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Theories About Kids’ Movies That Will Ruin Your Childhood

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What darks secrets are the Minions hiding?! 10 Theories About Kids' Movies That Will Ruin Your Childhood! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

On the surface, children’s movies present a lot of entertainment and great stories. While there is a lot of stuff jam-packed into 90 minutes of action, it also makes it a lot easier for viewers to miss small details and critical information. Thanks to savvy film fans, these details can be presented in some crazy film theories that have spread through the years. See the list and how it will change your childhood memories forever.

In the Home Alone movies, Kevin loved to set traps for robbers, but what if his fascination for violence went a little too far and he became the jigsaw killer from Saw? E.T. clearly comes from another planet, but what if that planet was located in a galaxy, far, far, away?! There are multiple connections between him and the Star Wars universe. The Santa Clause is a happy Christmas film, but many people have questions about the head elf Bernard and his role in the North Pole. Was he the previous son of Santa? All of the characters in Shrek come from various fairy-tales, but Donkey’s backstory is never really explained. Some speculate that he was actually a boy that was transformed into a Donkey on Pleasure Island. The characters in the Nightmare Before Christmas all live in Halloweentown because they have suffered violent deaths including broken necks, electrocutions, and being burned alive. The plot and story of Toy Story 3 has many similarities to the holocaust. Other movies with crazy theories includes Hocus Pocus, Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid, Monsters In, Brave, and the Tim Burton Batman films.


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  1. Logan Frye says

    Do the best horror movies

  2. Asiyah Arrasheed says

    I always thought the minions were created by Dr. nefario…

    1. A La Mode Wedding Services says

      Asiyah Arrasheed

    2. Sicko 13 says

      Asiyah Arrasheed i

    3. Kamron Harris says

      A La Mode Wedding Services poxxh

    4. Roblox fan and more also Pre hacker says

      Ummm you are right from the past

  3. Maya says

    This channel is a master in #ruiningchildhood

    But l love it!

    1. Born to be Domestic says

      No it’s not animation domination is

    2. dark angel m says



      no zone-tan does that

  4. Supernatural Fan says

    Who doesn’t love minions?

    Shane Dawson…

    1. Hello Kenzie says

      Supernatural Fan true

    2. Logan Hamilton says

      Supernatural Fan Who doesn’t love minions? The UK

    3. WildCard811 Time says

      Supernatural Fan

    4. Olivia Magaro says

      Supernatural Fan (ding)

  5. Samantha Gutierrez says

    Wait! what’s a jigsaw?

    1. Ian Martinez says


    2. Ryan Derp says

      Mr Gold Films No. You’re wrong.

    3. Mr Gold Films says

      Ryan Derp trust me I know what jigsaw is, it cab also mean a puzzle tho

  6. Mia Sparkle says

    Bee movie

    1. curious rainbow cheetah23 says

      *YA LIKE J A Z Z ?*

    2. Nancy Bickers says

      curious rainbow cheetah23 qgģGvvs c-‘z?????????ffffff

    3. Lily Amanti says


    4. NS Gaming says

      Mia Sparkle well nah

  7. artisticAnarchy says

    When i saw “E.T. is a Jedi” I practically lost my sh-t ??

    1. Mateo says

      artisticAnarchy It makes too much sense. I knew they were in Ep1, but I never thought of back tracking to ET, like not even enough to say, hey he is from Star Wars.

      Which means, 80’s earth exists some time during Yoda’s life.

    2. Big NIck says

      I had a similar thought about e.t when i saw star wars ep1

    3. Nanubot says

      It breaks the fourth wall. Someone dresses up as Yoda, which means that the Star Wars movie franchise exists. Why would the actual world of Star Wars be present in a universe where Star Wars is a fictional movie series on Earth? Directors are allowed add in funny easter eggs that aren’t supposed to make sense without some guy thinking he’s clever when he looks way too far into a gag.

  8. Patricio Lozano says

    I still like minions

    1. Afro Monkey says

      Patricio Lozano it must feel good to be wrong

    2. OMEGABET says

      well it’s your choice. you didnt do anything wrong.

  9. Faze Booce says

    If you hear closely with headphones you can hear how he breathes deeply after every sentence.

    1. Space Skeleton says

      I can hear him without headphones

    2. Tuskve says

      Lol I can hear it.

    3. saya_loves_you says

      Faze Booce yeah I turned my headphones up and heard it

    4. Ranky Ninja12 says

      Faze Booce lol u can

    5. あしゅり うめざき says

      Faze Booce tbh it’s actually pretty funny ?

  10. Alejandro Medina says

    Screenrant why YouTube send me this…

    1. Alejandro Medina says

      I new about about trazan & beuty and the besat

    2. Juhraffe says

      Alejandro Medina wut

    3. Miguel Dgreatest says

      Alejandro M

    4. Chef Clover says

      Alejandro Medina scuze me what

    5. Sreeto says

      the emojis mean ned Movie.

  11. Trikkster says

    If the minions were created by nazis then how are they around with the dinosaurs

    1. Animatronics Bros says

      Trikkster mayby there was a world war with dinosaurs and soo dinosaurs created them in the past! XD

    2. Ana The gamer says

      Trikkster sooooo true

    3. KungFu Balkan says

      Trikkster They were also created by nazis.

    4. lakituguy says

      The theory was made BEFORE the movie that explains their origins

  12. ArcticPawz 4Ever! says

    Did u have to do this? U ruined my bros life.

    1. Alexandra Nicholas says

      ArcticPawz 4Ever! Well it’s your fault for watching it

  13. Tori Smith says


    1. Emily LuvsCats says

      Tori Smith Princess Leia #ripCarrieFrancesFisher

    2. izzy principe says

      Tori Smith mine is rey

    3. izzy principe says

      Emily Burrows. ? princess Leia.

    4. OH YEAH says

      Tori Smith obi one

    5. Tuskve says

      Han Solo

  14. ClassicSpace-Shirt-Guy says

    Minions is not a good movie, and it’s not an origin story because it never explains what they are or where they came from

    1. ROBERT CURTIS says

      Morgan boone lol

    2. Violin Killa says

      I thought the opening sequence explained that…

  15. Nick says

    0:46 “who doesn’t love minions?” pretty much everybody

    1. Rawson Lie says

      Nick Amen

  16. Gia Johndon says

    whats a Judi??

    1. luckysniper Gaming ftw says

      Gia Johndon a Jedi is a fictional thing in a movie and comic book franchise

    2. Matthew Gatton says

      Gia Johndon ???

  17. RonniesWorld says

    *Who doesn’t love minions?*

    Me: Shane Dawson

    1. Watertitan37875 says


  18. Space Skeleton says

    I thought the minions were created by


    1. Epic Angel. And more says


    2. Milaan TTD says

      Raptor Gaming 2 just my opinion.

    3. Zoloz469 says

      Space Skeleton minions are his punching bags

    4. l a n z n y says

      Space Skeleton **dead and unfunny meme**

  19. AmethystGalaxy Gaming says

    but if boo is a witch, what about the time period, the movie brave looks like it was a time before monsters inc like how boos room looks

    1. Norah Lehmann says

      She spends so much time in the past that she grows old there

    2. Teh Mythical Pineapple says

      She uses the doors to go back in time. Lots of YouTubers have done videos in it and they’re actually really interesting

    3. AmethystGalaxy Gaming says

      thx all of u

    4. Teh Mythical Pineapple says

      AmethystGalaxy Gaming you’re welcome

  20. TheYanderePikachu says

    i love these movies and your channel is great, but these theories are rubbish.I know when a theory is believable but these are just horrible

    1. Templar Knight says

      They didn’t make them >_>

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