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Top 10 Goals Against Former Clubs ● HD

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  1. SKEPTIK Jr says

    nice boiz keep up

  2. Alejandro Mata says

    primer comentario y 2 like???

  3. TOMÁŠ MIX says

    yes yes?????????????????????

  4. Smitty says

    “Top 10″

  5. Marek Zelenka says

    1:00 Zlatan punished Julio Cesar so hard :D!!

  6. Jaciel Contreras Rodriguez says

    music ?

    1. Diogo Pinto says


  7. Tom Tom says

    where is lionel messi?

    1. Deceptive Baller says

      He has yet to score on a cold night in Stoke ! I think it’s his 3rd season

    2. lightbombs says

      lol wtf messi played for 1 club

    3. Deceptive Baller says

      +lightbombs lmao i’m kidding

    4. lightbombs says

      +Messi Analyst ya it was for tom

  8. AlijaCr7 says

    2:11 <3

  9. RobertB 4 says


  10. KB 217 says

    Ronaldo’s header vs Man U or fk vs sporting for Man U were better goals
    than 1st one

  11. IISupermanII says

    city players are such kunts, they overdid it with their celebrations

  12. Antonio Hernandez says

    falto el de gotze

  13. TheCroatianCraft says

    this is what makes football so special and enjoyable to watch… that
    players respect for their previous clubs its just do nicee to c

  14. afkueczq says

    Henrik Larsson? Adebayor? Lewandowski?

  15. Leo Yoo suk says

    Where’s Mascherano against


    1. Leo Yoo suk says

      Ohh wait… Nvm

  16. CoincsMovies says

    Nice video son!

  17. TheDozenMinecraft says

    Hey can you please make top 10 emotional last goals. I’m talking about ibra
    last goal for psg and David beckams last goal for psg. And raul last goal
    for Madrid. Ronaldo last goal for Manchester United. Pogba last goal for
    juventus well there is much more but you get the point. I would love to see

  18. Arslan Ronaldo says

    nice bro ehhm.. can i get some subscriber from you?

  19. Blue Star says

    Best video

  20. Andranik Papyan says

    We need Van Persie and Adebayor

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