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Top 10 Most Expensive Beers In The World

Alux News Top 10-15

We Ranked the Top 10 Most Expensive Beers in the World Based on Price in this Alux.com Original Video
Full article: http://www.alux.com/?s=beer

You might be wondering which is the most expensive beer in the world and how much do the world's most expensive beers cost? We have the answers!

In order to have the most accurate ranking as possible we had to break each beers value down to a common denominator (in our case – liters) and then adjust the price paid to that. At the point of publishing this 10 most expensive beers in the world video, we are confident that the ranking is as accurate as possible.

So expect answers for the following questions:
What is the most expensive beer in the world?
Which beers cost the most?
What is the highest priced beer ever?
How much does the most expensive beer in the world cost?

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  1. dhruva m.k says


    1. dhruva m.k says

      Thank you ?

  2. dhruva m.k says

    First liker

  3. ajibola alibaloye says

    My dog is not feeling fine ???

    1. Alux.com says

      What happened?

    2. ajibola alibaloye says

      Alux.com vet doctor said fever

  4. SuperSaiyan3985 says

    Wow. 5 comments in less than a minute. Anyway hey Alux!!!

    1. Alux.com says

      Hey SuperSaiyan!

  5. Alux.com says

    Hey Aluxers, quick question: would you drink beer out of a “taxidermied” squirrel (The End of History #4 Beer)?

    1. Gamer Zeke says

      Alux.com is that not how everyone drinks beer?

    2. Adi 9 says

      You mean most of these bottles are about 5 liters (about 1.3 gallons)? That is a huge bottle and can’t be right!!!

    3. sheldon sooknanan says

      do a world’s most expensive cups of coffee , please ! 🙂

    4. Paul Murphy says

      Adi 9 I think it should be millilitre instead of litre. Doesn’t make sense, bottles must be hugh!

    5. Adi 9 says

      I know right!

  6. Kristian Nilsen says


    1. Alux.com says

      We like you Kristian!

  7. Sunny Poonia says


  8. Criminology 101 says

    I don’t know who does the voice but I bet she’s as beautiful as she sounds. How about a face reveal?

  9. rao siddharth says

    I prefer cocktails because taste is better, older beer or vine is very very good but I like freshly made cocktails in every way possible

  10. Vishwanath Shastry says

    You guys have got your math wrong… Number 7…$923 for bottle(0.75L)
    Per ltr it adds up to $1230…

  11. Saurav Haldar says

    do a face reveal of the narrator!

  12. ajibola alibaloye says

    My dog just died

    1. Alux.com says

      We’re really sorry to hear that! 🙁

  13. Omkar Nevrekar says

    Nice video!!!!

  14. Clint Law says

    So most of these bottles are about 5 litres? 568ml in a pint and 1000ml in a litre. Think about the size of a bottle required to be almost 10 pints yet these photos don’t seem to show large bottles. Someone’s done their maths wrong with this video!

  15. John Kumar says

    I do not like Alcohol products! I do not like the taste!

    1. iloverebeccachambers says

      Taste doesn’t matter. Effect is. “Drink all what burns”. That’s how we say it in Russia.

  16. Abhinav Kara says

    0:14 1023 dollars a bottle. get your math right

    1. Abhinav Kara says

      * 1:15 1023 dollars a bottle. get your math right

  17. Christian Foster says


  18. Wout Van Aelst says

    I live in Belgium so…
    Bear FTW!!!!!!

  19. Robert Gamo says

    I prefer beer over wine. Curious though, what kind of beer were they?

  20. Rikard Ström says

    Wait, how big are these bottles? 275 for one bottle but 83 per liter? That’s roughly 3 liters in one bottle then? Makes no sense.

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