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The Truth About the Dallas Sniper Attack

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Who is really responsible for the shooting?

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  1. Mac The Knife says

    I’m black and I’m calling for BLM to be declared a domestic terrorist
    organization and for its leadership to be hunted down and
    arrested…..Black Lies Matter must be destroyed now……

    1. raven amp says

      How is BLM a terrorist organization when they are fighting white supremacy
      and systemic racism?

    2. ᅚᅚ says

      +Loud mouthed Feminist
      “i cant beleive bill cosby would do it, unless he is a white man in
      Don’t you ever get tired of trolling and baiting?

    3. Sekou Kasimu says

      Shane Roach? How appropriate. In the cockroach family no doubt!!! Lol

  2. korcommander says

    Well, time to leave my neighborhood, it was nice living in this part of
    Dallas, rent was cheap, crime WAS low, and there was a lot of places to
    eat. But now, I get looks from my neighbors. They sit and wait for a time
    to strike, and I will be ready. Unlike them, I don’t run away from gunfire,
    or knifes, or even large groups of thugs. I’m a man that will fight to the
    very bitter end for the restoration of the republic and safety of my
    countrymen. The only question is… are there any countrymen around me

    1. J. Neville Groff says

      +Barry Mckokner Go enjoy your tanning booth asslicker, obviously you are
      too much of a hot house flower to actually expose yourself to the outdoors.
      Doughy, pathetic, weak in mind and never experiencing the inconvenience of
      valor. Easily toppled, one merely has to kick in your bloated soft front
      door and your entire rotting edifice will come crashing down.

    2. Barry Mckokner says

      I hope you’re trolling and aren’t that slow that you can’t pick up when
      someone is joking with youon the internet. I do sleep in my tanning bed tho

    3. J. Neville Groff says

      +Barry Mckokner And you look quite doughy, bloated and soft, but at least
      you be ‘mellinated’.

  3. Intrax (888min3) says

    BLM is a domestic terrorist organization and should be treated like such by
    the FBI.

    1. SSE Outdoors says

      +John Prouty exactly, I completely agree.

    2. raven amp says

      How is BLM a terrorist organization when they are fighting systemic racism
      and white supremacy.

    3. Intrax (888min3) says

      +Loud mouthed Feminist Your comment and previous comments found via your
      +profile indicate you’re baiting. Nice try troll.

    4. Brian Long says

      Ignorance is not a virtue

  4. gimnazija geo says

    The racism of BLM must be stopped at all costs!

    1. Karen Badeaux says


    2. Karen Badeaux says

      I mean fan. I don’t play the tabeltop.

    3. Winston Churchill says

      +Dante Smith A/K/A Sparda: You should be ashamed of yourself!
      And this comes from someone, who burned ten thousands of women and children
      in Dresden alive.

    4. Karen Badeaux says

      Winston Churchill Who the hell’s talking about supernatural warfare?
      Sparta? But he/she’s helping us cleanse these self righteous bastards FOR

    5. Winston Churchill says

      +Karen Badeaux
      Dante Smith, 9 comments up.

  5. William Wallace says

    Pigs in blankets are baked, not fried. I’m thinking that the mensch who
    came up with that chant was too disturbed by oven references to have them
    saying that, for some reason.

    1. Hermunkle says

      Oy vey! Remember the six gasbillion!

    2. jeffeharkins says

      The poor eats more fried foods than actually cooking their own. Thats why

    3. Does not Exist says

      +jeffeharkins thats true i can say from experience.

    4. LilC1deep says

      +jeffeharkins I agree


    Now, all we need is one “crazy white racist” to take an “assault rifle” and
    unload on a crowd of “peaceful BLM protesters” and Obama’s race war will
    have begun.

    1. Do Not Pass GO! says

      +Maximilian0011 Asian-Americans win.

    2. AngryNewYorker says

      ^^^”Whiteman” wins, We’re very well armed and we’re with you muthaf_ckers!

    3. Maximilian0011 says

      +Bamanaboni you did not get my point,

  7. James McGill says

    Y’know who I blame the most… The media… The more actually extremists lifted
    media… or is it something else?

    1. Bill Blakely says


    2. Occhi Blu says

      George Soros funded BLM in it’s infancy by DONATING $33MILL, I think he is
      the “something else”. He also is very close w/the Clintons, Obama and the
      money changers. The media is the tool that is being used to manipulate
      public perception, so you are right in that sense. All these major media
      outlets are mostly scripted or edited, especially on this topic for the
      maximum desired outcome. Kinda of like Nancy Grace sensationalizes,
      exploits and popularizes the news for maximum ratings on her show but never
      really helps missing children, while she fills her pockets, But this is on
      a MUCH MUCH LARGER scale and has huge implications on our society.
      There is a reason BLM has been treated w/impunity in the media. All these
      Ytubers and people in general are eating up as fast as they can sell it,
      which seems to be the direction they are aiming for. Who know’s what is
      next but whatever they are working towards will need an even more dramatict
      effect on the public. For a very few it is very profitable when the streets
      run red

    3. zackroo1 says

      too many blacks are morons . low i.q. , too quick to want to blame whites
      for their bad decisions and laziness and hate them, and to ignore the
      vastly vastly more criminal and violent /gang nature of all their

  8. walter byrd says

    I think the pop-media is responsible for a lot of racial violence.

    1. ThePParadigm says

      You live in America now. You could have moved to another country but you
      came to America where whites are privileged. And here you demand equality
      from those who have far less than you. Did you not learn anything from the
      Armenian/Ottoman conflict? I expect a persecuted person to respect those
      still persecuted, not spew hateful demands for more. You sir are a selfish,
      greedy individual who has learned nothing from your family’s experience
      other than to hate. I do not respect that.

    2. Masis Masisian says

      +ThePParadigm I told once All people’s lives matter, but you try to play
      racial games.So you pure racist,sir.

    3. ThePParadigm says

      That’s not how racism works, Masisian. Your ‘claim’ of victimization is of
      religious belief and culture, NOT RACE. Here in America, if you’re not
      considered Caucasian you are persecuted and relegated to victimization on
      many levels. When you cry ‘all lives matter’ you are dismissing the reality
      of how America operates. BLM was a ‘statement’ that is demonized as a
      violent movement by white separatists as part of their propaganda. If you
      allege America = equality, you’re a liar and misinformed. In fact, if you
      were ‘honest’ about your history, you would acknowledge that the Armenians
      and Russians committed atrocities against the Turks, inciting payback. A
      distinct difference than the German attacks on Jews. It is deceitful of you
      to ignore the suffering of Blacks in America and how they have been
      systemically persecuted in this country. In a perfect world, “all lives
      matter” – yes they do. However, there is an inequality that needs
      addressing specifically to Black lives that should trump our attention. ALL
      LIVES other than Black lives are not suffering at the same rate or level.
      So the moniker should be “All Lives should support Black lives who matter
      less!” Racists refute this for their own gain. You sir, are being a racist.

    4. BP TV (USA #1) says

      +Solidarity Silence Truth ?

  9. Stephen Williams says

    He wanted to kill white people? Blacks are racists!

    1. James Deal says

      +E Bleechley This comment was EXCELLENT.

    2. Driver6647 says

      Dylan Roof only wanted to kill blacks? White people are racists!

    3. Garrett - says

      With that logic all people must be racist

    4. Steven Allen says

      you are quick to point the finger elsewhere so maybe you are the racist pig

  10. Jubei Kibugame says

    I have to disagree with your statement that “No one wants a race war.”
    Unfortunately the scum that killed those cops and many more like them
    absolutely do. They will awaken the sleeping dragon to their own peril.

    1. John Mansa says

      +Shacktackle Boombaby Show me the stats.

    2. I AM Joseph McCarthy says

      +Shacktackle Boombaby remember the bigger picture, what will the Military
      do and who will be in power when it happens?

  11. Jacob Hood says

    The elites want a race war.

    1. Cili Padi says

      Agree sir :'(

    2. Donald K. Kearse says

      this is why I say both sides are being played and of course they seek out
      the radical racist on both sides to set that war wheel in motion

    3. TreyWK says

      so true

  12. ghost7271000 says

    Most conservatives think a race war will come about. But I think a second
    civil war will come to America in the form of the right conservatives vs
    the left. It pains me being a minority to hear retards say “if trump
    becomes president he will deport you”. I pray trump wins and America will
    be set on the right path.

    1. Bubble_Games :D says

      lol Trump

    2. raven amp says

      Trump and his supporters are facists and racists, hands down, they need to
      be taken out.

    3. The Madone says

      +Loud mouthed Feminist How do mean ‘taken out’ ?

    4. King “Richie” Richard says

      ghost7271000 The left will be wiped out on less than a couple of hours…

  13. Tatayn1 says

    Just look up Marxism and the Black Panthers. History repeats itself, and
    it’s done all of this before.

    1. Donald K. Kearse says

      +Bradley Martinez right dr. Martin Luther King had guns in basements as
      well, give to members

    2. Donald K. Kearse says

      +Bradley Martinez in his organization by that very government he was
      fighting against

    3. Donald K. Kearse says

      +Bradley Martinez this is why we can’t throw any rocks and hide our heads,
      we can’t be caught doing the same thing we’re accusing them of…

  14. Zoidberg says

    Is anybody suspicious that this happened when Hillary was under fire? I’m
    just pointing that out

    1. Drunken Mongoose says

      Suspicious? No, it is just a well-timed, well-planned, carefully executed

    2. DrunkenAussie says

      +Drunken Mongoose i thought I said nothing to see here, now I’m afraid that
      I have to report you all to the thought police for my grandkids sake.

    3. afamchek says

      That’s what happens when you microaggress. Feminine jazz-hands in my
      safespace, please!

    4. Bernardo Ruiz says

      not to mention the release of the 28 pages from 911, also released on a
      friday, two days before the Louisiana shootings,

  15. BrownieZombie says

    Just wanted to say I shared this on my FB because of my other friends
    posting BLM propaganda, the message I wrote to go with it is this…

    I usually don’t share my more controversial political views in public but
    with some of my other friends sharing their ideas I feel like I should, If
    saying “All Lives Matter” is racist like many BLM supporters and even one
    of their very own co-founders, and member of the FBI’s Most Wanted
    Terrorist List, Assata Shakur would try to tell you then I guess I’m a
    racist. But then again by that logic Martin Luther King Jr. must be the
    equivalent of Adolf Hitler.

    “Violence as a way of achieving racial justice is both impractical and
    immoral. I am not unmindful of the fact that violence often brings about
    momentary results. Nations have frequently won their independence in
    battle. But in spite of temporary victories, violence never brings
    permanent peace.” -The Quest for Peace and Justice, Martin Luther King Jr.
    Nobel Lecture December 11, 1964

    1. Fredrik Montelius says

      Malcom X, really? Wow?
      Well,about MLK, all I “know” is what has been written about it, such as:
      “One of his closest friends, Reverend Ralph Abernathy, wrote a book in 1989
      in which he talked about King’s obsession with white prostitutes. King
      would often use church donations to have drunken sex parties, where he
      would hire two to three white prostitutes, occasionally beating them
      brutally. This has also been reported by the FBI agents who monitored King.
      King was married with four children.”

    2. BrownieZombie says

      +Fredrik Montelius I’ll admit I’ve never read, And the Walls Came Tumbling
      Down: An Autobiography, which is the book you are referring to, but this is
      what I found when I looked it up to see if what you said was true. If you
      wanna skip most of it the part you should Really read is the third
      paragraph from the bottom

      Much has been written in recent years about my friend’s weakness for women.
      Had others not dealt with the matter in such detail, I might have avoided
      any commentary. Unfortunately, some of these commentators have told only
      the bare facts without suggesting the reasons why Martin might have
      indulged in such behavior. They have also left a false impression about the
      range of his activities.

      Martin and I were away more often than we were at home; and while this was
      no excuse for extramarital relations, it was a reason. Some men are better
      able to bear such deprivations than others, though all of us in SCLC
      headquarters had our weak moments. We all understood and believed in the
      biblical prohibition against sex outside of marriage. It was just that he
      had a particularly difficult time with that temptation.

      In addition to his personal vulnerability, he was also a man who attracted
      women, even when he didn’t intend to, and attracted them in droves. Part of
      his appeal was his predominant role in the black community and part of it
      was personal. During the last ten years of his life, Martin Luther King was
      the most important black man in America. That fact alone endowed him with
      an aura of power and greatness that women found very appealing. He was a
      hero — the greatest hero of his age — and women are always attracted to a

      But he also had a personal charm that ingratiated him with members of the
      opposite sex. He was always gracious and courteous to women, whether they
      were attractive to him or not. He had perfect manners. He was well
      educated. He was warm and friendly. He could make them laugh. He was good
      company, something that cannot always be said of heroes. These qualities
      made him even more attractive in close proximity than he was at a distance.

      Then, too, Martin’s own love of women was apparent in ways that could not
      be easily pinpointed — but which women clearly sensed, even from afar. I
      remember on more than one occasion sitting on a stage and having Martin
      turn to me to say, “Do you see that woman giving me the eye, the one in the
      red dress?” I wouldn’t be able to pick her out at such a distance, but
      already she had somehow conveyed to him her attraction and he in turn had
      responded to it. Later I would see them talking together, as if they had
      known one another forever. I was always a little bewildered at how strongly
      and unerringly this mutual attraction operated.

      A recent biography has suggested without quite saying so that Martin had
      affairs with white women as well as black. Such a suggestion is without
      foundation. I can say with the greatest confidence that he was never
      attracted to white women and had nothing to do with them, despite the
      opportunities that may have presented themselves.

      Of course, J. Edgar Hoover became preoccupied with Martin’s private life
      early in the civil rights movement, and this preoccupation was a
      significant factor in Hoover’s pathological hatred of him and the movement
      he headed. Early in the game the FBI began to bug our various hotel rooms,
      hoping to discover our strategy but also to gather evidence that could be
      used against Martin personally.

      I remember in particular a stay at the Willard Hotel in Washington, where
      they not only put in audio receivers, but video equipment as well. Then,
      after collecting enough of this “evidence” to be useful, they began to
      distribute it to reporters, law officers, and other people in a position to
      hurt us. Finally, when no one would do Hoover’s dirty work for him, someone
      in the FBI put together a tape of highly intimate moments and sent them to
      Martin. Unfortunately — and perhaps this was deliberate — [his wife]
      Coretta received the tape and played it first. But such accusations never
      seemed to touch her. She rose above all the petty attempts to damage their
      marriage by refusing to even entertain such thoughts.

    3. Fredrik Montelius says

      An interesting read. Thanks for your imput! More nuanced than what I
      usually read about him.

    4. Professor Chaos says

      You insult Hitler and praise MLK. You actually still believe all the lies
      they told you about Hitler to make you hate whites. You actually still
      believe MLK was a good example of a human being even though he plagiarized
      his speech, loved white hookers and was a horrible excuse of a living
      thing. How is it brave or noble to sit in a seat, knowing nothing bad will
      happen to you and that stupid communists and negroes will applaud and
      brainwash white children to worship you?

    5. Taylor Ray says

      +BrownieZombie those were nice read thanks

  16. Donald K. Kearse says

    Right and wrong are no longer basic the truth has been turn upside-down
    equalism has been bought and paid for there is no more racism it has been
    turned into elitism…

    1. SNJ says


    2. MrJoeythebabykangaro says

      Excellent statement.

    3. Donald K. Kearse says

      +Zed Dez yes i know but it just sounded good said that way…lol

  17. Skrub Boy says

    4:49 I knew Michael Jackson was still alive!

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