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  1. iGoodBoy says

    Amazing!!На самом деле я руский))

    1. iGoodBoy says

      +Kat Kot А не пойдеш ты нахер?

    2. Kat Kot says

      +HeroStrike :3 “пойдёшь” пишется с мягким знаком.

    3. iGoodBoy says

      +Kat Kot скажи ты ебанутый?

    4. Kat Kot says

      +HeroStrike :3 нет

  2. Bashir tayari says

    Simple amazing video love it keep doing them I’ll them all

    1. FootoZ says

      +Bashir tayari I am very grateful to you

  3. FloinHD says

    U forgot Okocha

    1. ejiro osoro says

      i know right

  4. SunFlightx says

    Lmao, number 1 is possibly the bitchiest thing i’ve ever seen in a game of

    1. SunFlightx says

      also, messi on boateng?

    2. Normita Flores says


    3. Pepi Ipep says

      +SunFlightx Tbh all those headers on empty goal are. And it actually kinda
      looks like he played with arm xD And yes Messi should be here

  5. Vusal Mammadov says


    1. Vusal Mammadov says

      +Pepi Ipep hahaha exactly ?

    2. Pepi Ipep says

      +Vusal Mammadov

  6. 9Kualalumpur says

    I would have payed to see the idiots, who scored with a header with the
    open goal, just miss. We’d have witnessed priceless expressions.

    1. Pepi Ipep says

      +9Kualalumpur lmao exactly.

  7. Samir Rassuli says

    Too many savages in one video

  8. Memo Orozco says

    When I saw zlatan in the intro I knew this was gonna be gooood

  9. Giovanni garibay says

    what about zatlan bicykick vs England

    1. TinyRodent says

      How is that humiliation? Great goal but different category

  10. Pepi Ipep says

    Ibrahimovic one is the best! What a beast! But tbh… Half of these are
    some childish twats who got a lucky break on empty goal and then try to
    think of fun ways to score.

  11. Deason Xu says

    Where’s Bale vs Bartra, Messi vs Boateng, and Robben vs Casillias

    1. Larry Deleon says

      he is very good

  12. Ramon Cortez says


    1. Toyota Supra says

      Marshmello Blocks

  13. Kymaani Heketoa says

    That was an awesome goal for Tuncay! Lol

  14. New Day says

    Sadly, Theyab Awana is no longer with is…

  15. Simon John says

    Cantonas goal should’ve been on the list. Real humiliation.

  16. Gabe C says

    I like these types of videos because it can eather make you laugh or feel
    sorry and a video that is good contains these emotions

  17. Eliad Eyar says

    1:42 dumbest goalie EVERRR

  18. Eliad Eyar says

    1:56 how the hell can the defense give him SO MUCH time and space in the 5
    yard box???

  19. Calvin Harris says

    2nd goal wasn’t humiliating, just risk tekkers

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