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The Truth About the Gay Nightclub Massacre

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When are we going to accept that Islam has a violence problem?

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  1. António Moreira says

    Today its the right wingers who stand up for gays while the bleeding heart
    liberals dont say a word… the image people have of you guys is really
    twisted, and you deserve a lot more credit for that

    1. Викентий Мадзин says

      António Moreira I don’t stand up for faggots but I’ll tolerate them. I
      don’t like homosexuals but tolerate them.

    2. Викентий Мадзин says

      And thats what tolerance is.

    3. James Andrew Morrison says

      lol what next I hate midgets but like dwarves lmao

    4. Darryl Harcourt says

      When asked if I’d like a fag, my reply was ‘No thanks mate, don’t smoke’.

  2. Nizzle FoShizzle says

    A member of one “oppressed” group murders 50 member of another “oppressed”
    group. There is no straight, white, Christian male to blame here. The SJW’s
    must be so confused…

    1. Propane king says

      The Holy Bible speaks of wolves in sheep’s clothing: people who come as
      Christians, but are not. Since the Holy Bible says not to do this, anyone
      who kills because they come in the name of a Christian, does not mean that
      they are a Christian!

    2. Solomon Anderson says

      wow you must be trolling.

    3. Solomon Anderson says

      +Mauri Barahona what is trolling?

    4. get a grip says

      Propane king I think you’ve been huffing to much propane… seeing visions
      of a god are you? those are what normal people call hallucinations…

  3. Th3SilentComedy says

    People say Christianity is similar to radical Islam bc of the crusades but
    nothing in the Bible supports the crusades, they were extremist on their
    own. My pastor has talked about this. And Christians need to start reaching
    out to out fellow people that are LGBT. Jesus can forgive anyone and it’s
    not our job to judge. Gays don’t need hatred or death. Christians don’t
    follow the Old Covenant of the Old Testimate bc of Jesus, so people using
    Leviticus verses against us are misinformed, as the Old Testimate makes up
    the Jewish Torah. Whereas the Islamic Quran actually has a verse saying all
    infidels must die. I know there are peaceful Muslims, but those who don’t
    follow that verse technically aren’t following their own religious law. Not
    to mention it strips the rights from people of other genders, sexualities,
    and racial groups. This is why I believe Islam does need reform

    1. Grant Marks says

      You seem pretty smart

    2. Keon Pinte says


  4. The teenage Casual says

    If they kill this many gays on American soil, how many are killed in the
    Middle East?

    1. Desmond Yuan says

      +austen blair because he is one of the democratic member

    2. Sassymui8 says

      Still plenty in the Middle East. They’re just too afraid to come out of the
      closet. You can’t kill sexual preference.

    3. Kevin Renner says

      100x more

    4. MarkR1957 says

      How do you think criminals get guns?

    5. Animefreak17a says

      They wouldn’t……because they killed them all well the ones they think
      they killed

  5. 'N retrospect says

    Thanks Obama, for allowing these Radical Islamic terrorists into our
    country! All the more reason to vote for Trump in November. #NeverThe

    1. shellielove Hudson says

      +Jason The kkk and many white Americans killed black people in mass. They
      had picnics while people hung from trees above. They mutilated the men
      often times cutting off their penises. They burned down whole communities.
      Read about rosewood and black wallstreet. I don’t think you know our
      history. It’s true we have our own radical groups here skinheads, and the
      kkk should not be allowed they continue to spread hate, but since we have
      freedom of speech and expression it’s okay I guess. But really it’s not.
      Let’s get rid of all the radical hate groups.

    2. Jason says

      Guess what? I don’t care about what happened 50 years ago. I am worried
      about now and the future.

  6. Me vs. Everybody says

    I’d like to say thank you to all the atheists, agnostics and every other
    non-Christian who are defending Christians from people using the argumentum
    ad tu quoque to defend Islam. We may not agree ideologically, but
    Christians want you to have the right to choose your religion and would
    never kill you if you don’t have one (or have one that is not
    Christianity). It’s a breather of fresh air to see people on our side for

    1. Eiko Vivi says

      Most Muslims aren’t killing anybody and don’t want to. That’s kind of the
      problem. Many flee their countries to get away but are then thought of as
      terrorists in the west.

    2. Tommy Rad says

      +Eiko Vivi
      Roughly 15% of Muslims want Sharia Law enforced here in the US, over the
      15% of 1.7 billion is 255 million people. It doesn’t matter that some
      Muslims don’t want to kill kafirs. 255 million are ready to finish what
      Mohamed started.

    3. Pablohascake says

      +Tommy Rad Here’s the problem with your math: there are not 1.7 billion
      Muslims in the U.S.

    4. Tommy Rad says

      I never said “in the US”. That was your assumption.That would be
      world-wide, didn’t think I had to mention it seeing as there are already
      330 million US citizens here now.

    5. Keon Pinte says


  7. Mitch Hammond says

    My church dedicated our entire morning service praying for these
    homosexual’s lives.

  8. Lilith From Eden says

    Sooner or later some stupid muslim was going to crack. Yes, there is a big,
    big problem with Islam. It is a disease that feasts on Western freedom. It
    is being romanced by left and it is taking over our piece of the world.
    Being from Brussels I do know what I am speaking of. Here in Belgium, and
    in the rest of Europe, left Islamlovers are still declaring that Islam is a
    religion of peace. They are ruining our society and our lives. Criticising
    Islam is bigotry, you are called a racist if you dare to comment on the
    Islamhuggers themselves. Our government is doing nothing, they keep hauling
    in busloads of Muslim refugees. Most of them are off course Muslim men who
    cannot read or write and are going to be payed welfare for the rest of
    their lives. We should have someone as Mr. Trump who will open the eyes of
    the people and do what is necessary.

    1. Lilith From Eden says

      +dhlewis69 thanks

    2. Lilith From Eden says

      r +Brandon Martinez Off course the West is not all about peace. It would be
      stupid and hypocritical to make such a statement. It is not because of this
      that we have to renounce our own culture, because that is what is happening
      now. We have to help people, I am not against that. But now think what is
      happening, in the past we had these Moroccan immigrants coming to Europe,
      mostly Belgium and Holland. Other North African immigrants went to other
      country’s. All of them were Muslim. It was ok then. They had a job and they
      were mostly integrated. Now, the second and third generation is feeling
      mistreated. How can they be mistreated? We have one of the best social
      security systems in the world, also for them. Welfare money, child
      allowance social housing and, free schooling and cheap colleges for
      everyone, and so on. Even if you are not a citizen we pay a child allowance
      for all the children that do not live with the parents in Belgium. In
      Belgium people pay the second most tax per person in the world !!! a big
      part is because of our social system. Muslims are a minority so they are
      protected allover. Now however, there are all these new muslims coming in.
      These are mostly young uneducated males. They come from desert towns and
      know nothing about us. They can’t coop with our freedom. Another problem is
      integration. They don’t want to integrate. They want our benefits but they
      don’t want to be one of us. Islam is a religion that is intolerant towards
      others.That is no bigotry, that is the plain truth. They use the freedom
      that our parents and grandparents fought for against us. They want to put
      religion before law … Off course the left politic wing is doing all they
      can to comply. It is becoming an Islamic left dictature. Giving critic is
      being a bigot. I am not a racist or a bigot, my ex husband is from Asia(a
      muslim country), my daughter is half Asian.I never had problems with islam
      before, but now even he is finding it is becoming a travesty.

    3. Brandon Martinez says

      +Lilith From Eden But you’re okay with the fact that Zionist Jews own and
      control your government and impose bans on Holocaust denial and ‘hate
      speech’ against Jews? The immigration crisis is part of the Zionist plan.
      Complain all you want about the migrants, but if you don’t address those at
      the top creating this situation on purpose, you’re missing the forest for
      the trees.

    4. Lilith From Eden says

      Freedom of speech should not be constricted, here I agree. About a Jew
      Plan, I don’t know anything about such a thing. It is a bit far fetched I
      think. Not everyone is conspiring.

    5. Collective Consciousness says

      +Brad Mitchell I’m African (nor an Arab invader).
      And your drivel does not amuse me.

  9. Jessica Skelton says

    Okay……. So I have been fueled up with anger at the progressive left for
    the past hour and a half, why? Because I’ve been watching these videos of
    leftist saying the same thing… “Oh, love will fight this.” “Oh, we need
    gun control.” “Oh, Muslims aren’t hateful.. Don’t blame this on them.”
    Well, here’s my two cents for these ignorant people….. Do I personally
    believe that love could fight this problem, YES! Problem is, nobody
    actually wants to use that weapon….. They want to keep their mouths shut
    about the people on our planet, who aren’t willing to love… The
    government, Islam (and other) ideologies that promote hate, etc. The only
    way that we can use love as a weapon, is if everyone is on board to use
    love as a weapon. Not everyone is, as we all know…. Another thing that
    fuels me up is that these people make the same mistakes over, and over, and

    1. dhlewis69 says

      no. you need a mass uprising against the left to tear them from power and
      influence. a lot of pain and suffering in the contemporary west has been
      inflicted by the left. when they would take away your rights freedoms,
      their rights and freedoms should be temporarily taken from them so that
      they would experience first hand what it is they are demanding.

    2. Jessica Skelton says

      +dhlewis69 I can agree with you on that actually. They say that Republicans
      take their rights though, but actually if you think about it; Republicans
      are being better to gays than the left are rn!

    3. mau xuwon says

      love as a weapon lol u r screw up in your mind

    4. Gref Steel says

      I agree, we should all love eachoter. But this is only possible in an
      Love is susceptible to betrayal and people who would misuse your trust.
      We still have a long way to go, until then give me a gun so I can protect
      myself from any motherfucker who’d dare harm me or those around me. And
      should I die, I die fighting.

  10. Don Corleone says

    Within 24 hours of the Orlando massacre, a muslim in France STABBED to
    death a police chief and his wife. What do you regressive left say about

    1. Don Corleone says

      +CS M The other half of the muslim countries support ISIS.

    2. csm says

      No, they merely do nothing for they do not care.

    3. Jam O says

      exactly, me? DOWN WITH ISLAM

    4. csm says

      I don’t think you can be considered peaceful if your trying to burn the

  11. Craigx71 says

    why are legal gun owners now responsible for terror attacks?

    1. Krucifus says

      lol ok

    2. Joe isawesome says

      +Krucifus Btw, strict gun regulation doesn’t mean law abidding citizens
      wouldnt have guns. It make it so people will be more responsible with their
      guns, and restricts private sales so criminals can’t get them.

  12. Alex Siren says

    This is why I left Liberalism and convert myself into Conservatism.

  13. Aaron Birch says

    Orlando was a hoax dummies

  14. ddavel5441 says

    Nah, no one died in Orlando.

  15. Michele Ellis says

    Always great videos

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