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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Paul Joseph Watson for Infowars reports, Newspaper publisher Josef Joffe came up with a not so novel idea to remove Donald Trump from office; have someone in the White House murder him. After a caller to the show asked the panel if there was “still a way out of the Trump catastrophe” to remove him from office, one female panelist began discussing how she thought Trump might be impeached before his first term was up.

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German Newspaper Publisher: Murder Trump to Get Him Out of Office

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  1. The Unknown says

    Most of the German press is just as bad as the U.S. press.

    1. Collective Consciousness says

      It’s controlled af man

    2. Robert Ramsey says

      The Unknown how come Fox news isn’t ever mentioned is it because they tell
      you fucking idiots what u want to hear it’s bad when lies become the truth
      to you fucking assholes y’all get brainwashed real easily

    3. duncan walker says

      Robert Ramsey why don’t you Google aleistar Crowley. Continue onto bohemian
      grove. With a bit of luck you click on the disinformation sites. If you are
      able to tell the difference that is

    4. Collective Consciousness says

      +Robert Ramsey Because despite their failures they’re not owned by Zionist

    5. Collective Consciousness says

      +duncan walker He’s the Grandfather of George W. Bush.

  2. Margaret Menefee says

    Im sure they are run by islamic extremists since Germany is no longer a
    free country…The people are once more being guided by killers like the
    nazi govt in WW11. They just hadnt figured it out yet. I wonder how many
    women and children will be raped, sodomized and murdered by islamic
    refugees before they take their country back.

    1. Samier S says

      April Black I not mean the Jewish people.. I mean this secret Zionist group
      who say they believe in god but worship demon’s.. they not want everybody
      else to know about their secret agenda.

    2. Orbiting Eyes says

      Samier S, you mean Soros family and their Open Society stooges.

  3. Tina Ho says

    The left all over the world promotes this kind of violence and has this
    kind of hatred all the time. So what else is new?

    1. Neymar Jr says

      Tina Ho yes and they are the reason countries go to war. let kill them
      all.then we will see real peace.

    2. Tina Ho says

      +Neymar Jr is it possible?

    3. Bernie DIAPER SANDERS Lukso says

      Neymar Jr , their love for islamists is their mental illness. islam must
      die. kill it now.

  4. Deplorable Rob says

    I think it’s time Merkel got removed from her evil regime. Leave our
    country and our President Trump alone!!

    1. sneekie pete says

      +some human who is he yelling at?…i dont see a john hillman post?…

    2. some human says

      +sneekie pete I don’t know I didn’t see that post either I just saw Jans

    3. some human says

      +sneekie pete by the way your name is awesome lol

    4. sneekie pete says

      +some human thanks..can u tell i like pool..?..like yours also..?

  5. Caffine addict says

    I will elimate Werner schnitzels from my diet now.

    1. SiLeNCel2 says

      1. “eliminate”
      2. “Wiener Schnitzel”
      3. Wien = Vienna, Austria. Not Germany.

    2. ramming n slammin says

      +SiLeNCel2 elliminate merkel

    3. CuriousFurious58 says

      Make Schnitzel out of Merkel = Berliner Schnitzel.

  6. Kenneth Truitt Jr says

    trump is my president

    1. suehorse says

      Kenneth Truitt Jr Sherriff Trump and posse draining the YUGE swamp!!

    2. Xav Mill says

      Kenneth Truitt Jr I like the germans

    3. Danger Level 10 says

      Xav Mill The Muslims are winning, because they compromised every western
      civilized country. Now it will be civil war in every country trying to kill
      their muslim problem. Because if Muslims were loving people. They wouldn’t
      act like savages in the streets of France, England, Germany, Poland, and
      anywhere else that took them in. End this madness Europe!

  7. Angela Nicholson says

    Ah, a German Nazi. There’s a novelty!

    1. Ronald Lenz says

      Bless Israel or be cursed.

    2. madmoiselle007 says

      F**** Israel

    3. bill johnson says

      Kill the PA terrorists.

  8. Fred Leparski says

    Germany is compromised there over runned with Muslims they took in to many
    of them and there going to have to have a civil war just to get them out
    Germany should look around its own country little bit

    1. Care Bear says

      Texas Proud and his son,,,he is just as Evil?

    2. kandysman86 says

      Texas Proud soros is just a 1 star general in the plot to rule this planet
      and it’s people. At least we are shooting for their generals now.

    3. Texas Proud says

      It is time that they start taking them all out!!

    4. Fred Leparski says

      Wayne Miller that’s fine call me lol

  9. christopher tucker says

    trump just cost the germans 100 million dollars so they are just butt hurt

    1. King Richard says

      Lol Cute

    2. Joe Bloe says

      +christopher tucker
      100Millions? Migrants alone cost us 22 Billions per year, so we laugh about
      100 Million Dollars.
      Dont get it wrong, the german people fully support Donald Trump. Its just a
      few sick people we need to get rid of.

    3. Angela Nicholson says

      Joe Bloe Just hope the Germans don’t fall for that SPD party headed by
      Schulz “pretending” to be opposing Merkel’s party, for a win, win game to
      keep the EU alive.

    4. Joe Bloe says

      +Angela Nicholson
      Thats the danger i see. It’s either Merkel or a red green coalition. One is
      worse than the other, both will end up in civil war. But, surprises happen,
      as with your Trump. I can tell you its not too early to grab your weapon
      and go marching towards Reichstag, there is more than enough reason.

    5. Angela Nicholson says

      Joe Bloe You’re right! I really hope the German people stand up strong
      before it’s too late. Can only hope Germany has your own Trump.

  10. Stavey Putin says

    Trump has done more for our country in 8 days than Obozo in 8 years. Even
    the few man hating women I know are seeing that he is actually MAKING
    AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. As long as he delivers on what he promised. So far he
    either embrace and love our country or

    1. lorcis1 says

      Stavey Putin libtards, kill yourselfes now, save the gene pool

    2. Gandolf the Magenta says

      lorcis1 If we’re saving gene pools here, I think you should kill yourself
      too. I want to the future generations to be able to spell “yourselves”

    3. Bernie DIAPER SANDERS Lukso says

      lorcis1 . One word for zombie liberals infected with liberavirus…..
      HARIKIRI !

    4. Danger Level 10 says

      Bernie DIAPER SANDERS Lukso no hablo Español.

  11. Republic of MAC says

    Wow, that is evil and serious.

    1. Carl Brown says

      +ERGA 2016 Freedom of speech should not be so laxed to include the threat
      of anyone.

    2. ano nimos says

      extradition for terrorist Josef Joffe
      Now the drone may be useful if not delivered quicly.
      German gov control press tighly. This frauf Merkel statement echoing

  12. Womack Mining says

    Gary – It goes to show just how far and deep the corruption runs. Plain and

    1. Brutis Bear says

      The secret deep state is in every nation directing its will through sock

    2. Gez501 says

      Womack Mining: Blame the German DVD Secret Service operatives who have
      deeply infiltrated American Government and Society from top to bottom. Its
      the same in the UK. Soros, as a Jewish child, used to help identify fellow
      Jews to be rounded up by the Nazis for extermination. He publically said in
      an interview it was the best time in his life.

    3. model nutty says

      Gez501 you really need to look at Shrimpton more critically. israeli dual
      citizens in power in the USA are NOT “German DVD”

    4. ano nimos says

      german DVD is ssaded
      extradition for terrorist Josef Joffe
      Now the drone may be useful if not delivered quicly.
      German gov control press tighly. This frauf Merkel statement echoing
      mos[t]sad. If die Zait sound like CNN coz the same control behind.

  13. Hot Bullet says

    Tell the German Press to suck it up.. TRUMP is the best PRESIDENT in
    America’s history!

    1. Diane Can says

      Bullet Hot WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

  14. Yahnah Lynn says

    The Lord Jesus Christ is raising up His army, but the enemy (satan) is
    also. Anyone who has ears to hear will know this is happening. If you need
    to leave a nasty comment, go ahead, I just won’t reply.

    Thank you Gary, for doing all that you do to bring us the Truth !!

    1. Queen of Hearts Baby says

      Yahnah Lynn Should USA Support ?❗????
      That’s Europe’s Problem ❗❗❗

    2. Linda Stevens says

      Forgive those who trespass against us!

    3. John Kelly says

      Yahnah Lynn Grow up its 2017 and you believe in made up god and flying

  15. Morningflower j.foster says

    Sounds like the German people have the same paytosay/psycho journalist as
    the USA…
    Unprofessional, to say the least.

    1. Lori Hopkins says

      I felt sorry for the Germans for the problems they’re having with muslims.
      NOT NO MORE!

    2. Morningflower j.foster says

      Lori Hopkins
      They have mainstream news like us. They don’t speak for the people anymore.

    3. Morningflower j.foster says


    4. So dark her hair says

      Morningflower j.foster

      Very true. Whether you’re in America or Europe, the difference between
      public and published opinion is significant to say the least…

  16. AtomicPickle1 says

    Love how they talk impeachment when the man hasn’t done anything to be
    impeached. The left is nothing more than a mental illness.

    1. Morgan P says

      Gary Bullwinkle you wouldn’t buy a German car because you don’t like their
      leader. I guess Germans didn’t like any of your leaders then. or do they
      not buy American cars because they’re crap.

    2. Tim Sr. says

      BMW , VW are in the dealer getting rebuilt at 45,000 miles my chevy has
      250,000 with 100,000 more to go at least

    3. Kiana Lee says

      AtomicPickle1 Right on! Now they are protesting refugee ban. Funded by
      Soros of course.

  17. Raisa Irvin says

    i am from ukraine and they kill my father all family,so f..ck u

    1. Bernie DIAPER SANDERS Lukso says

      Raisa Irvin , relax. Those who did the crime are themselves already dead.
      Move on, be happy and live the life you deserve.

    2. Spiky Viking says

      Ramped Upp Jews slaughtered 12million Ukrainians and other eastern
      europeans and a further 50+ million white christians in russia…

    3. ano nimos says

      if you are bandera as is now ukr gov: idi swowoch w pizdu kozy jebaty
      victoria nuland majdan was kiked 2 days ago out of state dept.
      some ukrainians were worse than soviet’s *ews.
      if you are real Ukrainian patriot vse zdorovia !

    4. smile777ify says

      Рая вы открыли ящик пондоры

  18. BLANKIO says

    Germany is full of Hitler devil’s

    1. claudius tanski says

      There are a lot of Germans who pray for president Trump ! I am one of them !
      God bless President Trump ! God bless America !

    2. Palmira Enriquez says

      claudius tanski —— Amen! , Thank you.

    3. Mary Ann Nicholls says

      Manny Ortiz

      Gotta luv conversing with a person of ‘letters’!

    4. jcheeseman21 says

      Manny Ortiz you need to have your dam head examined man, you have
      completely lost your mind.

  19. Kelly Falloxe says

    Trump T-Shirt Giveaway Promotion on TrumpRights,com ( only small shipping
    fee on these ) Support Trump and Build That Wall!

    1. Roland Specht says

      HELL I want at least 3 how much?

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