This is What a Social Justice Warrior Looks Like


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Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the NEW face of feminism and social justice…..TRIGGLY PUFF!

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    • +The Funny Viking Girl​ “A group of engineering students from Purdue
      University reported that its licking machine, modeled after a human tongue,
      took an average of 364licks to get to the center of a Tootsie
      Pop. Twenty of the group’s volunteers assumed the licking
      challenge-unassisted by machinery-and averaged 252 licks each to the
      center.”….Now the world knows?

  1. There’s no way the hippies in the 60s were like this. Even the people
    living in those communes who were high 24/7 and never showered were far
    less disgusting than the most respectable SJW of today. It’s probably
    because those hippies were real liberals, whereas SJWs are fascists in

    • Most hippies in the 60’s were laid back and peaceful. They’d chill out and
      not attack anyone, even if you insulted them at which they’d say you need
      to find your inner-child and smoke a joint.

    • 1Dudelove, Are you kidding?
      Do you even know anyone who lived through that particular era in time?
      Hippies did a lot of assaulting back then. Hippies didn’t just sit around
      campfires singing “Give peace a chance,” they were also involved in a lot
      of violence as well.

    • lot of 60s hippies used to give servicemen grief and scream “baby killer”
      at them when they came home from vietnam and hate on them.

    • personally. i think Communism is indeed better then feminism. but not
      better then capitalism. but WAY better then socialism. in that time the
      russians ruled the land with an iron fist. maybe not the best time for the
      people there. but atleast the did not turned into. these. walking boilers
      that blow steam off

  2. I think Trigglypuff is hilarious because she is so ridiculous! Don’t know
    why people are so upset about her, how could anyone take something like her
    seriously? She is comedy gold in its most outrageously ridiculous form!

    • I can not imagine someone like Trigglypuff ever achieving a position of
      power such as you are saying though! Although I could see her getting some
      sort of administrative job in the IRS and would report the slightest
      anomaly in someone’s tax records to the authorities and that poor soul
      would then be thrown in jail. She looks like one of these snivelly
      miserable bureaucrat types with those horrible glasses. But no I don’t
      think she could ever be a president or part of the global elite! That would
      be just too crazy in a world that’s already crazy enough!

  3. somebody once said that when women stopped being ladies they forgot to
    learn to be gentlemen. the old line feminists who got us the vote would be
    horrified at the immorality perversion and abortion and some of the
    displayed behavior. we need some woman warriors with clubs and spears to
    kick these people’s butts oh well, that was centuries ago more than that in
    some places.

  4. The sad moment when kids who never worked, never read Marx, Chomsky or
    Luxembourg and see communism as a safe space identify themselves as
    communists. This is why we need Stalin to come back.

  5. On her profile it says that she’s looking for casual sex but just who in
    their right mind would want to put their genital inside that thing?