This Boy Got an Epic Surprise at the Airport



Sean, a 12-year-old Irish boy, looks exhausted. Two of his family members are flying off to Spain for a holiday and he was kind enough to accompany them to the airport. We can only guess his family told him it would be nice to give them a proper send-off, or maybe even to help with the bags.

It definitely seems like they need his help right off the bat.

Standing in the parking lot outside the airport, the family is chatting and joking with one another. Sean is standing tiredly, holding a sandwich in his hand, completely oblivious to the fact that he’s being filmed by a relative.

Whoever is filming reminds Sean’s grandma that she wanted him to check the boarding passes for her. She takes out her phone and hands it to Sean, who quickly opens it up and starts to flip through her apps. The man behind the camera points out the app for the airline, and Sean presses on it.

Little does he know that he’s about to get a major surprise — or that it’s all being caught on tape.

The cameraman directs him to the correct links on the airline app so that he can “check the boarding passes for them”. He instructs Sean to scroll through the two passes, just to make sure that their names and flight times are right.

RumbleSean clicks on the first one, which is for Jennifer McGraw, and it checks out alright. The cameraman tells him to scroll to the second one, for Anthony McGraw, and that seems fine. But then Sean scrolls over one more time — and his reaction is immediate.

The boy quickly steps back from his family, exclaiming “What?!” as a smile slowly spreads across his face.

“Have a nice time in Spain, buddy,” the cameraman says, as a shocked Sean continues to back away from his family and the camera.

Around him, his family starts to chuckle, and Sean realizes that this is actually happening: his family has surprised him with a ticket to visit Spain with his relatives. And when that hits him, he immediately begins to tear up.

He gets hugs from his family, who are obviously loving that they got him SO good! Sean clearly didn’t have the slightest idea that this could be happening, and his family is thrilled by his overjoyed, emotional reaction.

From the trunk of a nearby car, the cameraman hands Sean a red suitcase and a passport, which the young man takes in a daze.

But the best part of the video (in my opinion) hasn’t even come yet! The man behind the camera cracks a joke about how funny it would be if they were lying and he wasn’t going to Spain, which has the boy questioning EVERYTHING about this grand gesture.

You have to watch the entire thing — from his tearful reaction to him checking his suitcase to make sure there are actually clothes inside — in the video below! It’s such a heartwarming moment, it’s guaranteed to lift your spirits and make you smile!

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