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Tommy Robinson: The ‘Religion of Peace’

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Tommy Robinson – the most "hated" or bravest man in Britain, discusses the beheading of a French priest in Normandy, as well as the "religion of peace" and how Europe is being culturally enriched by millions of Muslim migrants.

He predicts a "revolution" is coming as a result of this massive upheaval.

Tommy on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TRobinsonNewEra

Get his book – Enemy of the State – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tommy-Robinson-Enemy-State-ebook/dp/0957096496/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1469575291&sr=8-3&keywords=enemy+of+the+state

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  1. Procyon lotor says

    If these terrorist start kidnapping celebrities, I hope they start with Ben

    1. Emma Opal says


    2. EJ MacDonald (Liberty Lass) says

      I second that! It wouldn’t be too difficult for the terrorists to kidnap
      Trudeau. He does attend mosques with known terrorist ties and recites the
      Shahada. He’s right there is their midst. Please, take him!

    3. Jonny5 says

      Procyon lotor They can have them all.

  2. Greg Hi-Z says

    Islam is a religion of Peace … Mohamed taught peace after all the Kaffirs
    are converted , killed or subjugated . Peace on earth only comes when Islam
    has destroyed all the non believers. We non Muslims must understand this
    ..and reject it.

    1. Xplayer921 DBD says

      Lying twat

    2. reece macaulay says

      No he’s not .

    3. Gulfram Khan says

      Greg Hi-Z wat is it that you has that is better than Islam

  3. paulmax72 says

    The Time is coming for Europeans unit and start a full frontal assault
    against all Muslims.

    1. Necron 99 says

      +EL Che Goodbye stranger!, and good luck in the mega slums of the future, I
      think things are going to get pretty fucking bleak sooner than people think.

    2. Simon Elof says

      You can come to my house mate. Islam is not a race.

    3. Jay DK says

      +EL Che lol @ your faux-Che avatar. you clearly don’t understand what Che
      was about. he was pro-European lineage and made pejorative remarks about
      other races. try having a meaning to your life huh?

    4. Jack Hija says

      Same here, I am muslim and german-serbian mix and for sure whiter than
      those brazillians or whatever they are (people with no real blood-purity –
      americans) and they want to throw me out of Europe? nice joke.

    5. istina samo istina says

      Jack Hija
      pa ljudima je dosta

  4. Matt says

    leftism and socialism renders its followers blind to the threat of islam.
    why? because in the marxist worldview people are all the same and shaped by
    environment. anyone who attacks anyone for anything is the bad guy, there
    is no good or evil, only love and hate/fear. according to the marxists,
    there is no power in religion, no power in race, in culture, community,
    etc. Of course in reality all of those things have tremendous influence..
    and religion, particularly Islam, is an extremely dangerous example.

    1. Matt says

      Yes, cultural Marxism is essentially looking at the world through a
      collective lens, looking at groups, with the prime aim being to restore
      “justice” (SJWs), not truth which becomes secondary. It assumes that there
      are groups in power who are exploiting, and groups without power who are
      exploited/victims. (In communism it was the land owners and the proletariat)
      The problems with this simplistic way of looking at the world should be
      obvious to anyone who identifies as individualist or has any experience
      operating in the real capitalist world. Ie. everyone is different, makes
      individual choices, takes individual actions, for reasons that are specific
      to them/their individual circumstances.
      Also, when a group is identified as a victim, which has been done of Islam
      in the West now. It’s defenders, the Marxist revolutionaries, in this case
      SJWs, who are looking for some kind of revolution/overthrow of the evil
      ruling class (in this case evil white, patriarchal, imperialist
      colonialists) take a moral stance in their defence of the group. This is
      particularly problematic, if you’ve ever had difficulty in debating with
      religious individuals, in that when individuals take a moral stance (ie.
      for the greater good) they tend to completely overlook/ignore any opposing
      evidence as they classify it as ‘evil’, or secondary to their primary noble
      aim of justice.
      For example, bringing up muslim rape gangs, sharia law advocates, their
      stances against homosexuatliy, against equal rights, etc etc. Because they
      class you automatically as a member of the ‘evil exploiter class’ they
      immediately discount your evidence as being purely fabricated to vilify the
      poor victim class.

    2. Matt says

      there are also ‘cultural relativism’, ‘moral relativism’, the marxist
      version of western history which entirely paints white nations as the evil
      exploiters when in actual fact in the majority of cases they bettered the
      world massively. Basically every where the west went, Britain in
      particular, flourished, became freer, more prosperous, they instituted just
      forms of government, human rights, ended slavery/barbarism, encouraged
      trade and capitalism (private property rights, contractual agreement ->
      which promoted win-win growth, and halted exploitation in what were
      otherwise feudal areas in which their really were exploiters who ruled by
      the sword). Life expectancy increased, child birth dropped, we got science,
      vaccines, etc etc. I mean really everything worth having…
      Yeah, but Marxism basically just puts a massive middle finger up at all of
      Western achievement.

    3. Matt says

      Islam loves it because it’s been at war with the West for over a millennia.

    4. Dylan Mcgee says

      leftism and socialism also sees whites as only being racists too tho
      especially if they don’t except these beliefs you stated

    5. Ramon S says

      +Dylan Mcgee It’s because “racism” is a very poorly defined word, these
      days it simply means “anyone you don’t want people to listen too”.

      The reason for this is if the word was well defined, “judging people’s
      abilities based on race”, guess what, the entire left wing would classed as
      racist, with all their programs to give special help to groups of
      people……based on race.

  5. OneMinuteFixed says

    You know what would be epic? Paul Joseph Watson interviews Patt Condell on


      the internet would explode.

    2. chant aliyah says

      OneMinuteFixed Omg yes! ??

    3. Popcorn2 Heavy-Breast says

      Yes!!!!!!! That would be epic!!!!!!!

    4. oscar tapiero says

      Condell retweets pjws tweets alot

    5. JCTUNES01 says


      Paul Watson and Pat Condell would be a great collab

  6. christina dolman says

    IF the Government, police and other Bullshit Agency’s refuse to protect
    Whites from Muslims or Blacks, Then it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT
    Get a GUN and other weapons! WE ARE AT WAR WITH OUR OWN GOVERNMENTS! Pack
    weapons and tell no one ever! After you have defended a White Life, DO NOT

    1. dave cadogan says

      Real intelligent – Mexicans don’t compare to Arabs-who want to kill all who
      don’t accept the religion of a fn pedophile!?!

    2. Kenneth Stephen Doig says


    3. Kenneth Stephen Doig says

      +Kenneth Stephen Doig revolution might be needed

    4. Arlinda Barry says

      +marc pena Mexicans aren’t even a threat and if anything would stand with
      us not against us!

    5. Vannessamariah says

      CAN’T UNDERSTAND THAT Christina dolman

  7. Matías Pierdoménico says

    Will there be a European 9/11? It may be necessary for the cucks to fucking
    wake up. We’re in the middle of an all-out invasion.

    1. Emma Opal says

      The murders SHOULD be enough, but our leftist world leaders are turning a
      blind eye to the real threat.

    2. angharad256 says

      9/11 didn’t wake Americans up. It’s entirely possible we could all
      sleepwalk straight into sharia law.

    3. Eric Zarahn says

      We Americans did not wake up after 9/11. Most Americans are just as
      clueless today about Muslims as we were on 9/10/2001. At best, about half
      of Americans have some concern over “terrorism”, but have no understanding
      that it is Muslims themselves that are the threat to our civilization.

    4. Ian Brandon Anderson says

      +Eric Zarahn Good. Then go along and start kidnapping and killing
      celebrities, which some muslim groups are planning to do.

      If that doesn’t wake people up, I don’t know. Blow up a rocket I guess?

  8. Johny Law says

    European democracy is done, it will be replaced by Islam fascism or white

    1. nicolofantini says

      At this point I’d very rather WHITE fascism than theocratic islamism

    2. LambentTyto says

      Damn straight! Hell, I’d rather have ANYTHING than Islam.

    3. nicolofantini says

      even communism (and you can guess by my profile picture why i said even)

    4. Carol Veternick says

      prayerfully …. not…

  9. InfernalVision says

    Tommy you are a fucking hero and a symbol of hope

    1. reefa2931 says

      Exactly. He is a lot more intelligent and smart than he gets credit for.
      And he’s bang on point about the threat the Islamic faith poses to the
      west, and the media’s shameless attempt to cover it up.

    2. Carol Veternick says

      and while we are afraid FOR you… we ARE So! PROUD of YOU !!!! G-D’s
      blessings, and prayer’s for you & the family!!!! … amen …

  10. Andrea Hardwick says

    Correct, EVERYONE should be flooding social media with videos and posts
    exposing Islam. Silence means you are complicit.

    1. Cúchulainn Seán ó Maoilriain says

      Try it, they block everything these days! Only last night i posted a video
      and it was blocked from all my contacts!

    2. Andrea Hardwick says

      Cúchulainn Seán ó Maoilriain Do you think it was
      inflammatory or abusive? Keep trying to upload. Keep a record of your
      upload attempts and any blocking responses. I’m trying to work out a way to
      develop a register of this bias and bigotry by Youtube.

    3. Mayanatai says

      Try vimeo

  11. betty swollox says

    the muslims in Europe are doing EXACTLY what they have been imported and
    paid, by our treasonous governments to do

    1. Cúchulainn Seán ó Maoilriain says

      +Vanessa Von Littel Simple, do what we have always done, stand up and fight
      and create great society’s! Considering Europe was Razed to the ground and
      we in less than thirty years built it back up from nothing shows us all how
      strong we are. These Desert welfare whores have no chance if we stand
      together! End!!!

    2. Vanessa Von Littel says

      AMEN Brother……..I was gonna delete my silly question after listen to
      the rest of what Tommy had to say. He answered the question.

    3. Cúchulainn Seán ó Maoilriain says

      +Vanessa Von Littel Respect!!

    4. Kenneth Stephen Doig says

      To Lea Smith- amen, you are right

    5. Kenneth Stephen Doig says

      +Kenneth Stephen Doig – fight or die

  12. Ian Brandon Anderson says

    If Islamists kidnap Justin Bieber, then I’m all for it!

    1. Edouard Robinson says

      anyone from Holywood tbh

    2. Michael Sullivan says

      and Ben Affleck

    3. Ian Brandon Anderson says

      +Liam East
      The Irony….
      I would be able to smell it from Canada.

    4. Jay Townsend says

      and theresa may and hillary clinton. but bey why would they fund hillarys
      campaign to then kill her.

  13. Oliver C says

    Islam is the religion of PISS not peace.

    1. Shillionaire says

      That’s an insult to piss..

    2. Michael Sullivan says

      it’s a religion of pieces…after they Allah akbar and blow themselves up

  14. Jim Roland says

    It’s just gross; it’s racist:

    1. Shillionaire says

      +Jim Roland Read the Qu’ran, it’s in there..

    2. Lactic Laughter says

      +Jim Roland Islam isn’t a race mate

    3. Jim Roland says

      +Lactic Laughter Its gross; Its plain racist

    4. Freedom Versus Islam says

      +Jim Roland It’s like saying “you’re a shifty jew”.

    5. reece macaulay says

      Jim Roland statistics can’t be racist.

  15. strake750 says

    Tommy Robinson,he deserves a knighthood !!!

    1. Jay Townsend says

      he should be made prime minister.

    2. strake750 says

      +jay townsend agreed 🙂

    3. Jay Townsend says

      +strake750 although i wish he had a more agressive attitude tbh.

  16. Mr. Upyours says

    we need a mega movement # MEGA make Europe great again!! ???

  17. Vannessamariah says

    Tommy, you should move to America with us before they kill you and your
    family (I’m not joking. If things keep going how they are going in Europe
    then you will be on their kill list).

    1. ITCHY STD says

      Vannessamariah he’s always been on their kill list

  18. Gulfram Khan says

    tommy is a tramp thanks

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