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The Unfailing Success System – Learn this! (Law Of Attraction) PT18

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We (YouAreCreators) created this channel to share one of the greatest secrets of the universe, and the secret is, we literally create our reality! (Quantum Physics now proves this) We are all governed by a set of Universal Laws, and these laws were created by GOD, to aid us in creating the life we desire. One of these laws is known as the "Law Of Attraction", or the law of "Reaping and Sowing". This law simply states, whatever you give out in Thought, Word, Feeling, and Action is returned to us. Whether the return is negative, or positive, failure or success, is all up to what you give out. Many authors and celebrities such as, Wayne Dyer, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Steve Harvey, Rhonda Byrne, and many others have testified to this amazing Law Of Attraction. Its time you learn this wonderful secret…

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  1. Prachi vashisht says

    First! thankyou for this

  2. pokey bum says

    So the LOA recognises between positive and negative? ? But Karma has no
    discernment for polarity?? It gets confusing

    1. vérité veritas says

      Maybe because it is pure bullshit made to make money by using people’s
      desperation ?

    2. OfficialSwishaTV says

      @Pokey, in most teachings, LOA does not recognize positive and negative. it
      simply brings forward what you yourself, harp on or pay attention to, most.
      where as karma is a different energy altogether.

      @virite. Man makes money on lots of things. but spirituality is what it is.
      regardless of how man tries to capitalize on it.

    3. pokey bum says

      +vérité veritas Well thats flawed premise lol LOA is free xD its simply
      belief and emotion and action. Karma is action so thats also free

    4. pokey bum says

      +OfficialSwishaTV Ok im aware of karma is action but a lot of teachers say
      different things about LOA. Do good and be repayed in kind etc? Thing that
      cobfuses me is these tyrants that get away with stuff ie murder etc like
      Rothschilds. Do they have control of their Karma? Do they simply null it

    5. vérité veritas says

      +Trev Tortuga i’m a failure ? You do not know me lol I am a physics teacher
      in France, and I have an amazing wife, Plus I am wealthy. Stop judging

  3. Ana Segui says

    love it !!!

  4. riquenosis says

    Word salad… I love the theory. Show us the people and their actual
    choices based on these theories that create the good life of the beings
    soul. Tired of the word salads… continually redefining what things
    represent doesn’t breed understanding it breeds confusion in my opinion.

  5. Donyk says

    Has anyone became wealthy implementing this system? Curious to know…

    1. beanandpopcorn says

      +Mind-land Hopping LOL! I couldn’t help but laugh at your post it has been
      HOT here in Cali. I live in the Sacramento area and it is always clear
      skies and the sun has full range of you at all times, so annoying. I have
      not chanted but prayed for ‘cloud cover’. Maybe with your chanting and my
      praying we will get some relief! ??

    2. Donyk says

      +beanandpopcorn ?Sacramento? Me too! ?

    3. Xavier Mireles says

      You know man, I’ll get in the zone and watch plenty of these in my
      downtime, or when I want to destress from my routine service industry job.
      I’ll watch so many, and nothing else for as long as it takes for me not to
      remember the last time I gave my devoted painful attention to. When I reach
      the most peaceful(quiet) feeling with that thought, I practice holding onto
      that sensation and looking at what I have to offer the world in terms of
      skills etc, and what my goals are. Then usually in less than two or three
      moments, I will undeniably see steps I could take to reach these goals. In
      this day and age, the internet has made it possible to execute multiple
      steps in a single bound sometimes. Anyway, I’ll do this and find myself
      moving effortlessly with excitement toward executing these goals. It’s
      weird but the more you listen to these the more those future steps you
      should take seem tiny, like oh ya, I should just approach companies this
      way and ask for this much, that kind of thing.

    4. Opal Anderson says

      +Xavier Mireles wow. thank you for saying this. I like how you do this. I
      sit with my specific candles, clothes my eyes, and quiet my mind. i allow
      my thoughts to wonder for about a minute or two to give my conscious a
      chance to bring up things that I need to bypass. I let my thoughts go
      insane and then I purposely quiet them. Then I go into receiving mode,
      breathe through my quotes of manifestation, and wait for my answers,
      knowing that they are there.

    5. Cheyenne Winters says

      +Xavier Mireles totally.

  6. Bliss Wilsun Wilson says

    awesome thank you ☺????????

  7. Nick Ackerman says

    Amazing video, very grateful for this :-)

    1. kalyansingh bagga says

      Nick Ackerman apple boy

  8. vérité veritas says

    on the 440 000 subscribers, who is rich ? Who made it ? Who is a big
    rockstar ?
    Share your stories please lmao

    1. vérité veritas says

      +Trev Tortuga Interesting, do you have an e-mail address or something in
      order to talk more about this ? ( sorry for my bad english I’m french )

    2. Zico Point Du Jour says

      I also have a story

    3. vérité veritas says

      +Zico Point Du Jour I’d be glad to hear it

    4. James H says

      we are all rich. many people in the rest of the world would describe being
      rich as having their own house and food to eat every day. most Americans
      have that and take it for granted

  9. cody gay says

    no one knows moris code anymore, please traslate

    1. Cosmic Pulse says

      Morse Code.

  10. cody gay says

    atleast i dont, please help me understand. i see it, i dont understand

  11. cody gay says

    dm me, please

  12. Robert Jackson says

    These should be put on an audio book.

    1. Trev Tortuga says

      That’s where it was lifted from lol

  13. Sarka Novakovak says

    Funny thing, just few weeks ago, I have started to read the book from
    Charles Haanel, The Masterkey system. He wrote it like 100 years ago. And
    now I see the video here about his teachings? This is LOA ha ha. LOA works
    only for the ones who persist and go on no matter what. Many people
    normally give up when they see no results in short period of time but the
    ones who are patient and always believe in their dreams and goals and work
    it work it work it, never give up , always reach for their dreams and ger
    what they want one day even it seems impossible. Only bests and strongest
    make it to the very wealthy life. Plus Universe will give you ONLY that
    amount of money you have courage to ask for and vibrate with it.

    1. Some Cycling says

      It all comes from within! Have a burning desire

    2. Borchi Borchilo says

      I’ve been studying how to become wealthy and successful and found a
      fantastic resource at Wilfs Wealth Tactic (check it out on google)

  14. jiwon kim says

    i’m a rock n’ roll star yay

  15. Michael Dziak says

    Thank you for this thoughtful presentation of a thought-provoking thesis.

  16. Dan Ortz says

    Silly rabbit trix are for kids.
    Man is only living partial existence because he only attracts to himself.
    The law of attraction is misleading because it does not show the true
    seeker of light how to unite with the higher genius and because man only
    thinks of himself the end times are upon us. And until he seeks the
    bornless part of himself will history and fall befall mankind again and
    again and again.
    Follow that which is eternal and seek the true stone of the wise and in
    doing so you will discover that which mankind once knew and lost and be
    able to unite with it. When that becomes reality no longer will the first
    mind which is the second and given to it by the first. Read the Chaldean
    Oracles to know the truth of the light and how light speaks.

  17. Cheyenne Winters says


  18. Spataro516 says

    Hey i need some suggestions/help i learned about the law of attraction from
    a ufc fighter called conor mcgregor and i believe he changed me and my life
    everyday i dont wanna sound werid or anything but hes in my head 24/7
    everyday and his philosophy i try my best to be similar because i want to
    live my life like he has done his i want to be a ufc champion i want to
    take over the game and get lots of money and give back to my family and
    grow as a person i want to set my self as an example that you can be great
    i need some help im having trouble with this im 15 i havent trained mma or
    anything in sorts but i wanna be the best and i wanna follow the footsteps
    of conor and set up my journey i love to watch ufc and i truely think i can
    be a future ufc super star by i need help with visulization and how to
    start off this journey im willing to put in a hell of time to succeed i
    just need a boost and some help i dont train and i want to have that
    successful confident champion mentality

  19. Joe Morrison says

    Thank you so much for adding chapter 18! Please keep ’em coming! I love it!

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