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These Canadian soldiers can deconstruct and reconstruct a Jeep at lightning speed

This group of Canadian soldiers can disassemble and reconstruct a Jeep in a matter of minutes. And here you thought the pit crews at a NASCAR race were super quick when they changed a tire on a race car. That’s nothing compared to the speed of of this crew.

The video, which was filmed in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, shows the group of eight men stopping their Jeep in the middle of the road then hopping out and breaking it down piece by piece.

First comes the hood of the car.

Then all the other “loose” parts.

They took apart everything rendering the Jeep absolutely useless and unrecognizable.

And if disassembling the Jeep in a few short minutes wasn’t impressive enough, the soldiers reassembled the vehicle and then drove off like nothing ever happened.

Source: Crew tears apart and rebuilds jeep in minutes by streetcarboy on Rumble

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