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The Wikileaks Bombshell You Never Heard About

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While the media was distracting you with Trump saying the word "pussy" 11 years ago, huge revelations emerged.

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  1. BeardedBill86 says

    Why isn’t Trump all over this?

    1. Rachette says

      Have you taken a sneak peek? Look pretty good to me!

    2. Afk says

      Carol Rompca Still could’ve done a far better job in my opinion!

    3. Cameron Duenas says

      BeardedBill86 because he’s utterly incompetent

    4. nick tyler says

      BeardedBill86 lol he’d rather say he’s not putins buddy when the republucan
      moderator gave him a chance to talk about emails #imwiththewinner

  2. candiigurl7893 says

    No, Paul, I’m not surprised, and I’m sure many others aren’t either. The
    best thing we can do is keep ourselves informed so the media won’t pull
    wool over our eyes.

    Thanks for your videos, Paul. Keep it up!

    1. Misanthropic_Asshole says

      You think the mainstream media is able to do so as well because I don’t
      think they can either

    2. Goldfiend says

      I think there can be faults with both mainstream and alternative news. It
      really just depends on things like accountability, creditably, reputation
      and believability. We should be skeptical of everything we read, the more
      outlandish it sounds the less we should believe it. I think that is just
      common sense.

    3. Misanthropic_Asshole says

      Fair enough

    4. Goldfiend says

      Thank you, this has been a very refreshing conversation. =)

    5. Misanthropic_Asshole says

      Goldfiend indeed

  3. Rainman says

    If Trump loses because of that stupid record then america deserve a corrupt
    fucking criminal as their president.

    1. Foghorn Leghorn says

      +OneUltimateWarrior You forgot to include the candidates.

    2. Sith Lord says

      If course it would destroy him Americans care too much about sex. You all
      know he’s gonna lose because of this tape. I’ve come to that conclusion
      since last week

    3. edos2034 says

      But the world does not.

    4. dokerjams says

      +TheArtyFarty They exist, There are people in congress now that are good
      and went for those jobs with we the people in their hops to do good but,
      the problem lye with the lobbyists and the corrupt seem to out # the good
      we can make a stand, their have been million man marches before, heck Bill
      Clinton’s impeachment came at the foot of a protest.

  4. MissMelodia4U says

    If you want to know how “they” created unaware, compilient citizen
    Check out ” Former KGB Agent Yuri Bezmenov Explains How to Brainwash a
    Nation “

    1. Ikrani says

      +Plantagenet Plantagenet
      No, but the increased cooperation and the open invitation of the UN to
      dictate policy of a subordinate country (i.e. Obama deciding to let the UN
      further control handguns) strikes me as Marxist. Marxism, at its core, is
      essentially “needs of the many over the needs of the one”.

      Plus, economic globalism leads to things like the TPP, which is not only a
      terrible idea for businesses in the US, but also the death knell to an
      already decayed copyright law here in the U.S. It’ll essentially be another
      SOPA in the guise of foreign business protection.

    2. Godwinsson77 says

      So let me get this straight, if I can translate what you wrote into
      something resembling plain English … what you are saying is capitalism
      rules by sneakily dividing nations and societies whilst pretending to work
      for the benefit of all. So you are hinting at the existence of a fascistic
      kleptocracy masquerading in socialist clothing. That it?

    3. michaelofsydney says

      Wow…all a bit much for me. Can’t we just put Hillary in jail? That surely
      would be a good start

    4. Plantagenet Plantagenet says

      +Godwinsson77 why are you so hung up on the labels? “Capitalism” is an
      abstract concept with vastly different interpretations and definitions
      depending on who you talk to. My description had more to do with mechanisms
      that can be described as “capitalistic” in nature, but I never made a firm
      and decisive comment on “capitalism” as a big-picture mechanism or on
      “capitalism” as a theoretical construct. My language was fairly clear and
      coherent. You did not need to “translate” anything into English!

    5. Plantagenet Plantagenet says

      +Ikrani neither of those things were advocated for my Marx. They have
      nothing to do with Marx. A supranational structure like the UN may
      theoretically be in accord with some Marxist or socialist ideas, *however*
      the current form of the UN is not at all in accord with the deeper
      ideological motivations of a Marxist mindset.

      TPP is basically a corporatist pro-oligarch piece of international
      legislation. I can’t see how such a highly concentrated amount of *private*
      capital (money) and power being allowed to dictate terms and conditions is
      at all in accord with Marxism. It borders on the delusional to attribute
      such a mess to Marxism!

  5. Check Your Privilege says

    “My opponent is a liar and cannot be trusted”

    1. Brad Booker says

      CultOfMilitarism Political Correctness is the reason no one is talking
      about the REAL rape culture that’s happening in Europe. Because it’s Muslim
      men that don’t see women as people, but as a lower class citizens and do
      what they want to them. It’s the reason a Christian baker got sued because
      he didn’t want to sell to a gay couple, but an Islamic baker can refuse to
      sell to a gay couple because it’s their “right” I’m not even Christian and
      that’s just fucked up. Political correctness is cancer.

    2. Finn McAlinden says


    3. Stephen P. Shaw says

      +OnePoint SixOneEightZero ~ well; that was disgustingly true. lol. 🙂

    4. OnePoint SixOneEightZero says

      +Stephen P. Shaw​ I told you so!

    5. phil mackraken says


  6. Dekaida says

    I can’t praise your work enough, Paul Joseph Watson.

    I hope this gets out to enough people in time. I’d be best in the hands of
    Trump for the third debate.

    That is the best chance of it surfacing. Trump didn’t hesitate to talk
    about Hillary defending a rapist, or covering Bill’s behind on his

    1. Andy Howard says

      +MJ C You didn’t tell me HOW, though. You’re giving me the end goals that
      would be beneficial if achieved, not the processes that would lead to them
      happening. If we don’t go through the traditional legal means, how do we
      achieve progress in sweeping out the corruption?

      Sorry if I didn’t meet your reading comprehension level, I didn’t mean to
      sound close-minded. It’s just that you’re going full idealist here, and I
      can’t really see how a full revolution-type event (that seems to be what
      you’re going for) can happen unless a nationwide catastrophe happens.

    2. MJ C says

      +Andy Howard Way to enact change:
      Start a movement, find a way to gain support for it, find a way to spread
      the word (possibly celebrity endorsement). That would be a plan at it’s
      most basic. Of course an actual plan would far more complex but this is
      just meant to show you how simple it could be to start. The problem with
      this plan is that the vast majority of people are like you (I don’t mean
      that offensively) in that they have more faith in a bipartisan system than
      they would for something that’s an entirely new concept. If someone comes
      out and starts a movement, most people would just call them idealist or
      anarchist. The thing is you cant give true change to people that don’t
      really want it so the movement would almost always fall flat.
      When you say that you would need a nationwide catastrophe to happen, you’re
      actually somewhat correct in that people don’t act unless they have no
      other choice. Most people are proactive that way. History has shown that
      drastic change often only comes in the wake of violent breakdown of a
      system but I would like to believe that we have evolved past that. We have
      the internet, we have the knowledge that our violent ancestors didn’t have

    3. MJ C says

      +Andy Howard Another solution that I’ve thought about before was the use of
      cellphones to allow the public to directly vote for certain laws being
      passed or potential new laws submitted by the public itself. Of course
      there would be several measures of security to ensure that everyone that is
      voting is registered and is who they say they are by using fingerprint
      technology that’s found on iphones and samsung phones these days. We would
      also only have to allow people that are educated on the issues to vote by
      making them take a randomized multiple choice test on those particular
      issues that they are voting for before every vote.
      This another basic outline and would require much more work before it could
      actually be implemented realistically of course but the basic idea of this
      is to give the power of control back to the people. It would greatly
      minimize the roles of politicians in the government to basically being
      glorified bookkeepers. Right now the way we rely so much on politicians is
      based on a framework that was created in a time where it took weeks to get
      a simple letter across the country to communicate basic information. Now
      that we can do that instantly, we should be taking advantage of it.

    4. chooseaname30 says

      +MJ C This is the so pro-nuclear claim: “I don’t want to rule out
      anything,” he said. “I will be the last to use nuclear weapons. It’s a
      horror to use nuclear weapons.” “I will not be a happy trigger like some
      people might be,” he added. “But I will never, ever rule it out.” I don’t
      know how this is sooo pro-nuclear. It’s also a joke that those people claim
      he is dangerous who wants to be at war for like forever because it’s
      profitable. This is yet another overexaggaration to make people scared of
      him while he is constantly campaigning about finishing wars asap. The case
      is, these days if someone or something is attacked by the biggest figures
      of the media which reach the most people all over the world, that person
      would change something. Basically it means that person is not puppets and
      does something he/she wouldn’t be allowed to. Like when some musicians
      start to speak up or sing about things they shouldn’t and suddenly the
      media starts to bash them or stop giving them front pages or suddenly they
      die. That’s the same shi t but on a smaller scale cause they are only
      celebrities and not possible world leaders. Somehow whenever I read or hear
      a claim about Trump, it turns out to be heavily altered or straight up lie
      after like 30 seconds of googling. Why would they do that? Why would the
      current perfect politicians do that? Because that person is not from their
      circle and could reveal a lot. Hell of a lot of crimes, and lifetime
      sentences. This thing would be enough for people to chose: Hillary is
      promigration, Trump is not. I’m from Europe, I see what the open-borders
      cause. That’s the biggest reason why the anti-Trump propaganda exists.
      Current leaders want that to happen besides many fucked up things, it was
      obvious a year ago what will happen, rape, murders and terror attacks while
      they said nothing will.

    5. MJ C says

      +chooseaname30 You see you’re just falling into confirming your biases once
      again. You’re not thinking objectively. This is the truth, Trump has said
      that he hates nuclear proliferation but in the same discussion he said he
      thinks Japan, Saudi Arabia and North Korea should have nukes. Now I
      understand that the notion is that they should be able to protect
      themselves but the problem is that once one nuke is fired it becomes a
      total endgame. The fact is that the more nukes exist, the greater the
      chance of a nuclear holocaust.
      Trump statement are completely contradictory, how can you hate nuclear
      proliferation but at the same want to give more countries the ability to go
      nuclear. He says it’s inevitable that countries will go this way anyways
      but why not try to slow down this process instead of egging it on. This
      wasn’t the only time that Trump has contradicted himself on the nuclear
      option. Just go google it, you’ll see. The problem that because you’ve lost
      the ability to judge objectively you’ll find a way to defend what he says,
      be it through reframing of his statements or negligence of the context.
      Hillary isn’t much better with her trying to go to war with the only other
      country that can actually start a nuclear holocaust at this point.
      Anyways, google ALL of Trumps statements on the nuclear option, be aware of
      possible contradictions (don’t just pretend that they’re irrelevant), just
      try be objective about the way you judge Trump and tell me what you think.
      I personally think that you’ve lost the ability to view this objectively
      but we’ll see…I’ll wait

  7. King Wewuz LXXXVIII says

    A man calling a woman fat, following tax laws, stating sexual desires and
    possible committing adultery – evil, scum of the earth, literally Hitler.
    A woman funding terrorist groups to destabilize other countries, accepting
    bribes from foreign governments, conspiring with other oligarchs to keep
    Americans stupid, and suspected in killing those that try to stop her –
    nothing to see here! You must be sexist if you think there is!!

    Are we in bizarro world?

    1. Bob Sullivan says

      Bizarro World…………..yep, I believe you’re right.

    2. jaree chelenza says

      +mujaku. so true !!! people that take up for Hitlary live in a fantasy land
      under a rock for the last 30 years

    3. jaree chelenza says

      +Ress Ress. Bill Clinton doesn’t care if your a boy or a girl , I know
      there is a rape caught on camera at the pedophile Jeffery Eppstein island,
      Bill C was raping a 13 year old child … off with their heads they should
      be deported or sent to prison THE CLINTONS MUST BE STOPPED !!!!!!

  8. DANIEL JOSLYN (snow monkey) says

    why isn’t anybody talking about the fact that Hillary Clinton was spouting
    conspiracy theories in the debate. I don’t get it .they make fun of Alex
    Jone when he says his conspiracy theories. but Hillary Clinton went on
    about the Russians stealing our election more than once and stealing emails
    with no facts to back up what she was saying. I mean seriously the way she
    was talking seems like she wants to go to war with Russia which will not be
    good for us or the rest of the world

    1. Goldfiend says

      Trump did encourage Russia to find her other missing emails. Did he lie
      about Russian involvement or his he part of the conspiracy nuts as well? I
      mean if they both admit to it is it really a conspiracy at that point? What
      if the emails are a conspiracy as well? Did anyone ever see those emails
      before? Check mate.

    2. DANIEL JOSLYN (snow monkey) says

      he was making a joke

    3. Lybard Hoppe says

      Your comment is a joke, right?

    4. Dillan Brown says


    5. Goldfiend says

      +Dillan Brown

  9. Kyle Reilly says

    Apparently Hillary herself used the term “sand-n*gger” in one of the
    released wikileaks emails too.. It just gets better

    1. Craig Slitzer says

      +Jessie Wilson
      But, but, but, Republicans are wayciss! /s

    2. Dogon Backwards says

      Kyle Reilly You guys are pathetic and uninformed. How low will you go?
      Hillary Clinton did not use the term herself to describe Muslims; she
      forwarded an op-ed piece written by someone else that contained that
      phrase. Do some research.

    3. Craig Slitzer says

      +Dogon Elvis
      Read the fucking thread

    4. Affected Area says

      +Michael Myers Wait what who is the antichrist?

  10. UnaSolida says

    Kinda sad that a dude from the UK is more credible and hard hitting than
    Fox, CNN, NBC, ABC etc combined.

    1. Collective Consciousness says

      Norman RosenKether Your pathetic political correctness and contrived
      narratives won’t help you here.

    2. Collective Consciousness says

      Norman RosenKether Not if Berlin and Brussels get overrun by Mudslimes
      first dimwit.

    3. Plantagenet Plantagenet says

      +marvinc999​ some of those perverse interests are ethnic cleansing.

    4. marvinc999 says

      ” threatening to destabilise the entire region.”

      Let’s hope so !

      Then we can get BACK to sovereign, democratic nation states – dealing with
      other like grown-ups once again.

      (And – before your start – it wasn’t DEMOCRATIC states that went to war
      with each other in the 20th – and previous – centuries).

    5. marvinc999 says

      “the interests of the right wing fringe are basically White Supremacist
      nationalism, a stop to immigration, and ethnic cleansing.”

      If so, then it must be a very SMALL ‘fringe’ !

      Those views bear no relation whatever to those of (eg) Paul Joseph Watson,
      Nigel Farage or any true ‘conservatives/Classical Liberals of my

      Whether ‘traditionally’ Labour- or Conservative-voting.

      Sorry to disappoint you – but if you NEED an Aunt Sally to throw (Leftish)
      brickbats at, try the BNP (or the KKK) !!

  11. AwakeningTVII says

    I can see Clinton Paid Comments coming! TRUMP 2016

    1. Fosphor says

      +Goldfiend That depends on the state of the nation.. If nazis/Isis won the
      election in my country I would welcome the resistance (Extreme answer but
      you get the idea)

      So your idea of peace is who got the biggest nukes, the largest army and
      the most stone cold killers in politics? No pressure no reason to
      coorperate? Sounds dark, not good

    2. Goldfiend says

      We negotiate from a position of power. Speak softly, carry a big stick, and
      you’ll go far.

    3. Fosphor says

      +Goldfiend Sounds like a quote from Warhammer 40k “Walk softly… And carry
      a big gun” hehe. But it is true, not everything can be solved peacefully

    4. Goldfiend says

      Actually it is a famous African saying used by President Roosevelt. Yes,
      when words fail we need to show we can back them up. We will work
      peacefully with those that want it and aggressively with those that don’t.

    5. Fosphor says

      +Goldfiend Oh a big stick! Hah, thanks for sharing 🙂

  12. 19RocknRolla91 says

    A lot of Hillary shills in the comments lol

    1. Stephen P. Shaw says

      +Das Keesk ~ can’t imagine what AI trolls will be capable of in a decade. 🙂

    2. chipj16 says

      +Forza 1892 Being for a warhawk isn’t civilized.

    3. Jack Isaacson says

      Forza 1892 – What a shocker, a muslim who supports Hillary.

    4. eugene “Ivan” doubesfar says

      @ A lot of Hillary shills in the comments lolyes they are shills and
      trolls cause they are not here to read the truth but to spam us and try to
      make us fight with anotherThey also have millions of bots on every news
      paper, you can easily recognize them by there replies.

  13. Thomas Pierce says

    I don’t understand how anyone can vote for Hillary in this election. Sure
    Trump might seem like a racist, or you don’t agree with conservative
    economics or whatever, but everyone knows for a FACT that Hillary is
    corrupt. Why would you vote purposely for a corrupt person? How spiteful,
    ignorant, andstupid can you get?

    1. Collective Consciousness says

      +Thomas Pierce I’m not even a weab though. This is an alt account I
      initially made to not use my main, so this name is no reflection of my true
      thoughts lol

      I’m an African actually and as you know, Africans were enslaved by
      Europeans, Arabs, and even other Africans.

      China, Japan, and (South) Korea worked by themselves to construct fairly
      advanced societies. China did so in ancient times by themselves and Japan
      and South Korea are doing so in modern times with Western influence.

      Oh, and Japan isn’t bogged down by guilt tripping or SJW’s unlike most of
      Western Europe or America.

      I’m only judging this off the fact that they didn’t have to rely on slaves
      or looting to build their civilizations. They did it themselves.

      (Also, Japan makes the best Robots :p)

    2. Collective Consciousness says

      +Ron Manns In this part of Africa, we don’t have basements.
      Nice try.

    3. Ron Manns says

      lol dig one

    4. Collective Consciousness says

      +Ron Manns Nope, I’ve got no reason to.
      We here don’t have tornadoes and earthquakes.

  14. Steve W says

    Has anyone noticed a lot of Hillary trolls on conservative YouTube channels

    1. xkopp375 says

      +None Ya The mother of revolution always eats her own children…

    2. wow123759 says

      Yeah CTR shills are in full force right now. Just ignore every post they
      make on social media

    3. TheSecondR says

      Its those damn Correct The Record faggots, just tell them “$0.17 have been
      deposited into your account -The Clinton Foundation”

    4. xkopp375 says

      +TheSecondR They sell their ‘truth’, their words, their dignity for 17
      cents. Makes you wonder what else they might sell for a dollar…Hmmmm, I
      might buy that!

    5. Laserdemon Frostmage says

      Steve W yes.

  15. sebastionay says

    They Live is about jews.

    1. Affected Area says

      A few years ago, I and others had no idea jews like you existed. Now there
      are quite a few of you online. I welcome this development.

    2. Affected Area says

      Have you heard the theory that the mark of the beast is to give us extra
      chromosomes/change our DNA and that all this transgender crap is
      pre-brainwashing for the big change to being future Baphomets ie. male and

    3. sebastionay says

      +Affected Area He said on Twitter that ”They Live” is a documentary a few
      days before he suddenly died.

    4. divinasion says

      *It’s about the members of Elite bloodlines that carry Extra-Terrestrial
      DNA, infiltrated into the highest levels of society without the public’s

      Whether some of those bloodlines happen to be *”Jews”* (*read: Zionists*)
      or not, is besides the point.

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