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‘There is NO win-win deal’ Furious German MEP says Britain must LOSE from Brexit ‘mistake’

In his remarks Mr Blair, who was attending the meeting due to his role in the Northern Ireland peace process, said keeping a close relationship between the UK and the Republic of Ireland was vital after Brexit. 

He said: “Whatever disagreements I have with the British government over Brexit more generally, there is a real consensus across the British political system that we must do everything we possibly can to keep to the present situation between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland as similar to what we have at the moment as we possible can and do all we can to minimise any potential disruption.

“There is a really common desire whatever other issues there are in relation to Brexit to make Northern Ireland a special case and make sure we do whatever we possibly can to protect the peace process and to protect that strong relationship between the Republic of Ireland and the UK going forward.” 

The meeting was also attended by Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, another member of the EPP, after he gave a speech to the Irish parliament yesterday outlining his hopes for a future EU-UK deal. 

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