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Themed Chess Sets – Battle of the Alamo

Of course you don’t remember the Alamo, we couldn’t possibly have been there. We have heard it told through history however and know of the significance of the battle. It was a central point in Texas history when Mexico launched an attack that lasted 12 days on the Alamo mission. On February 23, 1836 a group of Mexican soldiers, 1,500 in number descended on what is now known as Texas to reclaim it for their own. After 12 days of skirmishes the Mexican troops made a third attempt to infiltrate the Alamo on March 6th. This time they were successful and the Texan troops did not have the manpower and could not fight them off.

On April 12 that same year, Texan’s launched a surprise attack on the Lynchburg Fort where Mexican military were caught off guard and the battle ended within 18 minutes. The next day Mexican President Santa Anna was captured and forced to ‘remember the Alamo’ and order the Mexican Troops out of the new republic now known as Texas.

The colorful Alamo themed chess set is a novel set, like a time capsule going back to the 1800’s and reliving how Texas came to be. Frontiersman William Barrett Travis and his army can face off against the then Mexican President General Santa Anna. Complete with horseman and cannons and the colors donned at the battle this detailed chess set will really make a statement.

This piece of history will serve as a memory of the historic and fateful events during the struggle for control over Texas. For collectors, history buffs, students studying history, people in Texas, anyone can enjoy the meaning and relevance of these unique historic pieces. Consider a themed Alamo chess set for your own home or a unique gift. We trust the games shouldn’t last the full 12 days but also think that reclaiming the titles will take more than 18 minutes!

Source by Steven Barnhart

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