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Song: Far East Movement & Sidney Samson – Bang It To The Curb (Dotcom Remix)


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  1. Глеб Гавриков says

    что за музыка?

    1. FootoZ says

      +Глеб Гавриков Смотри в описании.

    2. Gulmira Iliasova says

      +FootoZ ты руский

    3. MPS Russian says

      Far East Movement & Sidney Samson – Bang It To The Curb (Dotcom Remix)

  2. Jack Football says


    1. FootoZ says

      +Jack Football hi

    2. Nebu イ尺ѻѻX says

      +FootoZ hi

  3. MohazahYT says

    Ronaldo disallowed vs Spain? come on, that would have been epic if Nani
    didn’t come in ad header it while it was in the goal!

    1. Murillo Cantuario says

      +Mohazah is onside for Piqué

    2. LeAlt Acc123 says

      +Mohazah Yeah, it should’ve been here. It wasn’t offside anyways.

    3. Muhannad Elyas says

      it is a goal nani headed itvinside the goal

    4. Adi Vila says

      +Muhannad Elyas yes but it didn’t count

  4. Donald Trump Donald Trump says

    sorry liverpool xD

    1. Tom H says


  5. Bensimoewa says

    how pique didnt turn in neymar’s free kick

    1. ICgaming2000 says

      +Reese Sieger look carefully. He isn’t offside, the person on the far left
      of the box (the one who cleared the ball) took a step forward before he did.

      P.S. pause right when neymar touches the ball. Time:2:11

    2. thejamesonthestreet says

      +Bensimoewa a very very good piece of defending

    3. ahmed khater says

      He thought he was offside ….he said that after match

    4. Inge Berg says

      +ahmed khater anaway you should try

    5. Ian Leo says

      I think he thought he was offside and was waiting to see if the ball would
      cross the line… But it didn’t unfortunately

  6. Jack Jazzdeathform says

    the coutinho part is actually a save petr cech got a touch to it

    1. ST WO says


    2. Masked Maniac says

      +FunkyHippyFish No

    3. Jack Jazzdeathform says


    4. Masked Maniac says

      +Jack Jazzdeathform are you ok?

    5. Little Man01 says

      Yeah he did get a toch

  7. Flare Shotz says

    pirlos free kick had some swerve dayum

  8. ernest chandra says

    vidal like : smile friend ur on tv.

  9. Manuel Acosta says

    pogba también que no invente jajaja se la manda al portero

  10. Toxic says

    Pogba goal went in dough

    1. ItzBeerus says


    2. さかもとえぃじゃ says

      +Dutch goals, fails and challenge's *Though

  11. Niccolò Buzzola says

    pogbaaaaaaaa wooooo

  12. Nick M says

    Ronaldo at Portugal vs spain ,Nani disalowwed goal…that could have been

    1. Moe Oshi says

      +Fx Cloud boi you crazy I’m 13!

    2. Fx Cloud says

      +Moe Oshi first of all portugal were already in semis. and that disallowed
      goal was in 2010. go home ur drunk

    3. Moe Oshi says

      +Fx Cloud that was 2012 semi final euros bro get your facts right. Plus I
      ain’t drunk I’m 13!

    4. Moe Oshi says

      +Fx Cloud look it up before you think what you say is right. I can’t
      believe a teen knows more than you….

    5. Fx Cloud says

      +Moe Oshi where you are. Did i shut ur little mouth?

  13. baselyos hanna says

    This is aka the crossbar challenge

  14. Aaron X says

    Lucas Leiva saying unlucky 2 all of them

  15. Carlos Alberto says

    cech saved it look closley

  16. messi is best says

    suarez 9 is good but not beter dan cr7 and lm10

    1. Gaming Shinagame says

      And your name is Messi is the best Smhd

    2. Gaming Shinagame says

      Messi is best*

  17. Dylan Murtagh says


  18. Poisonous synth says

    What about ronaldo and Nani

  19. Red Cube says

    Neymars free kick was in

  20. Laura Callaway says

    What is this song called plz tell me.

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