Top 10 Cities With The Highest Property Prices


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Top 10 Cities With the Highest Property Prices
Most Expensive Penthouses in the World:

Most Expensive Houses in the World:

In this video we'll try to answer the following questions:
What is the most expensive city to live?
What is the most expensive city to rent in?
What is the most expensive city to buy a house in?
What is the most expensive city to buy an apartment in?
What is the city with the most expensive real estate?
What is the city with the most expensive property prices?

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  1. I’m suprised that Toronto, Vancouver, and Dubai are not on the list. A 1600 square foot home sold for 2.2 million USD last week in Toronto.

  2. This video is overestimating figures. First of all an average flat size in london is not 120m sq and the figure is not the same in every city. It is probably around 80m sq. Secondly, I’m not that familiar with dollars but I live in london in a 115m sq apartment in canary wharf (a more expensive part of the city) and I would say it is worth 1.1million. The average in the city center, kensington & Chelsea, knightsbridge, picadilly area, is only 1.5 million. Bear in mind most of these are houses and this is the most expensive part of london. London as an average is only 0.5 million. This video is quite ridiculous, I don’t know what you are trying to prove by overestimating figures and lying. If london is overestimated then the rest probably are too