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The Wayne Dupree Show on RSBN- Thursday, August 25, 2016

Your president Donald Trump


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  1. Carla “DaffieD” Presley says

    This may sound crazy but here goes since our black brothers and sisters
    have seen the light about the Dems they now have a new voting block
    the ilegals coming in
    so now they will be suppressed and slaved for votes
    like yall have been treated

  2. siriusfaith1 says

    Your intro is AMAZING! WHO is the gentlemen speaking during the
    introduction??? Who speaks of “the chump”, this MAN is AMAZING???!!!???
    Wayne DUPREE, WAAR & RSBN.TV !!! All of you are AMAZING!!!

    1. Silver Lady 925 says

      +siriusfaith1 If you have never heard it before, his ‘Message from the
      Grass Roots’ (1963) would be a real eye-opener. Apart from the references
      to Dr. King, President Kennedy and the Big Six, he could be speaking about
      the American picture today. It’s a shame there is no voice like his on the
      scene now, but if you listen to his speeches or read his books there is
      still a lot to be gained from this honest and intelligent man !

    2. siriusfaith1 says

      His message still speaks, through our current ways, RSBN.TV Wayne Dupree,
      Trump, and the original… WE Need More LIKE MINDED people to reach out to
      Black Brothers & Sisters as WE ALL are ONE!!!

    3. Silver Lady 925 says

      +siriusfaith1 Agreed, we start with what we have in common. Let’s make it
      happen !

    4. Icurious14u says

      @silverlady925 Yeah, I was one who just went by what others claimed…I
      was wrong. But I’m wiser now. +siriusfaith1 Good to see someone looking at
      others as people not as a color or race….That was what Liberalism claimed
      to be for years ago when I was young but they have arrayed from that and
      now alls they do is identify us based on our color. That is wrong and the
      problem.We are all of The Human RACE… a darker tan or a birth in a
      different part of the world does not and should not TRUMP the fact that we
      are all of that same Human race and should be treated as
      such…equals….Glad your all a Trump supporter.

    5. Sunny Jo Petry says

      Malcom X does that speech.

  3. Als2Cents says

    Good on you Wayne. Don’t take her crap.

  4. Icurious14u says

    Wayne and crew…calm down….We got this! I saw her speech too and its a
    joke and we all know it.
    Yeah the weak minded will buy into it but its just a sign of desperation.
    Typical Liberal….”Got no, good argument then revert to childish name
    calling tactics.” Real mature.
    But we got this…..I guarantee it. We and the American people for the most
    part, aren’t that stupid kinda hard to be believing or take serious a
    scathing liar/ killer/ money grubbing/ racist in Hillary Clinton.

    1. Icurious14u says

      @Michael Williams …Mike here is Proof that Welfare collecting Liberals
      have too much time on their hands and need to get a job.

  5. Jordan says

    I honestly believe Hillary is hiding so people don’t protest against her in
    addition to not wanting to answer questions truthfully.

  6. Red Warrior says

    Donald Trump released a video on Facebook and Twitter showing Hillary’s
    racist undertones in the 2008 campaign. Please share.

  7. Andrea Ontiveros says

    I love your show. I love Donald Trump !!!

  8. Jeff Strange says

    There only two types of people in this country which are criminals and law
    abide-rs. Everything else is just persuasions to find loop-holes so as to
    develop a larger population of Criminals. It doesn’t matter if you’re black
    or white, a criminal is a criminal.

  9. Gumblina1 says

    Love the show – just wanted to say how cross I am with Hillary, she has
    basically called all us Brits as racists! Farage did not say those things
    in that crazy desperate speech of hers. She is a liar and not worthy of the
    American people full stop. Hillary is borrowing the tactics of Project Fear
    which was used in the Brexit referendum. This failed big time – the last
    thing you do is insult the voters. Project Fear is used by those who have
    no arguments, no reality and are desperate. Hillary has scored a home goal
    against herself.

  10. Debra Connor says

    Have you seen Hillary: the making of the Democratic Party. It talks about
    what you are saying?

  11. Dee Harper says

    Hey Wayne…trump should put up a voting website so TRUMP voters can take a
    pic of their vote and post it…..gets rid of voter fraud..oh, and wear RED
    on election day..

    1. Barb Abner says

      I got to get me a pretty red dress!

  12. David Savell says

    When you have nothing to back up what you have done, such as policies and
    you have the corruption that is hanging over your head. The only card she
    can play is the race card.

  13. Patrick Brain says

    Wayne– America can’t that far apart if that many white people listen to
    and call into your show . Great job man , and Pastor Mark Burns as well ,
    and i’m not even christian .

  14. deplorable vic says

    @birdseyeview next is @kambpv?

  15. Robert Anthony Daem says


  16. peto says

    a good man in the lords eyes

  17. Barb Abner says

    But, Clinton is going to start pandering! You watch. Her camp knows our
    eyes are open.

  18. Pam Kemp says

    Hey you are saying what a lot of things that people in America are saying.

  19. jacquelyn ogburn says

    who do I contact with proof of Facebook watching and deleting comments
    about hillary I have phot proof they did it to me just now a relations
    officer contacted me after I complained about it publicly

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