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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | The Conservative Tribune reports, Newly elected Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez’s announcement last Friday that her department would not be cooperating with federal immigration authorities has inspired a brutal chastening by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

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Texas Orders Sanctuary Sheriff to Start Enforcing the Law or Lose Funds

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  1. ADOLF HITLER says

    Anti globalism/communism = anti semitism

    1. Patrick McGilvery says

      America first is also anti Semitic.

    2. Raghnall MacPhadraig says

      Borders = anti semitism

    3. Yuki _ says

      ADOLF HITLER not marrying a semite =ant semetic

    4. Jawa Sawana says

      Not true.. identity politics needs not be in the equation.. play the
      race/religion game and you only co-validate the radical left.

    5. Derkatron Johnson says

      ADOLF HITLER gas the kikes

  2. Deplorable Rob says

    Don’t mess with Texas, Islam!!

    1. John Smith says

      +Goswellen Jorae Tommy except when it comes to fracking lol

    2. Jake Johnston says

      Howdy neighbor. They are already here! They have been here for awhile.
      There’s a stronghold or camp in Sweeney, TX where they won’t let you even
      drive by down there road (County Road 3). Guards come out to make sure you
      don’t stop to take a peek, they are walled up and practicing their hand to
      hand fighting and shooting techniques as we speak. This is truly a
      terrorist jihadist enclave for a Pakistani militant group called Jamaat
      ul-Fuqra. Its members are devoted followers of Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani,
      an extremist cleric in Pakistan.We also have one of the largest muslim
      populations in the US. BTW I’m not placing judgment or making this up, it’s
      all FBI info for the grabbing. Their pods are all over the US map now and
      they’re organized and give the same instructions to each other and when the
      time comes “to act”, each pod will come out to perform their strategic
      portion of their plan. So if you think “Texas in no way or form will ever
      tolerate Sharia law or radical Muslims”, we already are.
      We don’t lie, we don’t die, Texas pride!

  3. XVII LXXVI says

    Fire her!

    1. Brucev7 says

      Not Enough Men of God, Too Many Spineless, Effeminate “Men” Around That
      City and County.

    2. Mark Rybeck says

      Brucev7 and butch wo men

    3. Mark Rybeck says

      Brucev7 and butch wo men

  4. Liza Schultz says

    she took an oath to protect the citizens this is why she was voted in, if
    she can’t honor this she needs to step down or be fired. here if the
    sheriff doesn’t do his job town council gets involved and we vote another
    one in, in fact we just did this last month

    1. GREAT GOD MARS says

      Why do mexicans have small stearing wheels?
      – So they can drive with handcuffs on

    2. GREAT GOD MARS says

      What is the difference between a Mexican and an elevator?
      – One can raise a child.

  5. rustys dirtworks says

    Are you people not seeing a pattern with these women in positions of power,
    continually not following the law, or their job discription, and only using
    their emotions and personal feelings??? This cannot be allowed in public
    service, you must keep your personal feelings to yourself and do your job,
    or step down.

    1. Tiffany Mason says

      +rustys dirtworks I agree, God created roles for both men and women to
      fulfill & equipped us to do just that. Too many women AND men refuse to
      take their roles because they think they know better than God. This has
      been utter chaos. A man is supposed to be the leader and the
      women’s priority is to take care of the home. I accept that and it is not
      my desire to lead nor do I encourage other women to do so.

    2. rustys dirtworks says

      Tiffany Mason thanks, women should be honored and respected, and protected,
      they were Gods gift to man.
      Treating them like another man is wrong, and not what Gid intended, is so
      nice when i hear a true woman of God, speak her mind, and show that not all
      women fall for the devils spell, and get dragged into sin.

    3. bigbaddwolff says

      +Tiffany Mason That’s your choice, not “God’s”, and if you want to be a
      submissive female (assuming you are a female), that’s also your choice.
      What the rest of us do with our lives — within the bounds of the law — is
      none of your damn concern. My advice is to stop encouraging these
      wife-beating testoboys, unless you enjoy being abused.

    4. rustys dirtworks says

      bigbaddwolff ill put my arrest history up against you anyday. When you make
      those statements, you sound like a pervert, what are you? Homosexual?
      Transgender? Are you a pedophile? Why do you need to have such privacy? Are
      you doing something unnatural, something criminal? Big bad wolf huh? With a
      name like that i think pedophile is probably what you are

  6. Danmandingo says

    *The office of the sheriff should have the right, to disregard the federal
    government, if that government were to ever become oppressive.*

    *But what this sheriff is doing here, is plain and simply wrong.* ?

    1. bigbaddwolff says

      +GREAT GOD MARS You’re talking a lot but saying very little. Even Truth has
      deleted her thread to get rid of you.

    2. bigbaddwolff says

      +GREAT GOD MARS You’re trolling is trite. You can look that word up in

  7. jack dupree says

    people that think they can still mock trump and not follow his new laws
    should lose position immediately. He’s president now and you must listen if
    you hold a position of power of people, if you don’t, then adios.

    1. Jawa Sawana says

      +bigbaddwolff If you must know, I do have many inadequecies.. there is no
      blame game here, i own my experience shamelessly. Such a boon also allows
      me great insight into the inadequacies of others.. which are also many.

    2. bigbaddwolff says

      +Jawa Sawana Can’t argue with that. Just don’t hurt anybody that doesn’t
      enjoy being hurt. I think women are great so I don’t really understand
      where you’re coming from.

    3. GREAT GOD MARS says

      bigbadpuppy you are a crime to humanity..did you rape your sister today or
      are you killing small animals.

  8. Scott Smith says

    Don’t Sheriffs swear to upload the constitution of the USA? Or at least
    swear to uphold the protection of the citizens?
    Therefore she is breaking the law and deserves to be fired, she is a
    derelict of duty, FIRE HER!

  9. Womack Mining says

    I think her new power has already gone her her little head.

    1. Robert Szydlowski says

      Womack Mining g

    2. lemmy kilmister says

      thats the problem shes a women

  10. Paula B. says

    Just say the words Governor “YOU’RE FIRED” that will take care of that

    1. Paula B. says

      ARREST HER!!

  11. The Peaceful Protester says

    I thought Texas was a red state. Why are they behaving like libtards?

    1. Pat Dees says

      Khanna : Austin,Dallas, Houston, Arlington, and the bottom tip of Texas are
      blue,most of Texas is red. Texas used to be a blue state , but changed to
      red over forty years ago.

    2. The Man says

      Khanna we have no boarder Wall in Texas we are getting over run, Hurry
      Trump Hurry, please start in Texas, we have the longest boarder of all the

  12. Angela Nicholson says

    So, who sacks the sheriff?

    1. Prophecy - End of Days says

      Angela Nicholson She was voted in, so the people need to get her out.

    2. Angela Nicholson says

      Prophecy – End of Days What a tragedy, for people to lose their lives
      before a scum sheriff like this can be kicked out for breaking the law, not
      keeping citizen’s safe! I hope she is voted out by a landslide before
      anyone is hurt.

    3. rosa menbreno says

      can we take trump out we elected

    4. Angela Nicholson says

      rosa menbreno Oh dear!!

  13. Simon Says says

    And its a woman sheriff…….of course it is

    1. Han Lockhart says

      Of course. When their feelings take over, the Law falls apart.

    2. Jack Soffalot says

      Just what I wanted to say. We need an Alpha male in these positions.

    3. tide486 says

      Han Lockhart, I’m a woman and I agree with you, that is one of the many
      reasons I didn’t want Hillary as a president.

    4. bigbaddwolff says

      No prizes for guessing which gender you are.

  14. Wanda Roderick says

    why don’t they just fire the b**** and be done

    1. Hairy Johnson says

      You can’t just fire an elected official. She is the highest ranking LEO in
      that county per US Constitution.

  15. Lynn Sacks says

    That’s cuz she has relatives that she is harboring there.

    1. Linda Carter says

      Lynn – Her name is Hispanic — she is married to a Mexican and her in
      laws are Hispanic — so its a racial thing.
      Thiis the problem of many many whites along the borders – the ywill
      fight Trump. Ignore that these people are not needy – the yare GREEDY
      – USA is kicking out 2 TRILLION $ FOR 35 MILLION ILLEGALS.
      They are living better than many of us – they have all of the subsided
      housing in California, etc, etc. and the truth is NEVER TOLD.

    2. Russ G says

      General Santa Anna would be proud of this traitor!

    3. Lynn Sacks says

      +Linda Carter
      I hear you.

    4. DWH BOI says

      Lynn Sacks,you just said more than you or I know and I live in Austin!!
      Yeah ole Santuary Sally(SS) was voted in on the backs of Mexicans and sadly
      straight ticket Dems like myself…never again SS,see you never on the next
      elections if city cownsel don’t vote you out first!!

  16. Caffine addict says

    Even Barney Fife upheld his duties.

    1. Bob Smith says

      Ol’ Barn always wanted to use that “one” bullet he cherished!

    2. Russ G says

      He single-handedly kept Mayberry from being overrun with illegals!

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