The Truth About the Michelle Fields ‘Assault’


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Fields, Lewandowski, and supporters of both are all lying about what happened.

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  1. Why does the media continue to obsess about this while ignoring the deluge
    of death threats aimed at Trump and violent Bernie Sanders supporters?

    • +Paul Joseph Watson Good work as always, but I do disagree with you on one
      point: it is not clear that Lewandowski lied: he may well have been so
      focused on doing his job – protecting and attending to Trump – that he
      genuinely did not “see” Fields, or remember the incident.

      Just imagine how busy your mind would be in that situation. So much would
      be going on, constantly, that you would just filter out everything but the
      most important, and certainly not remember trivialities. Who knows what
      else might have been requiring his attention just then!

      Lewandowski would not even have been doing his job if he allowed his mind
      to be distracted by every face that came into view, or every little
      incident of contact with people in the crowd.

    • Because the nevertrumpers wanted Lewandowski out and Putin stooge Manafort
      in. McCain/Davis/Manafort have more ties to Putin via Oleg Deripaska than
      Trump ever did.

  2. Isn’t it possible he wasn’t paying attention to whom he was grabbing? It
    would appear he doesn’t make eye contact, as well as it looks like he was
    trying to catch up to Donald Trump, and moving her out of his way.

  3. i think your taking her out of context, i believe she was reffering to the
    whole experience, media attention, breitbart, etc was the worst experience
    of her life

  4. Hahaha women get treated with equal rights and they whine like babies
    because they had their arms grabbed. Any man would have done that and
    nothing would have happened. How about you be an example of a strong women.
    Im sick of these cry babies.

    • +Jonathan Willis You have no proof that she exaggerated anything.
      Everything she said has been validated by the video, the only questionable
      thing is that she was pulled downward and not backwards, and from the
      angles you can not see what happens.

      And so again, there is no evidence that she was told to move back. Of
      course trump’s people are going to say that they told her to move, what
      else are they going to say? They changed their story like 4 times, first it
      was “I have no idea who she is”, then it was “She wasn’t there”, then it
      was lewandowski was protecting trump from her, they have changed their
      stories so many fucking times why would you believe anything they say?
      Remember this is the man who will go on TV, say something, and then
      literally turn around the next day and claim he didn’t say it. You people
      are just mindless followers, and I hate to use that kind of ad hominem
      remark but it’s true, he can literally say anything and you people will
      believe him

    • a bcd Alright no evidence to suggest he warned her ahead of time. But that
      is why you shouldn’t condemn him just yet either because of lack of
      evidence not that he pulled her back but that were unsure of what happened
      before that incident. The guy who pulled her back only saw her for a second
      so it would make sense if he wouldn’tremember who she is. I am anything but
      a blind follower. There are some retards who will back up Trump no matter
      what he says but same can also be said for Hillary followers. Some people
      voted for Hillary because she is a woman or they think Trump is racist. And
      when you say this is the man who says inconsistent things are you talking
      about, Lewandowski or Trump because Trump has never lied or changed his

  5. Type in Diana Davison – The accusation is the verdict. These women are
    crazy & dangerous. then type in, University of Ottawa – Femingo file. enjoy