Top 10 Highest Pools In The World From Luxury Hotels

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Top 10 Best & Highest Pools In the World from Luxury Hotels
Cool Pools on Alux:

Ever wondered which are the highest pools in the world or which are the best pools from luxury hotels? Well, you're in the right place!

We looked all around the world in order to put together this list of the top 10 highest pools in the world from luxury hotels.

In this original video we'll try to answer the following questions:
What is the best hotel pool in the world?
Which is the highest pool in the world?
What are the hotels with the best views in the world?
Which are the best pool hotels in the world?
What is the best pool view from a hotel?

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  1. says

    Hey Aluxers, if you were to spend some time in one of these which one would you pick?

    1. DemonBomb12 says

      The one in Singapore

    2. Christopher Singh says Marina Bay Sands in Singapore for sure! I’m eager to go there now

    3. ROMAN RIWAJ says 10 things about Hong Kong video??

    4. Draco Malfoy says

      The one in Singapore!

    5. Kermanator says can you make a 15 about Australia ??

  2. Md.Syful Islam says

    No-05 MARINA BAY SAND ? i would love to take a dive in it ??

  3. raj pujara says

    I’m not first but still can u reply

  4. Rafael Cayenne says

    Marina Bay Sands in Singapore for sure. It is actually my PC/smartphone wallpaper

  5. Anonno Ahmed says

    Please make a video of Top 10 Best Bars In The World

    1. says

      Hmm, interesting idea. We do have planned to make a video about restaurants but we’ll also consider a video about bars!

  6. David Ledesma says

    One of the most outstanding channels. Great job! ?

    1. says

      Thank you David 🙂

  7. Juan Carlos Paredes Ramirez says

    marina bay sands Infinity pool?i see photos of it everywhere

  8. greatman Brown says

    #5 pool seems very dangerous.and I am afraid of heights

  9. Larry Wesley says

    You sound alittle nasally and exhausted… need improvement

  10. Thanh Hung says

    So many China but none in the U.S. lol

  11. abhishek sudhish says

    i just love this channel
    you guys are great

  12. Prateek Kabra says

    Great work guys! Never miss any of your videos!

  13. SuperSaiyan3985 says

    I hate swimming.

  14. Maxwell Globule says

    sexiest talking and voice

  15. Sameer Pawar says

    Shocking to see so many of them from Asia.

  16. Muhammad yahya says thanks for the videos this is one of the best channels

    1. says

      We’re glad you think so Muhammad!

  17. Marcus Staddon says

    I just sold my company for 30.5 Mill!

  18. Greg Dale says

    The marina bay sands. I am going to that pool

  19. KS Ooi says

    The only special one is Marina Bay Sands.. others are blocked by glasses…

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