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New Tech Evo

Forget about NETFLIX this FREE APK is Great for Movies and TV SHOWS

http://123netflix.com – watch it in your browser or get the APK!


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  1. Terry Stokes says

    just installed on fire stick but can’t control anything….is it compatible with the stick

    1. Anwer Esttaifan says

      Terry Stokes yes it is compatible with fire stick but you need to download and use mouse toggle for fire tv App

  2. bernard barfield says

    Do it work for Fire Sticks? An Amazon TV?

    1. Wilfredo Martínez says


    2. kristi8431 says

      bernard barfield yes, he says it at the beginning of the video

  3. Trademark_I3 says

    I downloaded the apk! And it’s not working for me ?. Im watching a black screen ?. Think I will stick with Kodi ??. Thx bro!! ????

    1. newtechevolution says

      Trademark_I3 u can also use the website..

    2. nizar dawood says

      Nice apk tanks,but please how can I choose different languages for the subtitles (there is only english

    3. Damon Stacey says

      not working ,no site found

    4. Sophia Tolbert says

      I just downloaded it on my fire stick and it’s showing everything but it’s not letting my remote control do nothing at all

    5. Paul Smith says

      Sophia Tolbert If you have ES explorer on yor home screen you can go into this and install a mouse toggle for yor remote then you would be able to use 123 netflix.Go into youtube on yor fone and type in how to install mouse toggle for fire tv remote

  4. Clarence Jones III says

    Nothing but a black screen. No way to change the settings on my Matricom Q box.

  5. jwwe1 says

    I’m using the fire stick and it’s letting me scroll through the app.

  6. Loretta Bridges says

    Does 123 Netflix on your computer allow you to cast to your TV? I don’t like to watch movies on the computer screen. Thanks.

    1. suspekt29 says

      Invest 35 dollars and get yourself a Chromecast. Problem solved.

  7. rrazak74 says

    it jus bring me to a browser pg n not a apk…

  8. Free Cable Guy says

    BOOO!!!…Will NOT work on firestick WITHOUT Mouse toggle

    1. newtechevolution says

      Free Cable Guy mouse toggle is #1

  9. peter russell says

    It work’s brilliant, you are worth following my friend .

  10. sweet az a nut jutt says

    when i click the apk to download nothing happens

  11. Not Telling says

    Why did you say you don’t need a mouse? I can’t scroll down on firestick!

    1. 504boi8wd says

      Same here

    2. John Amato says

      504boi8wd same here

  12. Herold says

    the website is blocked by my anti-malware

  13. jOSh fRUSANTe jR says

    i try the browser and everything works!!! thanks

  14. marcus ivy says

    I keep getting a message saying it’s not licensed, is that normal?

  15. Robert Tremonte says

    hey try replace next flix i wont down load for me

  16. Benvindo Rodrigues says

    Good morning how can I put subtitles in the movies?

  17. Paul Smith says

    installed 123 netflix and so far it’s brilliant ?

  18. james creighton says


  19. Richard Perry says

    meh terrarium still beats all these new ones

  20. Dave Jackson says

    Sorry bruh needs more work plays behind the main screen give me an email and I will send a vid could be good tho

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