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The Truth About the Brussels Attack

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How many Europeans need to be slaughtered before we acknowledge that Islam is not a "religion of peace"?

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  1. Mac Merges says

    These jokes aren’t funny guys! My dad died during 9/11 doing what he loved
    – flying planes. ?

    1. Paul Bauman says

      +Ali’s Snackbar Where the hell you from?

    2. Yshtz says

      Paul Bauman Where do you think? Ali’s Snackbar the best halal snackbar

    3. Chewbacca says

      Mac Merges He was one of the pilots that got killed by the terrorists who
      hijacked the plane?

    4. Yshtz says

      Chewbacca How can you type if you cant talk English

    5. Chewbacca says

      Yshtz How can i pilot Ships if i don’t know how to read and write?

  2. Quirty says

    Counter Strike: Europe Offensive confirmed!!!

    1. Arman Atoyan says

      +Samrat Bee herws my real account, hating a religion, does not make you a
      racist, I have many atheist syrian friends. and we get along just fine,
      it’s the violent and conservative relgion of Islam that I have problems
      with, I’ve seen enough with my own 2 eyes to know how violent they can get.

    2. Samrat Bee says

      +Arman Atoyan Your wrong. Every religion and almost every state is violent
      and ruthless. Israel is no different from ISIS or Islamic Terrorists.
      Maybe you should look into the 40years of a genocide by Israel in
      Palestine. Maybe your eyes are shut to other violence and too busy hating
      one group …

    3. Arman Atoyan says

      +Samrat Bee​ ever heard about Azerbaijan? A ‘democratic’ Muslim country
      that claims to be very progressive, this year at April 2, they attacked
      nagorno karabakh killing and mutilating civilians including children. You
      know what was the most shocking (yet expected) thing they did? They started
      beheading Armenian soldiers, just like isis, but they did even something
      more disgusting, they took the heads and started displaying them in their
      villages, and people were cheering there, you can search it on YouTube it’s
      there, now tell me, why should we tolerate thous animals?

    4. Govinda GovindaJi says

      This is what upsets me about Trump having major businesses in Azerbaijan. I
      agree w you. And I agree that Islam needs a transformation before I will
      ever declare it a peaceful religion. The Jewish religion’s transformation
      was the Christ-spirit…and then the Christian reformation came with the
      Lutheran beliefs …. Until the Sunni and Shites get off their polar
      opposite kicks, there will never be peace in Islam.

  3. Cody NoName says

    3,295 dislikes are camel fuckers muslim extremists.

    1. MLG Josh says

      +Cody NoName you’re a fucking camel fucker!

    2. Cody NoName says

      +MLG Josh how so?

    3. Firosh A.K says

      +Chewbacca I want someone like u to debate the so called “extreme muslims”.

    4. Chewbacca says

      Firosh A.K Well you see i am a muslim my parents are so i am one. I like my
      religion i learned the history behind it and stuff like that. Learned how
      to read the Quran some prayers and some stuff that you have to do daily as
      a mulsim like praying or other hygenic stuff.

      Extremists well they have red something that i don’t know and that pushes
      them to kill rape and cut “none belivers head” i was never told that!
      I was told to act like a good person not harming anybody not doing stuff to
      others that i wouldn’t like to be done to me focusing on my religion and
      studies.Anyways what i know is that i’ll disagree with Extremists and
      they’ll cut my head i once encountered one in my class in middle school in
      France. He was a pretty weird guy always disturbing the class and always
      hating on me because when he said stuff about Islam i immediatly said that
      he was wrong and stuff. I said ” Islam doesn’t mean terrorism” and he was
      hating me because of that. Even though he was not a really bad
      person(besides all the honour killings, jihad, Throwing rocks at none
      believers beating them to death… besides all that) I kinda felt like he
      was brainwashed dude. Once he cam to me and told me ” we don’t have the
      same translations of the Quran thats why we disagree so much”.

  4. JarJoshBinks says

    I’m glad I found a youtube channel that isnt afraid to be honest and shares
    the same opinions as me

    1. Covert Wolf says

      “They are all terrorists”. That right there proves you have a
      stereotypical, biased view against muslims. Because in fact, they are not
      all terrorists, in fact the ones that are terrorists are a small minority
      of a religion with a billion people. Muslims all over the world are crying
      out against what groups like ISIS are doing, muslims are fighting radical
      jihadism in the middle east and have been doing for years. Very few muslims
      actually want shariah law. You cannot judge billions of people based on
      what you see being done by a select few. If they were all suicide bombers,
      we would all be dead

    2. TSK IronClaw says

      +Covert Wolf I don’t but into leftists media bullshit. Feeding us lies
      every day. You can’t trust anyone anymore. So why should I listen to and
      actually believe everything the media says? More importantly, why do you?
      Are you lazy? Or do you like living under lies every day? Does it feel
      good? I might do that as well, considering the fact so many people do
      nowadays. Lazy libtard fucker.

    3. Covert Wolf says

      +Conor Malone I dont believe a lot of what the media says. The media preys
      on what is going on in the world and reports it in a way that will get
      views. News agencies are reporting a lot on ISIS and radical jihadism
      because they know that because of the hate and fear that exists they will
      be able to get views by fueling it. Your view on muslims is most likely
      largely contributed by the media.

    4. Fiore Tutta says

      No it comes from reading the Koran the Hadith and the sira It never was a
      peace loving religion, read military history . It is about the religion
      not the people .

  5. Brah Sumatra says

    Political correctness is the death of us all.

    1. Nelson3300 says

      Political correctness is the enemy of a free society.

    2. Ikea Ikea says

      Not America

    3. janno ottenburghs says

      Ikea Ikea America is the hotbed for SJW’s

  6. JoanneB says

    Europe will die screaming “Not all the Muslims are terrorists!” While
    hugging their murderer. I do not know if these people are so nice or so
    stupid. But I will not be here to see that, I am moving to Russia. The last
    country that does not obey globalist agenda.

    1. Izaak Bookwalter says

      +Paul Bauman lol. True. But he wasn’t influenced by Christianity to do what
      he did. As a matter of fact, our religion teaches against that, strongly.

    2. Paul Bauman says

      +Izaak Bookwalter Yeah? Well MJ never had a childhood besides being a
      famous singer.

    3. Izaak Bookwalter says

      +Paul Bauman He didn’t have a kid in him, so he wanted to be in a kid.

    4. Chewbacca says

      TheGreatAndyChow Well Trump like Russia

    5. Jsjsjsj Djdmkd says

      JoanneB in east europe , slavic countries we don’t have the refuge problem

  7. batmandeltaforce says

    Islam does not have a problem, Islam IS the damn problem

    1. Hampus Haglund says

      yeah but they are all muslims. even if you are a terrorist or not dosn’t
      matter but terrorism is islam

    2. janno ottenburghs says

      And what about Jews from other countries (some as poor as the Germans). You
      personally sound like a stupid American who hardly ever has been in Europe

    3. Arin Jäger says

      +Hampus Haglund all non-muslims are automatically the enemy of muslims
      (because koran says so), I see no reason why it shouldn’t be the other way
      around (all muslims being the enemy of muslims)… All muslims are
      potential terrorists – the tendencies and dispositions are way higher than
      is my potential to become a terrorist (me a white, atheist middle-class
      male from central europe…)… From a non-muslim’s perspective, no muslim
      to me is a civilian (just as no non-muslim is “innocent” – in case a muslim
      would lie to you about “killing an innocent = killing whole mankind” – are
      non-muslims innocent? of course they’re not! are non-muslims part of the
      whole mankind? according to muslims, they are not), but an islamic soldier
      only to spread islam to non-muslim countries (that’s just what they do, all
      day any day)

      terrorism is islam is terrorism

    4. janno ottenburghs says

      +Arin Jäger yeah you are right people are that radical are a problem. But
      what about the tolerant Muslims who don’t follow the Koran as strict (like
      christians who don’t believe everything in the bible)?

    5. Arin Jäger says

      +janno ottenburghs “tolerant muslim” lol or “moderate muslim” if they
      really were what they claim they are, they’d leave islam, but they don’t…
      if they’re like “paper muslims” (cuz their parents are or whatever… and
      they’re not practicing muslims or don’t believe in it but still say that
      they’re muslims) I’d leave them alone… Anyone can leave their religion,
      become atheists (or at least seculr) and rejoin the humanity…

      Other than that… the hebdo shooters were moderates for 30 years and
      terrorists for few days, so… They radicalize and they radicalize because
      of islam, they don’t auto-radicalize out of nothing for no reason… They
      are moderate only for a limited time

      the turkish president said it himself that there is no moderate islam, just
      islam… that’s coming from a muslim (him, not me) :/

      Christians can be as bad, tho’, so don’t think I’m going just after
      muslims, because I’m not… I speak with believers in many things on daily
      bases and I’ve spoken with 1000s of them as of now… And I can tell you
      with a straight face: they are all the same (jews, christians, muslims,
      hindus, buddhists too – you wouldn’t believe, but yes – angry zen
      buddhists… add communists, add vegans… they’re all the same – they have
      some agenda and their goal is to take over the world for their respective
      thing… Christians want a christian world where everyone’s christian and
      who isn’t is converted or killed off… it’s the same as with muslims… I
      think it’s the same with everyone, actually… A group that wants power,
      control, influence, money,… one group hates other group and is willing to
      die in the battle with the other group and kll off the other group… one
      group thinks they’re better and more than the other group (jews think
      they’re god’s chosen people, so do muslims think they’re allah’s chosen
      people… etc. etc. and they think they will inherit the world and that the
      ends justify the means, so they’re basically willing to do anything –
      killing included…

      I judge countries (and groups) by how they treat atheists… Majority
      christian countries (Poland, USA) and majority muslim countries (Iran,
      Saudi Arabia) can shake their hands – because they treat atheists badly the

  8. khalid hussain says

    Past . Www1and2, Hitler,Hiroshima and Nagasaki, present . How many time
    Muslims have to believe Europe and America is civilized they r animal and
    savages. Syria,Iraq,Libya,Afghanistan, Palestine ,,Yemen ,Lebonon, ,
    Guantanamo bay ,Abu ghareb jails all show west is cancer and vampire …

  9. Govinda GovindaJi says

    Now why should we support Trump when he has major businesses in Azerjaiban?
    +Arman Atoyan below wrote: “ever heard about Azerbaijan? A ‘democratic’
    Muslim country that claims to be very progressive, this year at April 2,
    they attacked nagorno karabakh killing and mutilating civilians including
    children. You know what was the most shocking (yet expected) thing they
    did? They started beheading Armenian soldiers, just like isis, but they did
    even something more disgusting, they took the heads and started displaying
    them in their villages, and people were cheering there, you can search it
    on YouTube it’s there, now tell me, why should we tolerate thous animals”

    1. Maul.N. Devour says

      you should never do research using youtube

  10. Allah is great says

    why ISS attack belgium, while israel is near to seria. i think its
    political affairs who attacked belgium

    1. janno ottenburghs says

      What do you mean by political affairs? It was just a stupid terroristic
      attack just like all the other in Europe

  11. KillTheMethod says

    Does it work?

  12. Veziley Kerzoyayev says

    No mate They shouldn’t had attacked Iraq and Libya in the first place.Both
    countries were doing good before

  13. YarugumaSou says

    “Well the extreme Islams is just the minority”
    Well yeah the minority of 1.6 billion islams equals 160 million people,
    almost the same as the europe population >_>

  14. Hubert Turanski says

    I will go back to Poland and start a movement to drive out all Muslims from
    my homeland. I will personally lead entire armies of my brothers and
    sisters in heritage, and we will fight off this murderous scourge from our
    beautiful, glorious motherland, and we will fight until every last one of
    these murderers and rapists leaves or dies. We shall drive these heathens
    to the horizon, and we will forever hold glory in our honor bound Poland!

    1. Chewbacca says

      Hubert Turanski As a muslim i’ll help you

    2. Jsjsjsj Djdmkd says

      Hubert Turanski i super. Dlatego w polsce nie mamy tej zarazy

  15. Chewbacca says

    Plus Belgium does not only support Radicalist terrorists but also Kurdish

    1. janno ottenburghs says

      +Chewbacca yeah but I’m tired of Erdogan blaming us for what they do in
      Turkey while he goes to Belgium during the election to rally Belgian Turks
      to vote for him

      It is terrible what PKK does in Turkey but that we won’t punish normal kurd
      families in Belgium isn’t the reason for the problems in Turkey

    2. Chewbacca says

      janno ottenburghs He isn’t really blaming you but blamming the fact that
      people blame him because he does nothing against ISIS and then you do
      nothing against the PKK! Off course you can’t emprison ever kurdish familly
      thats not what we want we want belgium to stop PKK members from making
      meetings. Not emprison them just don’t let them do their propaganda.
      Anyways terrorism is bad and no one besides terrorist support terrorism.

    3. janno ottenburghs says

      Yeah we need to be harder against the PKK but not all the Kurds support the
      PKK. Just like not all Irish were part of the IRA. But your right if there
      is prove the PKK are planning things in Belgium than the goverment should

    4. Chewbacca says

      janno ottenburghs Thank you and yes not all kurds are part of the PKK i
      have kurdish friends that hate the PKK. All governement should act against
      any kind of terrorist group! I’m glad we can agree with that

    5. ConservativeClone66 says


      that moment when Chewbacca has more intelligence than most liberals

  16. Jesus Ramirez says

    Zionist shill

  17. Storm Cai says

    I hope this video is a joke.

  18. janno ottenburghs says

    That 1 person said it was Trump his fault maked me sick as a Belgian who
    studies in Brussels. The total ignorance and probably not even knowing what
    Brussels was before the attack.

    But that interview with Trump also has a mixed opinion here because he made
    his first opninion about Brussels when he visited the city in the 90’s and
    now just on what he hears and reads. But he is right that there are bad
    places like Molenbeek. But when he visited Brussels in the 90’s there also
    bad places like Matonge and the Marolle who now are rather normal. Just
    like every major city there are some good nieghbourhoods but also some
    really bad. Altough now a terroristic hotbed ,while more people who wanted
    to fight for Syria came from Antwerp, is worse ofcourse

  19. Circus Maximus says

    Paul, you’re a shill. This was a Gladio False Flag by your friends from
    (((Mossad))). Ask Mason Wells

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