Toby Keith to perform in Saudi Arabia this weekend during Trump’s visit


The nation star who is famous for songs like “Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue” and “Red Solo Cup” is set to perform in Saudi Arabia this weekend.

Toby Keith will perform in a Saudi capital, Riyadh, this weekend in an eventuality that coincides with President Trump’s initial abroad visit.

According to a Saudi party website Lammt, that is promotion a event, Saturday’s giveaway unison is open to group only. It will also underline an Arabian lute player.

Saudi Arabia adheres to a despotic interpretation of Islamic law. Alcohol is criminialized and separate group and women are segregated in public.

The dominion has recently loosened a reins on entertainment, including permitting low-pitched concerts that had been criminialized for a past dual decades.

Many fans took to Twitter to indicate out that Keith, who is famous for his alcohol-themed songs, seems like an peculiar fit to perform in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia hopes to dazzle Trump with a choice of summits and events this weekend.

The nation thespian is not one to bashful divided from controversy.

He faced a lot of recoil for behaving during Trump’s coronation though pronounced during a time he does not “apologize for behaving for the nation or military.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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