

    1. na pe says

      We need to focus on our own corrupt leaders, not foreign leaders!

    2. NormadBear 1 says

      Wank Demes Yup

    3. Auceza says

      It’s not communism. It’s fascism.

    4. Big Bad Wolf says

      +na pe You idiot don’t know what a dictator is.

    5. Skeletor says

      Wank Demes its tyranny.

  3. zo1dberg says

    Paul, you’re confused. If a white person insults a black person, it’s
    racist. If a straight white Christian refuses to bake a cake for a
    homosexual, it’s homophobia. If a muslim bakery does it to gays, it’s fine.
    If a black person insults a white person, it’s fine. Can’t believe you
    righties need this explaining to you – get with the program already!

    1. Dr. Yes says

      zo1dberg well the prince of Saudi Arabia bought europe media

    2. pep inyostep says

      It isnt homophobia if they dont want to bake the cake

    3. Foxboy 614 says

      I sincerely hope you’re joking.

    4. Visual Fiction says

      +Foxboy 614 Read the whole thread.

    5. Foxboy 614 says

      I did later.

  4. william stockton says

    Paul, are you guys aware that YouTube may be suppressing your site and
    site’s like Stefan Molyneux?

    Your sites never appear on my loading page.

    1. Spaatacus says

      Pauls audience and Milos audience is the most tolerant audience out there.
      Youre trying to insist that Paul Watson is a hypocrite and youre really
      failing miserably to back it up

    2. Maggy Frog says

      LOL you’re not interested in a real discussion devoid of bias.

      you know it, yet you refuse to admit that paul joseph watson really does
      spew out this blue vs red BS you said you disagree with.

      milo’s fans are the most tolerant? LOL you are in denial of reality. i
      don’t care about leslie, i’m not a fan or anything, but man people are
      nasty to her.

      that alone makes you look like one of these fans that don’t care about
      fairness or listening to other people you disagree with.

    3. Scott Smith says

      Because the right wing nut jobs aren’t nearly as insane as the left has

    4. Scott Smith says

      Paul is a legend

    5. Mark Turmel says

      william stockton Why am I not getting Stephan’s channel anymore? I’m a
      subscriber and suddenly last week ….??? please explain this bullshit.

  5. Alexander Chippel says

    There are four main political groups. The Right, The middle/neutral (where
    I am), the Left, and the “So far Left that it’s boarder line insanity.”

    1. Alexander Chippel says

      +The Biggest Picture Elaborate.

    2. The Biggest Picture says

      +Alexander Chippel watch?v=yDQV24CsUvw

    3. Alexander Chippel says

      +The Biggest Picture I can’t copy and paste in the Google+ app. You have to
      paste the entire link for me to watch it.

    4. SenorQuichotte says

      then there are Anarchist Atheist Artist

    5. Alexander Chippel says

      +SenorQuichotte I’m sick of these mooks who feel like they got their
      political title from a random word generator.

  6. Eloel says

    if you still use twitter I bet my rent money you use facebook
    .. and if you are still using both of those as “social media” you are one
    fucked up individual

    1. Alyssa Rice says

      Eloel So what do you propose we use? I’m on the waiting list for gab.ai but
      haven’t been added yet ?

    2. David Belcher says

      Neither!!! I have NO Facebook, No Twitter, No Instagram, etc……yet
      somehow my life is magically still really awesome without them!! People
      only do what they are told to do….otherwise they have no idea why they
      even do it!! You don’t have to do what you’re told and you don’t have to
      keep up with the Joneses!!!

  7. tikiduck says

    Freedom of speech is in serious danger thanks to the liberal left.

    1. entercotornist says

      tikiduck yes…

    2. billyblackburn87 says

      tikiduck there is no freedom of speech

    3. Daydeon Baron-Galbavi says

      tikiduck Thanks to the illiberal left. Free speech is a liberal ideal. Ask
      any classical liberal. We are the libertarians of truly liberal values. For
      example, check out Dave Rubin.

  8. randombro89 says

    I don’t know whether to insult her laugh at her or just throw a banana at

    1. randombro89 says

      DegenerateSharingan when people are high they don’t have to make sense :/

    2. randombro89 says

      DegenerateSharingan sometimes i youtube high

    3. David Belcher says

      Just keep your pretty Blonde girlfriends away from her…..or that black
      beast will grab her and climb to the top of the nearest skyscraper to swat
      at planes!!! Amazed she doesn’t have a bone thru her nose!!

    4. randombro89 says

      David Belcher well I’m actually into Asian women but I think I know what
      you mean

    5. Joel W says

      May I suggest all 3

  9. Gyges Lyceum says

    I proudly say that never had a twitter account, and I never will until it

    1. Alyssa Rice says

      Gyges Lyceum I said the same thing but made one just for political
      purposes. The censoring sucks for sure but it’s kind of fun and it’s great
      for meeting like minded people and debating the opposition.

    2. C t g s l a y e r says

      Alyssa Rice I just use Google + and YouTube. I have a Twitter, but it’s for

  10. Tyrone Biggs says

    i truly understand people who want to take off into the woods an live off
    the grid away from all this democratic liberal bullshit

    1. Deportation Officer Clements says

      Buy lots and lots of guns.

    2. 50 Ducks In A Hot Tub says

      Actually not lots of guns but tons of ammo…

  11. voilaviolamh says

    Though I’m a very liberal person, I can’t stand the direction today’s
    liberalism has turned. It constantly betrays its own values while logic and
    education play practically no role when it comes to the more heated topics.
    To me, the staunch blind support of Islam proves it. There’s no other
    ideology in the world that is less liberal than it, and while I definitely
    understand the notion of making sure peaceful Muslims are safe and able to
    peacefully practice their religion, liberals tend to see the slightest
    criticism of it as some phobia or -ism that’s bigoted, all the while
    tearing Christianity apart. It’s the best example of their hypocrisy.

    1. m1k3y~ミクト says

      You’ve been listening to pseudo-liberals and neo-liberals.
      You’ll find that most “liberals” are only so by convenient coincidence.
      Those who are liberal in actual deeper principle are a minority.

      Most public figures and mainstream “journalists” have sold their intellect
      to the cause of re-affirming twisted ideology in exchange for speaking

    2. MetaKnight964 says

      You forgot favoritism and bigotry.

    3. Collective Consciousness says

      +Alpay Bayraktar Being from Nigeria, that isn’t the case.

  12. Ailerath Smith says


    1. Jup 1 says

      we should just send them to the middle of nowhere lol

    2. Ailerath Smith says

      +jUPXDjfg Fghjhssfv yeahhh but then they would build their own personal
      civilization and eventually spread back to us but on mars they cant build
      rockets so they cant get back

    3. Shadow Wolverine says

      Uh, no thank you. Too much money (they’re not worth our time, certainly not
      worth billions, possibly trillions of dollars) and any human presence on
      Mars should be a symbol of hope and of man’s achievements, not a monument
      to regression.

    4. Sharkattackguy says

      what did Mars do…for this travesty?

  13. Dae Dalus says

    Twitter, Facebook, Buzzfeed, MTV, NowThis, go rot in Hell.

    1. NikoDPickle says

      You forgot about Vox

    2. Michael Rojas says

      Dae Dalus The Young Turks, CNN, MSNBC

    3. Dae Dalus says

      Hollywood, the mainstream music industry, pop-television, the general
      celebrity trash culture, etc.

    4. Michael Rojas says

      Dae Dalus Yup Hollywood is liberal cancer

  14. Dacus Decebalus says

    let’s just quit facebook twitter and all other social media,and make our
    own meeting place for the sane people .

    1. Trevor Reily says

      Dacus Decebalus Called a park

    2. Vault-Tec says

      +Trevor Reily And yet here you are, talking to people under a youtube
      video. I mean i get your point, people should go outside because it’s more
      fun. Isn’t it nice to share your opinion on the internet? Oh right, that
      was exactly what we were talking about.

    3. C t g s l a y e r says

      Dacus Decebalus yes please!

    4. Bonnie Valker says

      Dacus Decebalus I long for the day

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