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TOP 10 Best La Liga Goals 2015/16

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La Liga Goals by Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and other

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  1. UsmanTahir says

    who is reading the comment section before watching the video??

    1. gonaedeath2 says


  2. DINGO says

    benzema goal vs Barcelona ?

    1. Dimitris Georgiadis says

      +amal no they are not lucky .The ball if i remember hit at pique’s body

    2. Saitama Gamer says

      +Dimitris Georgiadis pique didnt touched the ball

    3. Dimitris Georgiadis says

      +Santiago Luna alba did

    4. Saitama Gamer says

      +Dimitris Georgiadis no, it was marcelo to kroos, kroos made a perfect pass
      to Benzema

    5. Dimitris Georgiadis says

      +Santiago Luna the ball hit first to alba after his tackle

  3. o iRushi o says

    I have subbed u sub me now

    1. Metalerk18 _ says


  4. Gonzalo Coirolo says

    Best League in the world!!

    1. harry mcmillan says

      +amal m Tottenham would thrash servilla. Or any othe club other than the
      big three. People are only so good in la liga becAuse you have no world
      class goalkeepers or defenders in teams outside the big 3

    2. Dan Hardiman says

      +harry mcmillan Does it matter about your opinion? To you it does. Does
      your opinion matter to Spanish people who love La Liga? No

    3. amal m says

      +harry mcmillan Woww …Newcastle 5-1 Tottenham.very last match.Hahaha.Are
      they going to smash LA liga teams??hahaha. Newcastle is relegated.Even
      relegated team can beat epl’s top side in big margin.That’s why I said EPL
      teams are low class.They have not their own standards and quality.All teams
      in EPL are like this.That’s the real reason behind its competitive nature.
      But I agree the fact that EPL is interesting to watch and most watched.But
      I only said LA liga teams(not only big3)are more powerful.

    4. Dilli Gaf says

      BBVA has the best teams in the world but BPL is most entertaining in the

    5. Brown Ogum says

      +harry mcmillan
      Sevilla has won the last 3 Europa competitions. Spanish teams have carried
      every single European club trophy for the last 3 years.
      Go back to your cave.

      Barcelona >> Man City
      Real Madrid >> Chelsea
      Atletico Madrid >> Arsenal
      Villareal >/= Tottenham
      Sevilla >> Liverpool
      Valencia Leicester city

      So, explain to me again how English overrated teams are better.

  5. Der mÄz says

    Inaki Williams? His Goal was way better than Neymars

    1. Larry Lovenstein says

      +Der mÄz ikr

  6. Hamza Toufliht says

    iniesta against real madrid ??????????????

    1. Rowob0y says

      +gonaedeath2 suaresz goal wasnt even good

    2. Fangz says

      +Rowob0y Yea

    3. Ana Gogotishvili says

      Have you eyes? Suarez goal was good but iniesta goal is perfect,amazing o.O

  7. João Victor Albieri says

    You are some kind of Messi fanboy ?
    Why did you put the free kick goal from Messi, and not put Inaki Williams
    goal ? Thats so ridiculous.

    1. David Grieve says

      +João Victor Albieri I didnt see Inaki Williams goal but Messi’s free kick
      was pretty cool

    2. João Victor Albieri says

      +David Grieve Yes is pretty cool, but Neymar free kick against Atletico
      Madrid is pretty cool too, but the only free kick in La Liga deserves be in
      top 10 goals, is Bruno (Villareal).

    3. amal m says

      There are plenty of free kick goals….not only messi

    4. Samuel Tolo says

      the ronaldo goal was ok cool to, it didnt deserve to be on the lest tbh

    5. ReapZxBashy says

      +Samuel Tolo what? You saw How he got pased to them than scoring that goal
      with his weak foot…?

  8. Lukaku Michael says

    wheres iniestas goal against madrid

    1. Saitama Gamer says

      Not in this vid

  9. Dabbu Subash says

    luis suarez???? Ahahahahahahaah

  10. Emre Boss says

    where is arda turans goal ?

  11. What A Baller says

    even though i am fcb fan i think the james bicycle kick shoulda been no. 1

  12. THE JOHNRIX says

    come si chiama la musica? bellissimi goal

    1. Jonathan M says

      Kaibu – Killercats
      Lune – Y&V

  13. Liu Kang Baking A Pie says

    Too many Barcelona goals, some of which are really shitty. You a Barca fan?

  14. mitch edison says

    How You leave a guy like James Rodriguez on the bench for any amount of
    time will forever astound me. James Rodriguez should be the star of his own
    team, holding down the midfield. Not a bench player 4 a team that has so
    many world class midfielders that they can keep all there names straight.
    Kroos, Modric, James, Casimero, Isco all on the same team. Simply unreal
    that u can bench any over these guys and sleep well at night.

    1. Mustafa Khan says

      Bro, James Rodriguez is super inconsistent. Benitez only played him cos he
      was famous, now Zidane keeps on the bench cos guys like Casmeiro and Modric
      r on a much better form

  15. Heber Toussaint says

    Aduriz bicycle kick goal, AMAZING!

  16. Nathan Wood says

    song at bruno soriano

    1. kristian rishaug says

      Lune by Y&V

    2. Nathan Wood says

      +kristian rishaug thanks

  17. robchip1 says

    the balance of power is shifting and so the Spanish clubs are now going to
    lose there grip on European football.

    for the past 10 years whenever madrid come knocking a player goes until
    now. manchester united have just slapped madrid in the face with pogba and
    de gea deals and more will follow. all of a sudden the appeal of going to
    madrid and barca seems less appealing to players and yes this is because of
    money. in the coming years other English teams will do the same man city,
    chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool to name a few will in time make huge bids for
    the worlds best players and get them but probably not arsenal.

    yes its all down to money and the EPL has it by the truck load spain dont.
    mark my words in the next 3 years english clubs will be dominating world
    football. it all goes in cycles in the 90s in was Italian teams that ruled
    Europe then in the 00s it was English teams and now its spain but thats all
    about the change again.

  18. Grizmy -7 says

    WTF Neymar Junior (Neymar Jr)

  19. KristersHD says

    Am I Allowed to use this fot my video?

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