This Rapping Family Doesn’t Miss a Beat!


Let’s face it, most pregnancy announcements aren’t necessarily known for their creativity. After all, having a baby is serious business, so most times expectant couples feel that a screenshot of a sonogram will suffice.

Now, we’re not trashing any of the more traditional parents out there, but we do think it’s about time that we shine a spotlight on those who introduce their soon-to-be bundles of joy in the most unique ways. Case in point: this family who told their loved ones of the blessed news through a rap!

You read that right—a family actually wrote a rap song about their unborn baby. In their video announcement the rapper – er, we mean, dad – spits out the lyrics while his wife Sarah and two kids, Joey and Adele, act as his backup dancers.

The song, which is appropriately-titled “Thrice Thrice Baby,” is heavily-inspired by Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby”—but we think that we like this version even more than the original. After all, this rapping daddy does have some seriously mad skills!

Rapper and proud father Rick Weber says that he couldn’t be happier that his creative rap went viral. “We have received nothing but positive feedback from our friends and family. Many of them have said this is the best baby announcement they’ve ever seen,” says Rick.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the poppa is actually a real-life musician who loves to create parody songs of his own. He even ranks Weird Al Yankovic as being one of his “favorite artists.”

So, it’s not shocking that, when Rick’s wife told him that they were expecting their third child, he wanted to incorporate his love for humor and music into the event. “When Sarah told me she wanted to do something fun for our announcement, I immediately began planning,” the dad remembers.

The talented guy noodled on the idea for a while, until he finally struck hip hop gold when he came up with the hilarious title. “I began with songs featuring the word ‘baby’ and soon thought of ‘Ice Ice Baby’. Then, I realized this would be our third child, and ‘thrice’ fit perfectly with the song, so I just went along with it,” the dad reveals.

Though the Weber’s are still unsure of the baby’s gender, they know that they will be expecting either him or her sometime in the autumn. The brilliant lyricist managed to take this key fact and even insert it into the last bit of the rap so as to better inform his viewers. He wraps up the song with:

Thrice, thrice baby, two boys, two boys,

Thrice, thrice baby, two girls two girls,

Thrice, thrice baby, this fall, this fall

Pretty brilliant, huh?!

This is one pregnancy announcement that you have to see to believe! Just click on the video below to watch the Weber family’s fruitful approach to parenthood. That performance sure beats passing around a sonogram!

What do you think of the Weber family rap? Have you ever done something similar? How did you handle your pregnancy announcements?