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The Wayne Dupree Show- Wednesday, July 6, 2016- Guest Scott Baio (FULL SHOW)

Your president Donald Trump

Tonight's Guest: Actor Scott Baio

Watch The Wayne Dupree Show LIVE weekdays at 9:00 PM EDT right here on RSBN! Call the show! (202) 470-6738

Visit Wayne at http://waynedupree.com

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  1. Drinkin Buddy says

    Love the broad caster :)

  2. LoudCitizen says

    Great work, Wayne!

  3. Mikey Doe says

    Hey man you’re doing a great job. Do your thing we ain’t hating. You’ve
    made a great difference thanks to your vids. I’ve been subbed for a long

  4. W.C. K. says

    don’t sweat it bro….wait until everyone finds out that our Messiah is a
    Hebrew Israelite of color.
    Study your Bible. Ahmon

    1. W.C. K. says

      +WolF7 Magic2 , oh brother…I am Caucasian and, am the only one in my
      family as of this time that does not believe that our Savior is a
      white,blonde hair/bkue eyed,pork-eating, son of the Most High 🙁 btw, I
      like your pic

    2. WolF7 Magic2 says

      +W.C. K. Lol thank you, funny reading this though isn’t it obvious that a
      man of Hebrew origin would be a little darker skinned? Idk, just seems like
      common-sense to me. Go figure, maybe your “family” should study into
      geography and Anthropology. Hey man, I’m cool with Christ being purple:)

    3. W.C. K. says

      +WolF7 Magic2 ….Yes, I agree! And you hit the nail on the head….TRUTH
      trumps tradition and ignorance all of the time…sad that some would rather
      be fed lies AND knowingly live them because of pride and ignorance 🙁

    4. WolF7 Magic2 says

      +W.C. K. Yeah I’m not following the absurd ignorance of a color issue,
      really honestly have never viewed through those eyes- guess the BLM people
      are though. Christ united, not divided- in His eyes, as well as my own-
      diversity is beautiful. Kinda makes sense that God would be just as
      creative with humans as He is with other species. It would be so boring
      Glad we see on an equal plane with this, thank you.

    5. W.C. K. says

      +WolF7 Magic2 …amen to that and I feel the same. Thank you also for the
      conversation. Feels good to talk to like-minded…I needed it

  5. mike fromuniontown says


  6. W.C. K. says

    Enjoyed the broadcast! My first time

  7. Joe Northpal says

    @ Wayne Dupree, Scott, other hosts, NeverTrump, and all viewers, this
    election goes much deeper than fixing immediate problems. This election
    goes much further than the nExt 4 or 8 years.
    This election is for the Supreme Court, do you want out and out communists
    who will tear what’s left of the constitution to shreds.
    Like leftists elitists Princeton “historian” Danielle Allen redefining the
    friggin Declaration of Independence.
    The next 1 to 3 possibly 4 Supreme Court appointments that will be there
    interpreting the constitution and law not on the merits but along political

    Look your children, grandchildren in the eyes and explain to them the
    future you are setting for them by your decisions and actions or lack
    of…….. TODAY!

    P.S. VP……… Indiana Governor, Mike Pence.

  8. claudia smith says

    Good Job. Great Job. Strong cities network is global military police.
    Service men can tell you that everyday. God Bless Us an Oath under The U.S.
    Constitution and this Republic.

  9. har0xz says

    who is hutch bailey jr>

  10. DeltaMale says

    Wayne’s still awesome! God bless and guide

  11. l lemons says

    Great show! The Baio’s are lovely people, and they gave a lot of love

  12. Robert Saltzman says

    the Clinton’s own the the fbi

  13. Mary Tea Seven says

    First time listener. Excellent! I will follow the show now.

  14. Nelson Contreras says

    Wayne your doing a get job. Listing for CA.

  15. bigdn dallas says

    Good Job!

  16. Sands of My Beaches says

    Hillary Clinton for prison,

  17. Munky Bidness says

    Wow a good show but the intro is *WAY* too long!

  18. greghjones123 says

    Fantastic show!! Love Wayne Dupree!!!

  19. JoshTheAwesome says

    Will the show still be around when the election is over

  20. ConChaz100 says

    Hosea 4:6 MY PEOPLE Perish from lack of KNOWLEDGE..

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